Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 9 Num. 66

("Quid coniuratio est?")


With the huge amount of information flowing through Conspiracy Nation (CN) daily, I am forced to make some changes in operation.

  1. I ask that info that you wish forwarded via the mailing list be limited to a 1 or 2 paragraph press release. Please just summarize whatever your information is and include if possible whatever web page it is available at (or an e-mail address where you can be contacted). That way those who are interested in further details can read further if they wish.

    This change in policy is necessary because I am having to read through the various messages I get and make a decision if I should pass it along. When I am receiving many 10-page articles it becomes impossible for me to read through every one and decide if it's worth passing along. So please, just write a short summary of what it's about with a web address and/or e-mail address for those who are interested.

    I realize that I am a fallible human and that what I decide is worth passing along is subject to error, but I do what I can.

  2. Press releases I send out will all bear the subject heading of "CN Press Release". That way, those wishing only to read the Conspiracy Nation articles can easily skip the rest, should they wish to. Conspiracy Nation articles will go out as usual, with subject heading of "Conspiracy Nation Vol. xx Num. xx".
  3. I have added many links to conspiracy related web sites at the Conspiracy Nation web site: under the category "other sites." Should you wish your site included there, let me know. If I forget, keep pestering me.

I believe the new policy changes are a reasonable way to handle the increasing volume of conspiracy related material being made available. The new policy will better utilize the mail list facilities than the current policy which I suspect is overloading people with information. (At least I am getting overloaded.)

The explosion of conspiracy related information is, I believe, a good thing. Right under the noses of the so-called "intelligentsia" a tremendous paradigm upheaval is occurring. One or two timid academicians are even getting "daring" enough to take a look at the phenomena and offer a course or two on the subject. (But can the state-certified intellectuals take an honest look at conspiracy "theory?")

Incidentally, I welcome conspiracy-related items from all sides of the political spectrum, so-called "left" and "right." Just please have mercy on the poor editor and limit your proposed press releases to a paragraph or two summarizing the information, with the address of the web site where more details can be found (or your e-mail address).

Thank you, from Conspiracy Nation!

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