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In a miscellaneous archive show entitled "Gloria in Excelsis" (subtitled "The CIA, the Women's Movement, and the News Media"), Gloria Steinem's many intelligence contacts were described in considerable depth. The main intersection between Steinem and the CIA is Steinem's role as co-founder, and at one point director, of an organization called the Independent Research Service: this is a CIA-financed student organization which has been used in a number of different capacities. We also noted that Ms. magazine itself, which had Steinem as editor, has as a principal stockholder Katherine Graham of the Washington Post. The Graham publishing empire, and the Washington Post in particular, [are] inextricably linked with the Central Intelligence Agency, as we looked at in the book Katherine the Great by Debra Davis. It should also be noted that the first publisher of Ms. magazine was a woman named Elizabeth Forsling Harris, who arranged many of the key Dallas details for President Kennedy's motorcade route.

By way of further exploring Gloria Steinem's CIA background -- specifically, her role with the Independent Research Service -- we're gonna take a look at some information now which comes from a book entitled The Pied Piper (subtitled "Allard K. Lowenstein and the Liberal Dream.") This was authored by Richard Cummings. The book was published in hardcover by Grove Press, Inc., in New York. And it's copyright 1985.

Of Gloria Steinem and her involvement with the Independent Research Service, and in turn the Independent Research Service's involvement with disrupting the Vienna Youth Festival (which had very strong Socialist and Communist participation), author Cummings writes as follows:

The Independent Service for Information on the Vienna Youth Festival, which was technically founded by Gloria Steinem and Paul Sigmund, and which came to be known as the Independent Research Service, was funded by the Independence Foundation, one of the conduits of CIA funds into the National Students Association [NSA]. In 1965, it was the Independence Foundation which leased its posh offices in Washington to the NSA [National Students Association], signing a 15-year rent-free agreement.

The Independent Service diligently recruited hundreds of American students to attend the 1959 Vienna festival and later, the 1962 Communist-backed Helsinki festival, to oppose the Communists as vigorously as possible. According to Eugene Theroux, who served as chairman of the metropolitan New York region chapter of NSA in 1958, the Americans went "to cause trouble."

I would note here also, more about the activities of the Independent Research Service, the CIA-financed student organization, co-founded by Gloria Steinem. And we're gonna look at, in addition to the glance we just took at the Independent Research Service's work in disrupting not only the 1959 Vienna festival but also the 1962 Helsinki festival, we're gonna look at plans of some of these same elements and individuals to disrupt a conference that had been scheduled for Algeria in 1965. This conference was cancelled. But had it not been cancelled it might very well have been disrupted by the aforementioned Eugene Theroux. And one of the people who is aiding Theroux was the aforementioned Allard Lowenstein, a former Dean of Students for Stanford University, and Gloria Steinem presiding over the same mileau once again.

Turning again to Richard Cummings, The Pied Piper (Allard Lowenstein and the Liberal Dream), we find,

Another Communist-backed youth festival was planned by the IUS for the summer of 1965 in Algiers, and Lowenstein made preparations to go there in order to disrupt it. Planning to join him this time was Paul Theroux's brother, Eugene, who as a NSA leader in 1958 had met Lowenstein and been inspired by him to work on behalf of southwest Africa and black students in the south. Eugene Theroux had been recruited in 1965 by Gloria Steinem to work for the CIA front, Independent Research Service. They were to be part of a delegation to "cause trouble," as Theroux puts it, or to "engage people in debate," as he corrects himself.

And again, as noted, the 1965 conference never came off. But we find some of the same elements: Lowenstein, Steinem, Theroux, et al., planning to disrupt this conference as they had the 1962 Helsinki conference and the 1959 conference in Vienna as well.

It should be noted that a number of other prominent liberals have intersected with this same mileau, this CIA mileau which involves Gloria Steinem. Among those are William Sloan Coffin(sp?), one of the leaders of the anti-war movement, himself a chaplain from Yale University, himself also, for several years, a CIA agent. We took a look at William Sloan Coffin and his intersection with the CIA in discussions from the book, The Man Who Kept the Secrets (about Richard Helms.) That's authored by Thomas Powers. William Sloan Coffin's CIA background described there. As we shall see, William Sloan Coffin intersecting with the mileau involving people like Allard Lowenstein and Gloria Steinem and, as we shall see, current Massachusetts congressman Barney Frank, who also worked with Gloria Steinem and the CIA-sponsored Independent Research Service.

Returning once again to The Pied Piper, by Richard Cummings.

It is known that the CIA had established centers on the campuses of many American universities. In his recruiting efforts at some of these universities, Lowenstein was working with people who had been affiliated with the CIA or had participaated in CIA-sponsored projects. William Sloan Coffin at Yale, whom Lowenstein wanted to head the summer project, had worked for the CIA. Barney Frank at Harvard had been with the Independent Research Service delegation to Helsinki, an operation which, by Frank's own admission, he clearly understood was CIA-backed. Frank jokes about the role of fellow delegate Gloria Steinem, whom he describes as running around at nightclubs set up by the CIA in Helsinki, helping to win over Africans from the Communists.

And again, this little section here is going to go into the aforementioned miscellaneous archive show, "Gloria in Excelsis: CIA, the Women's Movement, and the News Media." That is already on file with Archives on Audio [PO Box 170023, San Francisco, CA 94117-0023; phone: 415-346-1840]. And this particular section of the program is going to go in as an addendum to that particular broadcast.

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