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From Sep 26 11:52:21 1996 Date: Thu, 26 Sep 1996 13:01:56 +0800
From: Harry Mason <>
To: "''" <> Subject: Scalar E/M weapon downs TWA 800 ???

Dear Brian Redman,

I received today a copy of your 25 Sept 1996 mail to Conspiracy Nation re NTT Nord Davis letter to Larry King Show. I would like to talk to both Nord Davis and Evan of Larry King show - but need telephone numbers ??? [CN: If anybody has the phone numbers, please send to Harry Mason at and to me at]

I'm visiting USA in late October and would like to meet up with anyone researching Scalar E/M weapons ???

Attached e-mail was sent by me to several newspapers and FBI TWA Crash Investigation team soon after downing of TWA 800. Never received any replies - they probably think I'm crazy !!!

From: Harry Mason[] Sent: Tuesday, July 30, 1996 11:58 PM
To:     ''
Subject:        TWA FLIGHT 800


I thought that you might like my views on the crash of TWA 800 - see below.........

I have been trying to interview Commander Meyer of the 106th Air National Guard but have been informed by their Public Affairs Major Finkle that this is currently not allowed due to insistence of FBI - see his e-mail below. I find this attitude amazing but at least its better than the one prevalent after the shooting of JFK when witnesses were just shot.......

I wish to pass to you some info of possible interest and significance to the crash of TWA Flight 800.

My address is :-

Harry Mason
e-mail =

snail mail = 1313, Armstrong Rd., Jarrahdale, Perth, Western Australia 6203

Tel: +61-9-525-5999 Fax: +61-9-525-5944


I am a geologist-geophysicist (scientist) working in mineral exploration in Perth, Western Australia. I may have data of use in the investigation into the TWA 800 crash.

As a private research project I have been investigating a series of strange aerial light energy events that have been reported from various areas of Western Australia (and other areas of Australia) over the past few years, but seen with increasing frequency over the last three months of this year (May-July,1996).

These light events involve either static or moving beams of orange-red light energy (usually vertical and hanging in the sky but sometimes horizontal or at 45degress), moving orange-red light energy spheres or fire balls (traveling at speeds roughly equivalent to high speed jet aircraft (+500 - 2000 mph)- observed traveling over distances of hundreds of kilometers), massive high energy ripple light flashes lasting 3-5 seconds of intense blue-white colour (seen at altitude or at ground level) descriptions such as "someone with a giant arc welder", and an assortment of green, intense blue, white, and red lights varying in size from large as the moon to mostly very small.

These light energy events have been reported by many reliable bush observers such as geologists, pilots, air passengers, meteor astronomers, prospectors, cattle and sheep station (ranch) owners, truck drivers, aboriginal peoples, tourists etc. Such events were rarely if ever reported prior to about 1989 and are not generally due to meteors, meteor fireballs, etc. (due to nature of expert eyewitness evidence), nor are thunderstorm lightning emissions ever present, and they do not generally appear to be of a natural origin (due to several considerations re evidence). They definitely involve electro-magnetic potential field transmissions as they have in certain instances caused mains power outages, electrical streamers issuing from house power boxes, diesel generator winding burn out, HF and other frequency radio interference, and micro-wave telephonic link interference of a peculiar style.

The moving red-orange lights have sometimes resulted in either massive aerial explosions or ground based explosions and earthquakes. In some cases they follow aircraft - keeping in formation. Static orange beams have been observed above the naval military base at Fremantle, and in isolated outback areas. Many aspects of witness evidence places these events far from the "Natural Scenario" and into the exotic man - made arena. Most such events are seen in very isolated outback areas, but a significant percentage occur over population centers.

e.g. on 28-05-93 one such orange-red light flew over observers in the northeastern Goldfields region of W.A., "hit" the ground, caused a 3.9 Richter earthquake, a massive explosion (heard over an area some 200km x 100km), and was followed by the rise above the ground of a very large hemisphere of very bright opaque red-orange light (equivalent in size to two-three setting moons) with a silver lining that hovered up there for about two hours "bobbing about a bit" - before turning off "as if someone threw the light switch". Good eyewitness cross fixes on this event allowed excellent ground and air search but no craters or anomalous ground disturbance of any kind could be found. Although at first this incident resembled a fireball meteor many aspects of eyewitness evidence and other considerations indicate that it was not a meteor and was most probably a high energy electrical event of a peculiar type. We originally believed that this event was caused by the detonation of a small one kilotonne nuclear weapon, but after much ground and airborne research on site and with consideration of other similar events now are certain that this was the test of an exotic scalar E/M weapon.

Another event at 2.00am. on the 1st. of May 1995 consisted of a bright red-orange ball that traveled from south of Perth to a point above the eastern part of the city where it exploded with a force estimated as several megatonnes at an altitude of several km. - waking up half of the city. Eyewitnesses reported an enormous burst of blue-white light energy and buildings and the ground shook. Although classified by some as a meteor fireball several aspects of this case suggest otherwise and indicate that it was an Electromagnetic event.

