Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 9 Num. 93

("Quid coniuratio est?")

                     A CIA FUNDING OPERATION
                      by Gene "Chip" Tatum

Find a depository which fits the following criteria:

  1. Large cash reserves.
  2. Much of the cash reserves should represent deposits from an illegal activity (ie: drug transactions). For this example we will use Banco Nacional de Panama, a reserve depository which is protected by Manuel Noriega. The depositor will be Pablo Escobar. Finding the proper depository would be the function of the CIA, and in this example we will use William Casey.

Arrange for a loan from this depository. We will use the name of George Bush in this example for the person obtaining the loan. We will use the amount of $8 billion for this example. Sometimes the depository will not be very cooperative. If this occurs, the CIA will coerce or intimidate the depository officials into cooperating. Ultimately, the loan will be made.

Split the loan proceeds in half. One half ($4 billion) will be sent to Iran to purchase "super bills" at the rate of two "super bills" for one authentic bill. Thus, $4 billion in cash buys $8 billion in "super bills." (NOTE: A "super bill" is a perfectly counterfeited U.S. bill. These bills are printed by an Intaglio press which was sold to the Shah of Iran in the late '60s, early '70s. The Shah was also given the plates, ink and paper necessary to successfully print U.S. dollars in large denominations. This was given to the Shah by the CIA. Unfortunately, the Shah left the press, plates, ink and paper for the Iranian Revolutionary Councils when he fled in late 1978.) The second half of the loan ($4 billion) will be sent to a CIA launderer selected by the CIA (Casey) for his or her ability to move largesums of money around the world as a matter of ordinary business. For this example we will use the name of Nana DeBusia. (DeBusia is the grandson of Guyana's first democratic leader and owner of many U.S. and foreign banks.)

Repay original loan to depository in "super bills." (Give Banco Nacional de Panama $8 billion in "super bills" to replace the authentic currency it loaned.) These "super bills" are placed in the reserve vault and, as long as they are not withdrawn by the depositor, their existence will not jeopardize the value of the U.S. dollar. But, because they are perfect in every way, to put the "super bills" in circulation would eventually devalue the U.S. dollar by flooding the monetary marketplace with U.S. currency.

Arrange to sell Iran something of value for the authentic currency used to purchase the "super bills." In this example, we will use arms, ammunition and replacement parts for military equipment. (We will use the name Oliver North as the example of a person arranging the sale of arms to Iran.) In other words, the CIA now arranges to sell Iran $4 billion worth of arms and equipment in order to get the original $4 billion of authentic currency back. Now, the CIA has $4 billion to use in funding covert activities without relying on Congressional authority and funding. If caught, the CIA can report the source of funds as being from an arms transaction with Iran.

Ensure that the "super bills" are not withdrawn. This is done through the process of neutralization of the depositor. Neutralization is the use of intimidation, coercion or termination. In this example, Pablo Escobar is killed.

This CIA launderer in possession of one-half of the original loan proceeds is moving his $4 billion through a maze of banks which are cooperative with both the launderer and the CIA. For this example, we will use the following trail of deposits to banks: a bank in Spain; the Vatican Bank; banks in Luxembourg. Then the launderer wires from his London offices $3.8 billion in laundered monies to private numbered accounts being controlled by the original architects. The launderer keeps $200 million for his job well done, leaving the $3.8 billion in the numbered accounts.

Neutralize the CIA launderer. In this example Nana DeBusia was indicted by the U.S. on 32 counts to include bank fraud. The CIA stepped up in his behalf and stated that it would not be in the best interest of the U.S. to prosecute DeBusia. He was facing several hundred years in prison if convicted. He was subsequently acquitted on all counts.


$4 billion for use in unauthorized black ops

(black operations are those covert operations performed without the knowledge or authority of Congress.) $3.8 billion in private numbered accounts controlled by the architects of the funding operation


To summarize the example, the Director of the CIA, William Casey, approached the Ex-Director of the CIA and current Vice President of the United States, George Bush, with the name of a vulnerable depository, the Banco Nacional de Panama. Vice President Bush then arranged for a short term loan of $8 billion. Bush arranged for $4 billion to go to Iran to purchase super bills and $4 billion to go to Nana DeBusia to be laundered into several private accounts. He (Bush) commissioned Oliver North to oversee the Iranian connection. North delivered $4 billion in U.S. currency to Iran. Iran gave North $8 billion in super bills in exchange for the $4 billion in good U.S. currency. North then delivered the $8 billion in super bills back to the Banco Nacional de Panama. The loan transaction is now complete.

There is $8 billion in super bills in the reserve vaults of the Banco Nacional de Panama, there is $4 billion in authentic U.S. currency in the hands of the Iranians, and there is $4 billion in good currency with CIA launderer Nana DeBusia. North sells the Iranians military hardware and parts for the amount of $4 billion and diverts a portion of the proceeds to the Contras of Nicaragua (Iran/Contra). Nana DeBusia, in the meantime, is laundering the deposits of $4 billion through various banks, including the Vatican's bank in Italy. After several successful banking transactions, DeBusia presents $3.8 billion in the sound deposits to numbered accounts in various locations. When the funding operation is complete, there is $4 billion in CIA accounts to be utilized for covert and black operations; there is $3.8 billion in private numbered accounts controlled by George Bush and William Casey. Pablo Escobar, the primary depositor is dead to ensure no one will withdraw the super bills. General Noriega is in U.S. federal prison and under constant U.S. guard to ensure his silence, and William Casey is dead, leaving $3.8 billion in good U.S. currency in the control of George Bush.

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