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[CN transcript of remarks by west coast researcher Dave Emory.]


Recently, in a television appearance, Pat Carbine, now publisher of Ms. [magazine] and formerly editor of McCalls [magazine] in 1971 when that magazine named Gloria Steinem "Woman of the Year," declared that the Women's Movement was currently in "Phase II." What that means here (the Red Stockings go on to explain), "radicals were necessary for getting the thing started," she conceded, "but the moderates were now in control."

(And skipping down still further, the article closes here with an interesting little blurb.)

Do not forget that Gloria Steinem dated Henry Kissinger at one time. And think about this: "There is still the assumption that a woman is not a complete human being by herself. We have to consider the ways in which we are 'man junkies.'"

(That from Gloria Steinem in a New York Times interview of August 11, 1974.)

Well the Kissinger association is not necessarily very significant at all. However we are going to talk about a man that she's been with for a very long time who appears to be a very insidious individual indeed.

Perhaps none of the things in any of the material that we're gonna present here, taken by themselves, would be too conclusive. However the intersection of all of them is very intriguing indeed.

Now reviewing some of the key points of this Berkeley Barb article: The Independent Research Service, founded to a considerable extent by Gloria Steinem and co-directed by her for quite some time, was involved with basically breaking up socialist youth conferences and disrupting them abroad, as well as reporting on the affiliations of some of the people involved. That is obviously the kind of activity CIA does engage in. And one of the most interesting things is the role of Clay Felker in boosting Steinem's career and helping to get Ms. started, because Felker was an associate of Steinem's in the Independent Research Service. Katherine Graham here played a key role in launching Ms., and then a sort of symbiotic relationship between Ms. [magazine] and Steinem and Newsweek followed from that.

We're gonna take a look at Katherine Graham -- her and the Washington Post's long-standing affiliation with CIA as well as role in Watergate -- a little later in the broadcast.

It's also worth noting that (as the article here points out) some corporations which have sort of dubious policies, at least abroad, have been very prominent Ms. advertisers. I think people who would like to find out more about IT&T should take a look at IT&T's role in the Chilean coup of 1973. And then examine some of the Amnesty International reports on what happened to women political prisoners under Pinochet's regime. One of the most grotesque things that I recall reading in the Amnesty International reports about the political repression and torture under Pinochet immediately after the overthrow of Salvador Allende in Chile, was that female political prisoners were often subjected to torture by specially trained dogs who would first rape them, and then sexually mutilate them. Although Ms. [magazine] does not appear to have too much hesitation about running ads by an organization that would help precipitate that kind of activity, I suspect that if Gloria Steinem were tied down onto a Chilean torture table getting the "once over" from "Fido," I expect her attitude would be somewhat less circumspect than it was under the circumstances.

And last, but certainly not least, it's interesting to note that she dated Henry Kissinger. Of course Kissinger was very much involved in setting up that very same coup, as was Richard Helms (part of the Washington Post orbit.) We're going to take a look at another interesting fellow, though, that Gloria Steinem dated. Again: one doesn't want to damn people by association. But when you're examining intelligence connections, the people one associates with intimately and over a long period of time are one of the indicators of where one's real sympathies lie.

We're now going to play a short section of the "One Step Beyond" show from June 17th, 1984. You're going to hear some material here from Newsweek magazine, as well as some material from the New York Times. And it's going to be talking about Gloria Steinem's paramour for the past, what... It was nine years in '84. I don't know whether they're still together, but that's a long time to be with anybody in terms of a dating relationship. Gloria Steinem's relationship with a man named J. Stanley Pottinger, who J. Stanley Pottinger is, some of the things he has been involved in, is the next thing we're going to take up in relation to Gloria Steinem and the whole Ms. axis.

Playing now from "One Step Beyond," June 17th, 1984.

An interesting bit of information here concerning Gloria Steinem. And again: this on the occasion of her 50th birthday. This is from Newsweek, the issue of June 4th, 1984. There's an article on Gloria Steinem's 50th birthday. It's very short. It's entitled, "Steinem at 50: Gloria in Excelsis." (And I'm only going to read you one sentence of this article.)

"In previous incarnations, Steinem dated Mike Nichols, Rafer Johnson, and other notables. For the past nine years she has been romantically involved with Washington attorney Stanley Pottinger, a Republican and former Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights."

But he was Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights under the Nixon/Ford administration, from 1973 until 1977. You'll all recall what Nixon's Justice Department was like: both Mr. Kleindeist and John Mitchell were indicted -- Mitchell convicted and Kleindeist eventually... I don't know whether he was convicted and received a suspended sentence, or whether he eventually was acquitted. But half the Nixon Justice Department wound up being indicted on one charge or another, many of them acquitted, most in connection with the Watergate affair. They also presided over COINTELPRO and a number of other interesting things. Surely the Nixon administration has never been regarded as a great champion of civil rights. And a woman like Gloria Steinem, who is at least nominally aligned with a civil rights movement, the feminist movement... Well, her association, her 9-year romantic involvement with Mr. Pottinger, is really intriguing.

Now those of you who listen to Mae Brussell's "World Watcher" series will recall Mae referring very briefly to Mr. Pottinger's [alleged] involvement in an arms smuggling scam. (Research credit for the following article, again, goes to Mr. Ted Rubenstein.)

(By the way, that Newsweek article, if you'd like to look it up, is from June 4th, 1984.)

Now, concerning Mr. Pottinger and his alleged involvement in an arms smuggling scam, the following article (research credit goes to Ted Rubenstein)... This is from the New York Times of June 3rd, 1984. This is an article by Solwyn Rabb, headlined "Iranian is Sought in Inquiry on Arms." Subtitled: "Banker Wanted in Smuggling of Prohibited Equipment."

"An Iranian banker in New York City who offered to help seek the release of the American hostages in Iran in 1980 is under investigation for leading a group that purportedly smuggled banned military equipment into Iran, according to federal authorities. The investigation, which began four years ago, resulted in the arrests in New York last month of the brother of the banker and of a Huntington, Long Island businessman on smuggling charges. According to federal officials, a former United States Assistant Attorney General, W. Stanley Pottinger, is also under investigation. The 44-year-old Mr. Pottinger, who was in charge of the Civil Rights Division in the Justice Department from 1973 to 1977, recently testified before the federal grand jury in Manhattan investigating the case. He did not return telephone calls left at his Manhattan office or his home."

[ be continued...]

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