Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 9 Num. 83

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Letter to Editor, From Latest "Rumor Mill News"
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Dear Rumor Mill News,

You have mentioned the Moonies and mind control more than once. If they are such a bad church then why is George Bush giving so much of his time to them?

Tall Tess from Texas

Dear T-3,

Thank you for asking this question. I had clipped out an article and was going to write about it this month, but I forgot about it until your note.

Sun-Moon was financed originally by the Rockefeller Foundation. It has always been my belief that Sun-Moon is being set up to be the Messiah of the New World [Order] Religion.

A few months ago, George Bush traveled to Korea to attend a function hosted by the wife of Sun-Moon. Many say that she is being positioned to take his place when he passes into God-hood.

I don't know how much money George Bush was paid to attend the meeting. I also don't know how much Bush was paid to fly to Buenos Aires over the weekend of November 23-24, but he was the guest speaker at a banquet late Saturday to launch Moon's new publication called the Times of the World.

Bush then traveled with Moon to neighboring Uruguay where 4,200 young Japanese women are being initiated into the Unification Church to spread the word across Latin America.

As you know from reading the lead article in this month's RMNews, a new war is looming in the Korean Peninsula. If it is allowed to start, I don't expect it to be over for 2-3 years. It is my belief that the war has been planned for many years. I expect that Sun-Moon will play a major role in stopping the war, and maybe even become a POW in North Korea for awhile.

If he is killed, i.e. "crucified" for his beliefs, the North Koreans will be playing right into the hands of the New World Order slave masters.

Recently there has been heavy UFO activity sited over Korea. I believe the Koreans are being prepared to be confronted with "Operation Blue Beam." Blue Beam is a plan to create a holographic image of the new Messiah in the sky. The new Messiah will probably be accompanied by Jesus, Buddha, Krisna, Mohammed and a whole pantheon of great saints and spiritual leaders from all the religions. If the North Koreans have killed and martyred Sun-Moon, then Sun-Moon's image will also be projected as part of the holograms.

The New World [Order] Religion is supposed to be a balance of the yin and yang, the female and the male. This is why Sun-Moon is so named. The Sun represents the male energy, the Moon represents the female energy. Supposedly the church will blend the male and female energy, and this is why the widow of the martyred founder will so easily be chosen as his successor.

In other words, the religion is not a patriarchy, it is a balanced religion... at least that is the picture they want you to believe. In reality, the religion is a slave religion. To become a member of it you truly have to sell your soul and your individual liberty and freedom. You are worn down by an exhausting work schedule and bombarded constantly with the propaganda of the church, until you become a programmed zombie.

It is one of the longest running, largest and most effective mind control operations that has ever been launched by the New World Order. The only one that equals it is the one that is still partly on the drawing boards. This is the Wackenhut prison operation (in Texas) for turning prisoners into Robo-Cops... the police force of the New World Order.


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