Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 9 Num. 85

("Quid coniuratio est?")


"Rally 'Round the Pope!"

In Spanish, "el papa" means "the Pope"; "la papa" means "the potato." This is why I call the Pope, "the Potato."

Alarmed at recent information about the Catholic church published by Conspiracy Nation, will the Potato soon visit our shores? Will he bring his special Potato-car with him? At any rate, some of his loyal followers aren't wasting time. I have been deluged by e-mail from angry Catholics who demand that I stop what they call "Catholic bashing." Some have even frightened this editor by their threat to cancel their e-mail subscriptions. Yet, in spite of my trepidation, I delve more into this area.

In Foreign Conspiracy Against the Liberties of the United States, author Samuel F.B. Morse (acknowledged inventor of the telegraph) writes that "Popery is now, what it has ever been, a system of the darkest political intrigue and despotism, cloaking itself to avoid attack under the sacred name of religion."

This does not mean there are not good people sheltering underneath the Vatican octopus. (But wouldn't these be good people irrelevant of the cabal which claims them?) Yet the subject of "Deep Catholicism" (to borrow from Peter Dale Scott's concept of "deep/esoteric politics") is a proper subject for investigation by Conspiracy Nation. The renowned conspiracy research organization, A-albionic, has had as their logo that "The Overt and Covert Organs of the Vatican and British Empires are Locked in Mortal Combat for Control of the World."

What's the plot? (Quid coniuratio est?) Morse writes that "The Pope, the supreme Head of the Catholic church, claims to be 'Viceregent of God,' 'supreme over all mortals;' 'over all Emperors, Kings, Princes, Potentates and People;' 'King of kings and Lord of lords.'" The Potato has at his command an enormous intelligence network; his priests are his eyes and ears throughout the world. "Consider, too, the power which these Jesuits and other Catholic priests possess through the confessional, of knowing the private characters and affairs of all the leading men in the community..."

Morse explores the Catholic church's use of "glory giving titles:"

One of the plainest doctrines of American Republicanism, which is essentially democratic, is, that mere glory-giving titles, or titles of servility, are entirely opposed to its whole spirit. They are considered as one of those artificial means of kingcraft by which it fosters that aristocratic, unholy pride in the human heart, which loves to domineer over its fellow-man, which loves artificial distinction of ranks, a privileged class, and of course which helps to sustain that whole system of regal and papal usurpation which has so long cursed mankind... Bishop Fenwick, a Catholic priest, is "his Grace of Cincinnati..." another priest is only "his Reverence," and Bishop Flaget, and all the other Bishops, are simple Monseigneurs, this title in a foreign language being less harsh at present to republican ears than its plump, aristocratic English translation, "My Lord Bishop of New-York," "My Lord Bishop of Boston," "My Lord Bishop of Charleston," etc. As we improve, however, under Catholic instruction, we may come to be quite reconciled even to his Eminence Cardinal, so and so, and to all the other graduated fooleries, which are so well adapted to dazzle the ignorant.

What is the source of the constant, noxious, anti-semitic postings to, for example, newsgroups such as "alt.conspiracy?" On the surface the authors seem to be free-floating morons, but is there a more cunning force behind them? Immediate speculation is that it must be CIA engaged in "dirty tricks" meant to tar the reputation of conspiratologists. But what major world power is it which has a centuries-old history of anti-semitism? The Vatican. Yes, on the surface the Catholic Church has made efforts at reconciliation with the Jews. Yet remember what was said before about "Deep Catholicism." Notably, Ambrose Evans-Pritchard writes, in a recent article on the anti-Jewish Ku Klux Klan, that that hateful organization no longer excludes Catholics.

Conspiracy Nation is an equal opportunity investigator. This means it will look wherever it pleases. As can be expected, the searchlight falls even on some who will howl, "Turn off that light!" When that happens, we turn up the light even more.

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