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               Sherman Skolnick Commentary 09/30/96
        (From Mr. Skolnick's recorded message: 312-731-1100)

Hi! Sherman Skolnick, Citizens' Committee to Clean Up the Courts, 9800 S. Oglesby.

Some say the First Lady is facing criminal indictments, and the indictments (some state, some federal) have already been handed up by a grand jury but the indictments have been sealed.

Is all this political? Before the election it would cause an unprecedented situation. Bill Clinton might feel compelled to resign, but at the same time release his impounded medical records, showing, supposedly, some medical crisis -- such as, his nose might fall off from having snorted cocaine over a period of many years.

Release of indictments against Hillary after the election could also be considered political. If the Independent Counsel knew before the election, why would he time the release for after?

Of course, remember the Nixon situation: Prior to the 1972 landslide re-election, the press fakers played down Watergate. By the Spring of 1973, however, Watergate was the buzzword most every day.

And what is Hillary facing? In New York, charges of defrauding the state while a consultant; in Little Rock, causing the misappropriation of federally insured funds of a savings & loan; in the District of Columbia, perjury and obstruction of justice regarding both Travelgate and Filegate; that is, causing the frame-up of White House Travel Office carry-over employees and using FBI records to blackmail various persons, primarily those of the Bush administration.

A good question: When are they going to indict Hillary and Bill for the $50 million embezzlement and massive tax fraud that is the subject of our civil damage suit against her and others? So far, Hillary Clinton's defense is primarily to convince the federal judges in Chicago that we are, supposedly, "bad people" and no judge should listen to us!

Of course, the federal judges here already hate us for our campaign of exposing bribery of the federal courts in Chicago.

Now whether before or after the election, the expected indictments may cause a crisis. Even prior to the indictments the stock market was already reaching new, all-time highs, and headed for a crash. (Of course, cynics contend that the market would rally! That is, happy to be rid of the Clinton White House gang.)

Now just consider the possibilities. The mass media liars and whores might finally have to admit that White House Deputy Counsel Vincent W. Foster, Jr. was murdered. And that Bill and Hillary, supposedly his friends, covered it up. Vince Foster was implicated in various types of espionage, such as selling nuclear missile secrets to a foreign power; such as heading a project to spy on foreign banks, both friend and foe; such as money-laundering dope and gun-running funds, with Hillary, for a Little Rock bond broker: some 18 Arkansas-based firms would be scandalized for reportedly using dope loot to finance their business -- including Tyson Chickens, J.B. Hunt truck line, Wal-Mart, and Beverly Enterprises, the nursing home chain. The whole mess involves both political parties: both Bill Clinton and George Bush are criminally implicated in the CIA dope through the airport at Mena, Arkansas. And the dope loot was reportedly washed through the Garfield Ridge Trust & Savings Bank of Chicago, owned by de-frocked congressman Dan Rostenkowski and Hillary's brother, and then through the Chicago markets.

The bottom line? Maybe all of this is to pave the way for Jay Rockefeller to become the President without an actual election. Such as by an emergency, provided for under the 25th Amendment.

Will the press fakers surprise us with all of this someday? Or, just dribble it out to get us used to a disaster?

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