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                 By "Mr. Mercedes" (Pseudonym)

When James Norman wrote the Forbes 1/31/95 cover story, "Oil, Guns & Greed" where he had worked for five years and was a Senior Editor at a $100,000 year salary. The focus of this cover story was Carlos Cardoen, a Chilean arms merchant who sold hundreds of millions of dollars worth of cluster bombs and other weapons to Iraq, while using Chase Manhattan Bank to finance his operation through "set up" oil trades and with the full cooperation and knowledge of DCI [Director of Central Intelligence] Bill Gates. He probably had no idea where it would lead and that 6 months later he would be abruptly fired on 8/16 and less than a week after I told him in person that he should expect to be fired quite soon because of what he had written outside of Forbes and because of what he was continuing to investigate.

The Cardoen story led Norman to Harry Wechsler, Pres. of Boston Systematics and, purportedly, a former CIA and/or Mossad agent who has also been selling Inslaw's bootlegged and bugged enhanced PROMIS software around the world. Wechsler was also a key person involved in pulling off the October Surprise for the Israelis, according to Lt. Commander Alexander Martin (Ret.), who was involved in many 1980s covert ops as an aide to General Richard Secord (Ret.), and is now assisting with the investigations of the House Whitewater Committee. Wechsler's daughter, Dana, has been a senior editor at Forbes for 6-7 years, a CIA contract employee, and both have been sources for James Norman. The big question is, did they feed Norman disinformation to direct him away from Wechsler's key role in the illegal sale of PROMIS from his subsidiary company, Israeli Systematics.

This article led Norman into [investigating] government software theft and espionage, covert activities of computerized money laundering and drugs and arms dealing, interweaving a cast of characters, government agencies and companies which include: Inslaw, the CIA, NSA, Mossad, Vince Foster, Webster Hubbell, Robert Maxwell, Arkansas billionaire Jackson Stephens, Systematics (Jackson Stephens-owned company and now merged into Alltel with Stephen's 8 percent interest), numerous secret Swiss bank accounts, which lead right up to and included Bill and Hillary Clinton, and former Presidents Reagan and Bush, all sown together with a thread called PROMIS (Prosecutor's Management Information Systems) software.

The intent of this report is to present evidence and leads, without pre-conceived notions or hidden agendas, which should be objectively investigated and reported by unbiased journalists in order to honestly verify or refute the information of James Norman and others. This document doesn't presume to be the final word, but it is an attempt to lay out possible evidence and people within the Clinton administration, Park Police, Department of Justice, [which] Kenneth Starr's investigations and the Senate and House Whitewater/Foster hearings should be investigating.

One of the most invisible and invincible central figures in this cast is Jackson Stephens. He has been a major contributor to Bush, loaned the Clinton Election Committee a critical $2 million from his family's Worthen Bank (Stephens recently had it purchased by the larger Boatsman Bank of St. Louis, thus ending a Federal Reserve investigation), and is now, of all things, the Finance Chairman for Bob Dole. Stephens is an investor in or owner of numerous companies such as Beverly Enterprises (a major national nursing home chain and one of Earl Brian's numerous companies; Earl Brian, another central figure, will be described later), and two Arkansas newspapers, the Northwest Arkansas Times and the Morning News of Northwest Arkansas. He was also the original front man for BCCI in the late 1970s when he tried to get them (M. Potts, N. Kochan & R. Whittington, "Dirty Money: The Inside Story of BCCI" and John Beaty "Outlaw Bank: BCCI") into the U.S. through the purchase of First American (Wall Street Journal article, 8/7/95, "Who is Dan Lasater," Wall Street Journal 2-page profile article, ?/?/93, and Monetary & Economic Review 6/92 article, "Clinton Selected to be Next President"), prior to Clark Clifford and Roger Altman getting involved through First American Bank.

