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In CN 9.59 was posted info from a source "known to me not to be a lightweight." The following communique comes from that same source. I don't know whether I'm free to reveal his name. I can give some insight on him by pointing to a video of a lecture given by retired NYPD vice squad detective James Rothstein: in that tape, Rothstein mentions that, on his way to Oklahoma City to privately investigate the Murrah Building bombings, he stopped in a certain city to pick up this person and bring him along.

Here is the latest info, received today, 12/7/96, from the un-named source, henceforth (for future reference) given the code name "Mr. Boderby."

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

THREE OPTIONS WERE PRESENTED TO BOY BILL, in order to accomplish his departure, owing to Boy Bill [Clinton] using 5+ lines of coke per day.

These options, among others, were detailed to Boy Bill by Robert Strauss (in an ashtray smashing meeting with Boy Bill) and by Chuck Hayes in a more recent, more calm, meeting with Boy Bill at a small airport in Kentucky.

First Option

1. Easiest and best for Boy Bill: let wife be scandalized (Whitewater indicted) as indirect, non-personal reason for stepping down.

Second Option

2. Direct personal emergency 25th Amendment bi-partisan and medical committee declaration of presidential unfitness owing to 5+ lines of personal cocaine use per day by Boy Bill.

Third Option

3. Direct personal responsibility for Mena, Arkansas massive cocaine drug importation and nationwide distribution during governorship and continuing into presidency.

Detailed data of option 1 and general data concerning options 2 and 3 (thru the first week of 96 December) follow:

Option 1 was chosen owing to a desire to not too obviously duplicate still-remembered USA history.

Sufficient world powers agreed to eliminate Kennedy, therefore he was assassinated; however it was too recently done to assassinate Nixon, therefore it was agreed for Nixon to be directly personally scandalized out of office (Watergate). Nixon was too recent to directly personally scandalize Boy Bill, therefore certain powers agreed to eliminate Boy Bill by indirect family (wife) scandalization. The scandal being in major part financial crimes (Whitewater).

The counter-strike, possibly death knell, to this Option 1 is the 96/Dec/3 decision to let convicted felon Charles Keating go scott free on all convictions for all financial crimes. The Keating federal and state financial crimes jury convictions were the model, plan, precedent for wife's [Hillary's] planned financial crimes indictment and intended jury conviction if necessary. However, the following White House counter-strike has intervened into planned Option 1:

1(a). 96/April, J. Reno Dept. of Injustice sudden decision to drop all lesser charges still pending as to Keating financial crimes.

1(b). 96/April, J. Reno Dept. of Injustice sudden urgent need for a marathon 7-hour (183 pages) deposition of Chuck Hayes on a case well over 10 years old (Inslaw). (There is a saying in the covert world: set the trap; then, wait 6 months!)

Note Dates:

(1) 96/Oct/3 (6 months later), Bond allowed for convicted felon Keating (on all state and federal convictions).

(2) 96/Oct/3, Bond allowed "in advance" of any decision.

(3) 96/Oct/9, Signed but not made public, grand jury indictments of wife [Hillary] suddenly called back for urgent re-wording and re-signing; the Fifth Column's only public figure, Chuck Hayes, involved in writing/re-writing wife indictments.

(4) Whether the re-writing and re-signing allegedly completed by 96/Oct/18 ever will be made public or will be forever suppressed owing to the amazing co-incidental timing of the incredibly corrupt Keating 96/Oct/3 bond and 96/Dec/3 decision made up from reasoning scraped off the floor of a horse barn remains to be seen.

(5) 96/Oct/22, Chuck Hayes swooped on, false arrested, by unchartered FBI SWAT team.

(6) 96/Oct/22, "No bond" written into false arrest warrant for an alleged "attempt" to do something that never happened -- before any bond hearing. Remarkably, Keating with multiple felony jury convictions for crimes fully perpetrated in separate state and federal courts was given bond on 96/Oct/3 with no hearing decision.

(7) 96/Oct/25, Hayes kangaroo alleged hearing -- "No bond" allowed.

(8) 96/Oct/28, Wildly inaccurate "Hayes" alleged court findings by J.B. Johnson magistrate judge issued, based on 96/Oct/25 kangaroo hearing -- "No bond" is the order!!!

(9) 96/Nov/22, Magistrate Judge J.B. Johnson motion hearing -- "No bond" repeated, but bond matter referred in open court in front of 50+ witnesses to federal Judge Barbara Coffman for full hearing. Ironically, this is the very day Bob Strauss sponsored and hosted leading Communist Russian General Aleksandr Lebed on Lebed's first trip to the USA.

