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We're talking about Gloria Steinem, her association with the Central Intelligence Agency, with Ms. magazine (of course), with people like Katherine Graham, with men like J. Stanley Pottinger. We just took a look at Pottinger's possible role in an arms smuggling scam and his definite role in covering up the assassinations of Orlando Letelier and Martin Luther King.

Now we're going to take a look at the interesting "extra-curricular activities," I guess you could say, of the woman who was the first publisher of Ms. magazine. Sometime in the early '70s, a woman by the name of Pat Carbine ("Carbine," sort of ironic in light of Pottinger's role in these assassinations) was, she became the publisher of Ms. Before that, the publisher of Ms. magazine was a woman named Elizabeth Forsling Harris(sp?). And it appears that Elizabeth Forsling Harris played a primary role in the assassination of John Kennedy.

Reading from Volume IV of one of the best series of books on the Kennedy assassination... It's called, Forgive My Grief. It occurs in 4 volumes. It's authored by Penn Jones, Jr.

Now Penn is the editor of the Midlothian Mirror (Midlothian is a suburb of Dallas), and he's one of the foremost researchers, and a man who began investigating the Kennedy assassination on 11/22/63 and stuck with it for a long time. Far, far longer than most. And he published Forgive My Grief, Volume IV, in 1974. Copyright 1974, privately published by Penn Jones, Jr., in softcover.

By the way, the title comes from a poem: "In Memoriam," by Alfred Lord Tennyson. It says,

     Forgive my grief for one removed,
     Thy creature whom I found so fair.
     I trust he lives in Thee,
     And there I find him worthier to be loved.

(A lot of people have wondered where that reference comes from.)

But anyway, far more important than that reference, is the association of Gloria Steinem and Ms.'s first publisher, Elizabeth Forsling Harris. And it appears that Elizabeth Forsling Harris was involved in planning the assassination of John Kennedy. (Interesting, in light of Steinem's paramour, J. Stanley Pottinger, and his connections not only to the assassination of Martin Luther King, but also his association with people like Michael Vernon Townley, Frank Turpel, Edwin Wilson -- and not to mention George Bush -- in the assassination of Orlando Letelier.)

Reading now from Forgive My Grief, Volume IV.

(And by the way, most of the articles in Penn's book are actually editorials or investigative columns done by Penn in the Midlothian Mirror. And this is one of them.)

Infiltrating Again

The Women's Liberation Movement, as well as the Youth Movement, must constantly be aware of the problem of infiltration by enemies. In fact, the [Women's] Liberation group may very well have been taken over already by the Ms. publisher, Elizabeth Forsling Harris. According to the Dallas papers, Mrs. Harris accompanied Liberation leader Gloria Steinem during the Steinem appearances in Dallas.

Since reading Coup d'Etat by Edward Lipvak(sp?), it is easier to understand the enormous planning, and checking and double-checking, necessary before the killing of President John Kennedy could be successfully accomplished. Taking over the most powerful country in the world is not a small task. Having constant surveillance on the opinion makers in Dallas was only one of the necessary requisites in the planning stages. Betty Forsling Harris appears to have been one of the high-level observers moved here from Washington. She left Dallas shortly after the assassination.

Elizabeth Forsling came to Dallas a few years before the assassination. She was a great and good friend of Stanley Marcus of Nieman-Marcus [department store]. She married and divorced Leon Harris of the A. Harris firm. Elizabeth Forsling Harris worked for the Saul Bloom Advertising Agency and was referred to by Washington planners as "our Dallas contact." She attended the important planning sessions for the coming visit of the President. The Bloom Agency handled the public relations for the visit, then also handled public relations for the Jack Ruby trial. This was a first for any court, to have a public relations firm employed in a court case.

Elizabeth Forsling Harris was a very close co-worker, with Jack Pewterbaugh(sp?), on the Dallas trip which cost the life of President John Kennedy. Pewterbaugh came to Washington from Minnesota, with Orville Freeman(sp?). In the Agriculture Department, Pewterbaugh was working closely with Billy Sol Estes, later convicted and sent to prison. It was Pewterbaugh who made the decision to hold the lunch in the Trade Mart, "because of the proximity to Love Field." And it was Pewterbaugh who made the decision to take the unauthorized and unnecessary detour in Dealey Plaza.

The two decisions make Pewterbaugh up to his hips in the assassination. Neither he, nor Betty Harris, were ever questioned by the Warren Commission.

And again, the Bloom Agency handled the P.R. not only for President Kennedy's visit to Dallas, but also handled the public relations for Jack Ruby's trial. This was the first time any court had had a public relations firm employed in such a capacity. (Although my understanding is that now that is sort of standard operating procedure, where anyone can afford it. So this was sort of a ground-breaking event.)

One thing that is not included in that particular article about the Bloom Agency (and recall that's with whom Elizabeth Forsling Harris was working) is that Oswald had visited the Bloom Agency a number of times before his alleged (and obviously non-existent) role in the assassination of Kennedy.

The important thing in examining Oswald, by the way (as we looked at not only in "The Guns of November," but in a number of Radio Free America shows -- the "Aryan Nation" series and "World Anti-Communist" series in particular [CN: Tapes of past broadcasts may still be available; phone 415-346-1840, or contact Conspiracy Nation for more info]), but the important thing about examining Oswald is to find out who manipulated him in such a way as to take the fall for the Kennedy assassination. Lee Harvey Oswald didn't kill anyone.

The point here is that Elizabeth Forsling Harris appears to have been a primary planner in the Kennedy assassination. She was never questioned by the Warren Commission, she worked for the Bloom Agency, which had some curious roles throughout the [Ruby] trial. And beyond that, she was heavily involved, along with Jack Pewterbaugh, in planning the motorcade route for John Kennedy. (That, of necessity -- for those who've studied the details of the assassination -- has to have placed her, as Penn Jones indicated, in the very center of the conspiracy itself. And as we've looked at in our "Aryan Nation" series as well as "The Guns of November," the Kennedy assassination was, for all intents and purposes, a military coup.)

Now again, perhaps the Steinem association with Elizabeth Forsling Harris in and of itself wouldn't be too damning. But in light of all the other information -- the Independent Research Service connections, in light of her association with J. Stanley Pottinger and some of the things Pottinger's been involved in -- it's one more very interesting detail concerning Steinem and her involvement in a very deep intelligence mileau.

And again, Elizabeth Forsling Harris replaced (ironically enough) by Pat Carbine, as publisher of Ms. magazine.

[ be continued...]

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