Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 9 Num. 52

("Quid coniuratio est?")


In reading Count von Reventlow's Vampire of the Continent, I became intrigued by the idea that so-called "Zionism" is in fact a disguise for British imperialism. Admittedly, von Reventlow, a German writing in 1916 when British-German relations were not good, has an anti-British bias. Nevertheless, I felt that the author may have "lurched into the truth" regarding one possible disguise for British imperialism.

On October 19, 1996, Sherman H. Skolnick treated this editor to a feast at the River Flame restaurant in Calumet City, Illinois. I posed this question: "I read this book by a Count von Reventlow. He wrote a book called Vampire of the Continent back in 1916. He's maybe biased, because he's a German, but as I recall he says that the Zionist movement is really a British thing, that Britain wanted to colonize that area." Here is Mr. Skolnick's response:

You've got to understand something: the so-called leading Israeli chemists are all British-trained Jews. And the banks of Israel that operate in Chicago, those are British-founded banks. And the way to get an Israeli or American Jew to scream is to tell the truth:

"Oh, I'm a Jew. I'm going to put money in the Bank Leumi."
"It's not an Israeli bank. It's a British bank." "Where did you hear that!? I own 100 shares in the bank."

"But what about the idea that so-called 'Zionism,' behind that is British imperialism?" I asked.

Did you read my Declaration and Counter-Verification in the Hillary case? (Where I told a little bit about that.) How did I get into so much trouble with some of the prominent Jews like Amy Zisook and her husband? For pointing out that ordinary Jews like me, who our elders always taught that there's Jews and there's non-Jew Jews -- there's Hofjuden, a German term for "court Jew." They may have been a Jew when they were a child, but they became a Catholic or something else.

A person named Ehrlich(sp?) wrote a book, The Changing of the Jewish Guard on Wall Street. That book, that came out 4 or 5 years ago, pointed out that the Wall Street bond houses have not been actual Judaism-following Jews for three generations. They are now Catholics, Episcopalians, and Lutherans. But they still call themselves Robert Rubin, this, that, and the other -- Jewish names. They are not Jews.

Right wingers say, "Oh! All these Jews are controlling everything!" I did a program in '94 that got me up on the sh** list. I pointed out some things, that there are two types of Jews: there's common Jews like me, and there's Sephardic Jews -- converted. They're not Jews. They've got Jewish names, but they're not Jews. They're acceptable to the Establishment. And if something goes wrong, they make a big scandal, they throw him out, and they says, "Oh! Did you see that? That 'Jew' is the cause of it."

Like Judge Posner representing the Rockefellers. He's the Chief Judge now of the federal Appeals Court. He's a Hofjuden. He's a Jew acceptable to the Establishment, who does not follow Judaism. He continues with the Jewish name; does not tell the world, "Hey, I'm no longer a Jew." And if something goes wrong: to the wall with him. A Hofjuden, a throwaway person.

I dared to point this out, and the Defamation League and everybody went after me like I was Adolf Hitler. And I tried, in a nice way, to explain it. The principal Jews who suffered in the concentration camps were not from Germany, they were from the satellite countries: Poland, the Balkans. There weren't that many Jews in Germany. Most of them fled, and they're in Chicago, New York, and elsewhere, with big money. Most of them are not practicing Jews: they believe in cremation, they believe in Catholic music in their synagogues. You go into a reformed German-Jewish temple, you wouldn't know, with the stained glass windows and the organ, whether you're in a Catholic church or a synagogue.

On the other hand, Zionists need not be Jews. Zionism is simply a homeland in the middle of all the rest. Britain set up trans-Jordan (now called Jordan) and Palestine to irritate the Arabs and keep them off-balance for the oil business. That's the reason that they allowed Jonathan Pollard, with the help of [Vince] Foster, to give 'em the nuclear missile secrets. Why? So that Israel could threaten not only the Arabs, but the Soviets.

Do you see the point? Israel started out with a million-and-a-half people (they've got 5 million now), they're surrounded by 50 million Arabs. How do you control all these Arabs? Put the so-called "Zionists" in the middle to irritate them. And you give them the nuclear stuff. Nobody points this out. Because, when anyone points this out, they says, "Oh! You're a renegade Jew." They go after you -- the Amy Zisooks of the world -- they go after you. Why? They don't want "family secrets" to be dragged out.

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