Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 9 Num. 51

("Quid coniuratio est?")


Okay, I hope you're seated. Feeling calm? Good. Say, have you lost some weight? You look 10 years younger.

It has been this editor's perception that Hillary Rodham Clinton's main problem is just that she hooked up with the wrong guy, i.e. Bill "The Weasel" Clinton. Hillary started out as a committed idealist, even though her ideals were misguided. In the 1960s, she was good friends with Saul Alinsky, the noted rebel and radical organizer. She really believed that 1960s stuff and even still has stars in her eyes. (Like many of her generation, she is still "lost in the '60s.")

But she went wrong teaming up with Mr. Bill. Alas, what's a girl to do? She couldn't "grow up to be President," but she could marry the fourth stooge, Big Goofy Clinton, achieve power, then save the world.

But along the way, a lot of Goof Clinton's sleaze rubbed off on her. Now she's got apparent legal troubles waiting to pounce and send her up the river, to Club Fed, for golfing and light exercise.

Don't agree? David Brock, author of The Seduction of Hillary Rodham, paints a similar picture to that of this editor. A review in the Washington Times National Weekly Edition (10/20/96) describes Brock as seeing "the first lady as a victim of her husband's actions."

Brock, according to the Washington Times, began writing the book 18 months ago, expecting to end up with a book unsympathetic to Ms. Clinton. Yet the opposite occurred. Responding to upset right-wingers, salivating in anticipation of a hatchet job then bitterly disappointed at the final result, Brock asks, "What do people want me to do? Do they want me to make things up?"

Of course Brock may have been sucked in by a type of feminist propaganda portraying all womyn's difficulties as to be blamed on the Male Oppressor(tm). Is Hillary just a poor victim really, just a poor little thing who couldn't help herself? Some womyn push that image of the poor helpless female, victimized by the evil male and in desperate need of Big Brother to come save her.

So which is it? Are women really tough as a man and can face the music when the chips are down? Or do they go crying to "daddy" that it's all "Jimmy's" fault, that "Jimmy made me do it?" You can't have it both ways: either women are able to stand on their own two feet come Hell or high water, or they're not. So which will Hillary do when push comes to shove? Will she do the "poor helpless female" bit, or will she "take it like a man?"

My bet is that Brock has been suckered by the "damsel in distress" archetype (but not necessarily tricked into it.) His book paves the way for a post-indictment Hillary to avoid jail, letting her blame it all on Male Oppressor(tm) and Male Seducer(tm) Bill "The Weasel" Clinton. But Hillary's got some guts I think so she might do something really brave like stand on her own two feet.

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