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("Quid coniuratio est?")


The Government Rumor Mill Cranks Up
(RMNews Agency, Sept. 5, 1996)


-+- RMNews Presents the Unedited Story -+-

"There was no Air Force plane dropping Willy Peter flares into the black sky. There was white phospherous present, but it wasn't in flares launched as decoys for heat seeking missiles. Your American sources have been caught up in misinformation. The Willy Peter came from the missile itself. It wasn't a singular payload missile! It was a double headed missile. It had White Phospherous to penetrate the skin and all layers of the fuel cell to erupt into fire." {1}.

"The high explosive portion of the warhead, in fact, detonated right below the cockpit door. Because of the Willy Peter burning into the skin, droplets of an orange, fiery mass fell into the Atlantic before the explosion, which tore the plane into two parts. The fuel cell erupted into the first fire ball just about 2 seconds before the explosion of the H.E. (high explosive) segment separated the cockpit from the plane. The fire spread quickly, although the aft section of the fuselage began its almost vertical descent into the water. (RMNews has chosen to omit the next several sentences out of concern for the victims' families.)"

"What has not been mentioned in any paper because it's classified is that one fuel cell didn't have time to rupture and catch fire. It was recovered intact. The pieces of the weapon that were recovered match my description of a 'Sledgehammer Rocket.' The missile came from a National Guard Armory, and was not one of the Stinger missiles that the Afghani rebels offered to sell back to the government."

"'Sledgehammer Rockets' were produced by Litton Light Arms Division, a division of 'Litton Commercial Industries.' 'Sledgehammer Rockets' have nothing to do with Operation Sledgehammer which is an economic unit to disrupt new issues trading on the market. There are small parts that can turn into terror groups, but it is not the intent of the operation. Operation Sledgehammer has nothing to do with the downing of TWA 800. The name is the same as the missile that downed it. That's all."

"The 'Sledgehammer Rocket' was part of a robbery from a National Guard Armory in North Carolina in the late 70's. The rest of the stolen munitions were recently recovered in a warehouse in Montana. They were stolen by an underground, homegrown terrorist group that has been active for over 20 years."

"About 20 years ago, an operation was introduced by William Casey (the head of the Reagan 1980 Presidential campaign, who was appointed Director of the CIA.) He was the head of the SEC (Securities Exchange Commission) at the time. In 1976, billions of dollars of counterfeit bonds and debentures were introduced into the world economies. The bonds had a 10-15 and 20 year maturity rate, before they were to be pulled out of circulation. Many banks in the U.S. also held billions of this phoney money. The last batch, the ones earmarked 20 years, was to come due in September of this year, in Paris. The bulk of these bearer bonds were 20-year bonds. It is possible that an entire section of the forward freight compartment of that plane was carrying a cargo of phony bonds. There are no duplicates of these or any of the other bonds in existence. Untold billions of dollars, gathered from all over the country, may very well have been the intended victim of TWA 800. It is only during the last 10 years or so that commercial airliners carried such freight. We used to charter cargo transporters to carry such cargo. If our theory holds any water and the phony paper was on board the TWA flight, hundreds of billions of dollars of debt would have been wiped out by downing the plane. In that case it was an internal operation without regard for any human life on board."

"All indications speak of a rocket. No bomb would have left light bulbs intact! Such an act would have saved, or helped save, the national economy. If the bonds had come due, and were proved to be phony, there would have been one hell of a market crash. The American economy would have been destroyed, food shortages, riots and warring factions would have been created. Martial law would have been declared, maybe even U.N. troops would have been brought in to 'keep the peace.' Now that all the phony paper has been destroyed, the market crash probably has been averted. It was the perfect solution, and no one will ever know. Those who planned the move sacrificed 230 lives to save the American economy. As if there wasn't another way..."

"Lloyds of London is currently involved in this same 'bad paper' operation. They have been asking their investors to accept a percentage of the value of the paper they hold. No one has bothered to explain the Lloyds disaster to their investors. They have used their other holdings to cover the bad bonds."

"Banks in France have also discovered that they hold counterfeit bonds. But they didn't kill anyone to destroy them, they merely set a fire that gutted the entire third floor of Credit Lyonaisse in Paris. Presumably that is where they stored their phony bonds."

"Every institution chooses their own way of handling the 'bad paper' crisis. Too bad a few more fires couldn't have been started. A lot of good people would still be alive."

"The truth of why and how the big bird was downed will never be told to the public. It will also serve to push TWA back into Chapter 11, from where it just emerged, less than a year ago. From what you tell me, TWA has been given a phony story... one that is close to the truth and will keep TWA quiet. The government probably told them that leaking the truth to the public would undermine morale and national security."

-+- The Pieces Fit Together -+-

[ be continued...]

---------------------------<< Notes >>--------------------------- {1} "It was a double headed missile. It had White Phospherous to penetrate the skin and all layers of the fuel cell to erupt into fire."

From "Bill Clinton's Choo-Choo" by J. Orlin Grabbe (8/24/96):

Why did the missile glow as it ascended toward the plane? Because the ordinary warhead of the Stinger had been replaced with a phosphorous warhead. (This replacement is not difficult.) Phosphorous incandesces as it travels through the atmosphere at high speed. Analysis of the photos shows that it was the head, not the tail, of the missile that was glowing. A spectral analysis shows the head was phosphorous.

From "The Phosphorous-Headed Missile and TWA Flight 800" by J. Orlin Grabbe (8/26/96):

In "Bill Clinton's Choo-Choo" I reported that TWA Flight 800 had been taken down by a missile with a phosphorous head.

The phosphorous head was originally designed to take out fuel tanks. An oil storage tank, for example. The low-powered explosive behind the phosphorous scatters it somewhat, and the glowing phosphorous ignites the surrounding fuel in the target. This type of missile is well-known in the intelligence community.

The exterior surface of the phosphorous warhead is covered with a substance that flakes off in the atmosphere. The phosphorous will not be exposed until the missile travels a certain distance. Then the exposed phosphorous will begin to incandesce. The missile is laser-guided to a locked-in target from the body behind the head, and the glowing head does not interfere with the missile's guidance system. (This system differs from a normal Stinger, which has a passive infrared seeker.)

About six inches behind the missile's phosphorous head is a small door that gives access to the missile's three or four computer boards. These boards guide the missile to its target, set the detonation configuration, and so on.

In this missile, the explosive behind the head and the missile propellant are one and the same. It represents a more recent technological development than C-12.

The sophistication of the missile suggests it was stolen from military inventory or purchased from a foreign power (one of the many to which the U.S. sells similar munitions).

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