Many of the other events have been classified as "off planet alien UFO" sightings however detailed analysis suggests that the aliens are a lot closer to home and that there are rarely any solid objects involved - only massive light energy discharges - probably offshoots of electromagnetic energy transmissions and associated electrical potential effects.

The possible relevance of my research to the TWA 800 investigation will be explained later in the body of this e-mail, but first I wish to review the data that I have from press reports here in Western Australia about the TWA 800 crash event.

News reports here state that (W.A. = Sunday Times Newspaper of 21-7-96):-


A US military official said yesterday he saw a flash of light, similar to a shooting star, cross the planes path when TWA Flight 800 jet crashed.

The pilot was on helicopter patrol on Wednesday night when the jumbo jet exploded.

"I know the strike of a missile. What I saw didn't look at all like a missile," said Commander Fritz Meyer of the 106th Rescue Wing of the New York Air National Guard.

"Our three man crew saw the same thing. A flash of red - orange light, characteristic of a shooting star", he said.

"Then we saw a small explosion followed by a large explosion and a ball of fire fell into the sea".


Other Internet data says that "the Pentagon denied initial Dan Rather CBS News reports of a radar sighting of an object that circled the Jumbo Jet twice, and said there was no object - but we did get a static electronic noise type glitch on the radar system that was time co-incident with the explosion/downing of the jet airliner".

Thus I believe on the press reports above that your Air National Guard eyewitness reports of an orange-red flash of light CHARACTERISTIC of - i.e.. similar to - a shooting star, and the reported radar static glitch detected on civilian/military radar screens MAY indicate a similarity to the events being witnessed here in Australia ???

That is an orange-red light beam or ball looking like a shooting star or meteor AND evidence of an E/M connection ???

I have been engaged in this research for about one and a half years. Discussion with many scientists and investigative reporters in Japan, Australia, USA, Russia, and the UK has led me to the deduction that these Australian events involve the testing of an exotic new electro-magnetic weapon of truly prodigious power. I can support this and other statements made in this summary e-mail with backup data and papers etc.

The remote Australian "outback" appears to be being used for the training of crews in the deployment and operation of this weapons system. We believe that this weapon employs "post - Einsteinian Relativistic Physics" principles linked to developments of Tesla's wireless energy transmission theories and may involve transmission beams of very high energies in the microwave and or elf/vlf frequency band. It's deployment can be global in that a transmitter can destroy targets at the planetary antipodes, or it can be transmitted from a ship, plane ?, or satellite nearer to the target.

At this time we have no evidence that the Tx source of our exotic events is in Australia and believe that in fact these energy transmissions originate some distance from our shores.

Although no planes have been shot down here in Australia, one USA scientist (Tom Bearden) believes he has evidence that one was shot down in Canada a few years ago by this type of weapon. I can put you in touch with him if you desire same.

These weapons apparently have several variants and can cause enormous nuclear blast type explosions (minus radioactivity), actually create major earthquakes, vaporize solid objects, hit aircraft (to totally destroy - or just turn off the engines by destroying the jet flame energy), destroy electronics systems, or terminate all life in the target area, or create or warp storms or weather fronts onto target areas. Apparently human bodies exposed to this type of energy blast decay much more slowly than normal - as if irradiated by Cobalt 60.

These weapons were initially developed and brought on line by the Russians under the control of the KGB (army and navy units) in about 1963. Subsequently I believe that the Israelis and the French ? developed the same principles. Apparently the USA does not have same yet ??? - but is busy trying to develop same e.g.. the Alaskan HAARP project.

Three months ago the Russians broadcast a Radio Moscow programme admitting existence and deployment of these scalar E/M weapons (they call them "Torsion Field Energetics") and boasting of their huge lead over the rest of the world. This was also stated recently by "extreme right wing !!! - KGB controlled ???" Russian Presidential candidate Zherinovsky (Sp ?) in a BBC TV documentary about him. He claimed that the KGB controlled these weapons (termed "Elipton Bomb") and that Russia had a massive military advantage due to their existence, deployment, and systems development lead. Evidence amassed by researchers here and in the USA points to the Soviets having a predisposition to "showing off" their weapons around the planet on the 1st. of May - especially large displays are seen at five yearly intervals.

Russian physics academician sources have indicated via a British engineer to me that these weapons exist and they are very worried about the KGB control and antics with these weapons systems, and their possible proliferation to TERRORIST States, and/or use by a world wide "One World Government" cabal control group ........

An American scientific colleague is worried (based on information received) that Iran, Iraq, Syria, and definitely Libya have coaxed Soviet scientists with knowledge of these E/M systems to work for them to develop same.

