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                 By "Mr. Mercedes" (Pseudonym)


[CN: The rest of this essay, as typed by CN, omits portions of the original which seemed redundant. Also, the claims made by "Mr. Mercedes" are his own; much of what he says is beyond my own knowledge. Be assured, however, that I have spoken with "Mr. Mercedes" many times and that he is not a dilettante in these matters.]

In addition to acting as an NSA agent, James Norman stated that Vince Foster was also selling NSA and other high-level U.S. government and military secrets to Israel's Mossad with the assistance of another former Rose Law Firm partner, Hillary Clinton (she was the attorney of record for none other than Systematics once in 1978 and later in (1981 or 82?))

James Norman stated that Dee Dee Myers, former White House Press Secretary, reportedly set up Foster by getting him out of the White House where he was killed in a not very professional and hurriedly arranged mafia-style hit, made to look like a suicide. Her recent drunk driving arrest was a cover for an intense CIA interrogation about her involvement in Foster's death.

In a completely different, but interrelated vein of the Inslaw/PROMIS situation, CNN broadcast an excerpt of a one-and-a-half hour taped interview on 12/12/91 with Canadian John Belton who described how former California Gov. Reagan's Secretary of Health, Financial News Network founder/former owner and secret intelligence operative, Earl W. Brian, was involved in funding October Surprise. Additionally, Belton told CNN just how Earl Brian defrauded Nesbitt Thompson, the Canadian investment company where Belton worked, of $50 million through stock manipulation of Brian's public companies. Despite the significance of Belton's CNN interview, which aired worldwide and even with front page coverage in Canadian newspapers, there's been no coverage in the U.S.

James Norman stated that Caspar Weinberger, Forbes' Chairman Emeritus, has also been implicated [by Chuck Hayes checking] out encrypted code number found by Ambrose Evans-Pritchard in Barry Seal's car trunk after he was murdered by Colombian hitmen when DOJ/DEA hung him out to dry. Evans-Pritchard gave Norman the number, who in turn had Hayes run it and see who and what he could come up with. Hayes found that the number turned out to be a secret Swiss bank account for Caspar Weinberger through which he pulled out several million dollars.

Some sources even believe it was possible that the whole NSA/Foster operation was a policy decision under Reagan/Bush to pay back Israel for their help with Iraq by providing them with our nuclear missile defense system. It is unknown if Caspar Weinberger had applied any pressure to kill Norman's story at Forbes, but he certainly feels that his continuing investigation into Weinberger's involvement in the "Fostergate" story was the real reason for his being fired.

Other journalists who were fired for writing or attempting to write stories on Vince Foster/Inslaw include Christopher Ruddy formerly at New York Post (1/27/94 article, "Doubts Raised Over Foster's Suicide," and 2/10/94 article, "Fumbling Feds Change Story on Foster's 'Suicide'" and Pittsburgh Tribune-Review 9/20/95 "Police Failed to Find Keys to Foster's Car at Park" and 9/26/95 "Clinton Security Chief's Murder Still Unsolved") and Tony Kimery (Media Bypass 9/95, "Penetration: Fostergate II" follow-up to Norman's 8/95 article and upcoming 10/2/95 Insight Magazine article on the NSA's Fin-CEN, Financial Crimes Enforcement Network) at a Washington, D.C. wire service.

Since Presidential hopeful Bob Dole is reported to have Jackson Stephens as his Campaign Finance Chairman, even if he doesn't have a secret Swiss bank account like many of his Congressional colleagues, the damage to his campaign could be terminal if and when this scandal breaks and he is linked with one of the central figures with [Stephens'] Systematics company.

Quite possibly, since many are involved in both parties and independent counsel Ken Starr appears to have been involved in some way, early on in the Inslaw matter, recusing himself as Solicitor General, nothing about this Vince Foster scandal may ever come out in either the House or Senate Whitewater hearings or Starr's investigation and final report if they all can help keep it buried with Vince Foster, especially if there is no serious media scrutiny and reporting.

If nothing is done we can almost certainly expect a huge "blowback" as described by Robert Friedman (New Yorker Magazine 3/17/95, "The CIA's Jihad"), a term which describes how the CIA's covert ops many times wind up causing more problems than their ops are worth. One of these CIA "blowbacks" presumably resulted in the bombing of the World Trade Center after the CIA trained, armed, and financed Arab terrorists and Afghan rebels to fight our former enemy, the Russian occupying army.

Hopefully though, sooner or later serious journalists will decide to truly investigate this story; only then will "Fostergate" and Inslaw be prime time news, despite all the efforts of government officials, business leaders, and major media, to avoid, suppress and/or write dis- or misinformation on this blockbuster story. Who knows, maybe Safire had a point when he wrote, "Sometimes conspiracy theories uncover conspiracy." But poet Robert Frost really said it best: "...But I have PROMISes to keep, and miles to go before I sleep."

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