(10) 96/Nov/26, Barbara Coffman orders corrections in 96/Oct/28 alleged findings owing to gross errors but "without hearing" on specific issue of bond. Barbara Coffman went out of her way to announce, apparently on orders from "above," that she is in lockstep -- "No bond" -- and further, "no bond" hearing would be allowed to commence despite 96 hours earlier J.B. Johnson had announced in front of 50 witnesses that a bond hearing would be commenced in front of Barbara Coffman upon motion of Chuck Hayes, which motion was filed on 96/Nov/22 for 96/Nov/26 hearing, but immediately denied out of hand without hearing by Barbara Coffman on 96/Nov/26.

(11a) 96/Dec/3, Keating set free; decision based on alleged "jury contamination." That is, that the Keating scandal was so well known and so well publicized that the jurors had heard of the matter in advance of the trial (hearing of the matter somehow equals "contaminated"), therefore, each and every conviction in separate state and federal courts was thereby overturned by one lower-level federal judge, Marianne Pfeizer, in one all-inclusive mysterious decision.

Most probably any and every juror could be claimed to be contaminated because it could be claimed that any person has heard of Keating and/or financial crimes such as Whitewater.

Under this corrupt false decision, wife [Hillary] could never be tried by any USA juror because any and every adult in our USA could be claimed to have heard of wife and Whitewater.

(11b) 96/Dec/2 had been date pre-set at the time of false arrest to commence Chuck Hayes' jury trial on a false arrest in the last week of Oct. (with no discovery and the alleged criminal charge itself not provided to the false arrest victim for over five weeks after arrest.)

(12) Much of Chuck Hayes' efforts and the Fifth Column's perilous and life-threatening labors of many months have now been reduced to ashes by one more female federal black-robed Hillary covencat, Marianne Pfeizer, spellcasting onto the men of the Fifth Column: "Ashes, ashes, all fall down!!"

With regard to Option 2, amazingly coincidental with the timing of the Option 1 defensive White House counter-strike corrupt Keating court decision is that the very same day (96/Dec/3), Fifth Column offensive Option 2 was put into play on nationwide radio, print, lengthy focused coverage by major TV, on Dr. O'Toole and the bi-partisan joint medical committee set up in the recent past to deal with a potential emergency 25th Amendment problem during the Nixon administration and how the same emergency mechanism is now in place during this Boy Bill current administration.

Unblessedly, a counter-measure to a 25th Amendment emergency bi-partisan joint medical committee is an even greater war power emergency such as a plague, natural disaster, military action inside or outside USA, triggering a martial law declaration.


The counter-measure being put into play to the #3 "Mena" option is a re-hearing of the Noriega appeal and a re-trial, with the plan being that coverage of that situation focusing on the Bush/Ollie crack cocaine (San Jose Mercury) epidemic would dwarf any Mena exposure.

Another recent remarkable "Mena" co-incidence as to Noriega and Option 3, for over 200 years every foreign extradition type of case was held in D.C. federal circuit. The Noriega case was held in the Janet Reno origin and controlled Miami court, also the jurisdiction of Homestead Air Force base (Florida), where USA pentagramagon joint chief's boss, Communist General Shalikashvilli's underling Air Force generals (such as General Cherry, now in Kentucky) and Jeb Bush met the dope-laden USA Air Force planes coming in from Panama.

With the unconstitutional and improper Reno Dept. of Injustice-arranged Florida venue Noriega trial, one might expect an improper Florida appeal, or if any effort at a false appearance of proper procedure were made, one might expect a D.C. appeal.

Under our current Dept. of Injustice, however, the case was recently assigned to the fixed venue that corruptly covered up the $5 billion agricultural credits from George Bush to Clayton Yeuter (US Dept. of Ag.) to BNL (Banco Nacional de Lavoro, Italy) to Matrix Churchill (London) to weapons for Saddam Hussein used to kill Americans and Arabs in the Gulf War. The BNL case, that was only recently completed with records hidden, is known as the BNL/Atlanta case owing to the BNL/Atlanta branch being used in part to transfer $5 billion in Agricultural credits into arms for our USA pentagramagon imposter usurper generals, admirals, and other merchants of death.

It is to this same internationally corrupt fixed venue, Atlanta, that the Noriega re-hearing, without any constitutional reason in fact or law, has been recently mysteriously assigned.

A gory irony to all of these machinations is that the chief beneficiaries of an upcoming absent Boy Bill are the principalities and powers behind Shalikashvilli, Lebed, Armand Hammer and Sickle, Bob Strauss, and their chief anti-Christ Communist asset in place, Al Gore.

Our Father in Heaven, to whom we prayed this Thanksgiving in order to give thanks for our great nation, needs to hear our continuing prayers until our nation is safe from enemies both foreign and DOMESTIC.

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