I have information that suggests the Soviets (one Lobov = KGB security chief) received huge payments ($900 million) from the Japanese AUM sect (of Tokyo Subway gas fame) to provide this technology to elements of the right wing Yakkuza dominated Japanese power structure with apparent links to North Korea.

See also

The AUM Sect set up with Soviet assistance a joint Soviet-Japan University in Moscow where the brightest young nuclear physicists of Japan and Russia concentrated upon developing modern variants of the Russian E/M weapons by addition of modern Japanese computing power and electronics etc., and in developing other exotic weapons of mass destruction.

Although we cannot be certain we believe that the exotic red-orange light energy and other events seen around Australia relate initially (1) to KGB demonstrations to the AUM and their Japanese paymasters (e.g.. 28-05-93 the orange-red sphere, ground explosion, earthquake, 2 hour red hemisphere occurred in the northeastern Goldfields area of WA on the same day that a 10 ship naval carrier task force of USN and RAN vessels docked in Fremantle harbour - this was probably a demonstration by the KGB to their Japanese clients that the E/M weapons tech works and that the naval task force could have been destroyed at the flick of a switch) and (2) since 1994/5 to weapons testing by the Japanese group itself - possibly from a secret base in Taiwan or on a Japanese Island in the archipelago just east of there.

However it could equally well be Russia or any of the above mentioned nations utilizing us as a weapons testing range. Exact data on this very top secret scenario is difficult and potentially dangerous to come by.

Space does not allow me here to discuss and outline all of my data/information on this subject of E/M weapons. Should you desire more info I shall be happy to speak with you by phone etc., or put you into communication with my contacts in this bizarre international research topic etc.

My purpose in this e-mail is to alert you to the fact that an exotic E/M weapon type exists and that the news reports quoted above suggest a POSSIBILITY that same was used to shoot down TWA 800.

The very nature of these weapons systems is that they can APPEAR to be natural events e.g. meteors or "shooting stars"/radar electronic static, earthquakes, shorted out circuit boards etc. and can therefore be missed by investigators operating without the knowledge and viewpoint required to recognise same as relevant.

There are however subtle differences that I am now a little bit of an expert in !!!

The apparent reluctance of the Black Box recorder to emit its beeper noises for instance and hence remaining undetected ? IF we are dealing with a E/M weapon strike then all on board electrical systems (including the Black Box) - no matter how well shielded in Faraday Cages or equivalent - will most probably have been junked at the time of E/M "field" impact, and hence will no longer be in working order.

I should therefore very much like to interview Commander Fritz Meyer of the 106th Rescue Wing New York Air Guard and his crew, and be able to see the best radar tapes of the event, and review the total eyewitness reports, and any other crash debris data - in order to see if the E/M weapon theory fits the bill.......

It is of course quite possible that the reported flash of orange-red light was indeed a "shooting star" and that it impacted at say 25,000 - 30,000 mph with the 747 thus causing the accident. The eyewitness data should help decide which of these scenarios fits best.

Or perhaps some type of missile was involved - however the lack of a contrail report to date, the incredibly lucky shot necessary for a small warhead and a small missile at extreme range tend to mitigate against this scenario.

The similarities to the PANAM Lockerbie incident are also disturbing and obviously a bomb on board is a candidate - but how do we reconcile the Air National Guard report of an orange red flash of light followed by two explosions with an onboard bomb ???

Only careful examination of all the eyewitness evidence and other factual data in minute detail will resolve the issue - especially for public confidence, and for peace of mind of the relatives and friends of the dead. We do not need another "Lee Harvey Oswald" type of outcome.

I am only too aware of the exotic nature of my statements re E/M weapons. My only intention here is to help elucidate the facts of this terrible event which unfortunately looks too much like an act of war.

Should it be found to be a terrorist or other criminal man-made event I hope that you - the USA - nail the bastard(s) good and proper.

Here in Western Australia we have a very large (+one inch long) meat eating ant = "Bull Ant". When pegged out over their nest with honey applied to the softer body parts a very slow and extremely painful death is assured.................but I suspect that even that is too good an ending for the type of sub-human involved with causing such a huge loss of innocent life.


Harry Mason


From: James Finkle[] Sent: Tuesday, July 30, 1996 9:05 PM
Subject: Request for Interview with Commander Fritz Meyer (New York National Air Guard)


I just received your facsimile and I'm afraid that I will be unable to permit an interview at this time. The FBI has directed that all interviews cease under they are able to determine the cause of the accident.

I will forward your fax to the FBI in the event that they want your assistance.

Thank you for your cooperation.


James J. Finkle, Major, NYANG
Director of Public Affairs
106th Rescue Wing
Pager (516)584-1084

"These things we do that others may live."


Harry Mason (PS. Please could you provide phone numbers for Nord Davis, Larry King (Evan) and yourself - I am leaving Perth for Europe on 1st October ). [CN: Anyone knowing the phone numbers, please send to me at and to Harry Mason at]

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