Despite Mike Wallace's "60 Minutes" 10/18 shoddy and slanted hatch-job report on journalist Christopher Ruddy and Lisa Foster's New Yorker 9/11/95 "conspiracy rebuttal" article, a big mystery still remains as to whether or not all or some of these elements and inter-related people came together to cause the death of Vince Foster. As Chicago investigative reporter Sherman Skolnick states, Lisa Foster's "cover-up" story should be seriously questioned. In his 9/11/95 "The Money Trail" release, Skolnick reports that Lisa Foster received $285,000 just 4 days prior to Vince Foster's death from bank heir Richard Mellon Scaife, who passed it through Sheila Foster Anthony (Vince Foster's sister and former Congressman Beryl Anthony's wife). Furthermore, it just so happens that Sheila Foster Anthony is in a very important Department of Justice section which is involved in appointments of Federal Judges, U.S. Attorneys, and U.S. Marshalls. Also, Richard Mellon Scaife is facing possible prosecution on alleged federal banking regulations violations (Sarah McClendon's Washington Report, 9/5/95).

Additionally, when Lisa Foster was questioned by the FBI on 5/1/94, she raised doubts about Vince Foster's so-called "suicide note." She stated that Vince Foster had written it on or about 7/11/93 and they were his talking points for a scheduled meeting on 7/22/93 with the President and an upcoming Congressional hearing, neither of which Vince Foster kept since he was already conveniently dead on 7/20. Additionally that so-called last "relaxation weekend" at major Clinton and Democratic fundraiser Nathan Landau's shore estate with Webster Hubbell and others was a "damage control" session, bugged by the CIA, for the impending scandal described below in which Vince Foster was under investigation for espionage.

Besides all the forensic and crime scene discrepancies and the apparent "cover-up" by the White House personnel's inappropriate actions after Foster's death, there was a significant discrepancy with the gun Vince Foster supposedly shot himself with and the "silver colored gun" which Lisa Foster also told the FBI that Vince had brought with him from Arkansas. (Mike Blair's "Foster Gun, Note Questions" Spotlight 8/21/95). If Vince Foster was shot with the "silver colored gun" which was found in the park near his body, why did Lisa Foster find another gun in its place on the very night after his death? And finally, in addition to all the other mysterious evidence found on or around his body, why did ballistics and forensics experts find that Vince Foster was shot by a turn-of-the-century Colt .38 caliber Army revolver?

James Norman completed his Vince Foster story for Forbes in April of 1995 and it was ready for publication in the May issue, after being thoroughly checked and edited, but [it] was pulled after receiving an April 25 letter from the White House Press Secretary, Michael McCurry. Norman was then given permission to have his article published by another magazine (Media Bypass Magazine, 8/95, "Fostergate") if he withheld his Forbes affiliation. He has just come out with a followup article, "Fostergate II" in the 10/95 [Media Bypass] issue. Norman claims he was fired for continuing to investigate the Vince Foster story, which led back to Forbes' Chairman Emeritus and former Secretary of Defense, Caspar Weinberger. Forbes' media relations person, Ray Healy, claimed that "James Norman resigned and that he was a good journalist and they would miss him," but because of their editorial policy he would not comment on anything written outside of Forbes.

In the process of investigating the Vince Foster story, Norman came into contact with Charles "Chuck" Hayes, purportedly a former CIA agent with S1 clearance (highest level) with a codename of "Running Fox." In my interview with him, he claims to have been involved in the CIA's Cuba covert ops to run weapons into Castro to overthrow Pres. Batista. Hayes stated that he knew George Bush as the CIA's paymaster as far back as 1958, all of which he [Bush] denies (see [J. Edgar] Hoover 1963 letter which refers to Bush of CIA). On one occasion, he [Hayes] claims to have put a gun into Bush's mouth in order to get him to pay up. [CN: Bush reportedly leaked in his pants at that point.] While serving in Vietnam in covert ops, Hayes disobeyed orders and flew his jet fighter into Hanoi and took out a SAM missile storage depot. On a Mena, Arkansas arms flight to the Contras, he discovered coke [cocaine] stored in the belly of his plane and dumped it on the awaiting covert team at the airport while avoiding being shot down by them.

[ be continued...]

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