Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 9 Num. 26

("Quid coniuratio est?")

               The President, Cocaine, and the CIA
                    A Matter of Irrelevance
                         by Chip Tatum
                       Codename: Pegasus

U.S. Federal Judge Henry Lee Adams, Jr. ruled on May 6, 1996, that federal documents which reveal the involvement of top government officials and the CIA in a drug manufacturing and trafficking cartel are not relevant in the defense of a Florida couple. Transcripts reveal that defense attorneys argued during a CIPA (Classified Information Procedures Act) hearing held in U.S. District Court in Tampa, Florida, that the defendants, D.G. "Chip" Tatum and his wife Nancy Tatum, were targeted by the U.S. Department of Justice, the Central Intelligence Agency, and the White House in an attempt to discredit and quiet the couple concerning Mr. Tatum's knowledge and direct involvement with William J. Clinton, George Bush, Manuel Noriega, Oliver North, William Barr and others involved in cocaine manufacturing and trafficking between Honduras, Panama and Arkansas from 1983 to 1988.

Transcripts additionally reveal Tampa attorney Dan Daly's vain attempt to impress on Federal Judge Henry Lee Adams and U.S. Prosecutors, the threat to our national security that these heinous acts by top government officials represent. Mr. Daly stated, "Without exception, Mr. Tatum is probably the only man still alive that can tie these men (Clinton, Bush, Barr, et al.) to their criminal acts. There is no doubt, your honor, if you look at the facts, that this case is not about fraud. The United States suffered no loss at the hands of Mr. and Mrs. Tatum. It's about government corruption at the very top levels of our justice system."

Neither did the fact that William Luschinger of Virginia, a CIA operative and friend of Oliver North, was the government's prime witness against the Tatums, nor the fact that any offer by the defense to produce CIA employees and deep cover operatives to testify as to their knowledge of the obvious obstruction of justice being perpetrated against the Tatums, cause Judge Adams to sway in his decision. "I'm going to disallow any testimony or evidence concerning this governments' involvement, specifically involvement of William Clinton, George Bush, or the CIA, in drug trafficking. It is not relevant. If there is nothing else, let's go and choose the jury," Judge Adams stated as he dismissed the group from his chambers where the hearing was held in camera [in chambers] (outside of the public's eye).

Evidence offered by the defendants' included a taped conversation between a retired Mossad agent who was in the employ of General Manuel Noriega and Governor Clinton's Chief of Security. This taped conversation outlined the CIA's Honduran manufacturing facilities, capabilities, and who was involved to include specific duties in the cartel. The tape has been transcribed and included in an evidence package entitled "The Tatum Chronicles." The Chronicles contain not only the transcribed audio tape, but also the transcription of events recorded by a camera mounted on a U.S. military aircraft delivering coolers marked "medical supplies" to Little Rock Airport. This video shows then-Governor Clinton receiving one of the two coolers. The actual contents of the cooler, as recorded earlier in the video tape, was three kilos of cocaine and a large amount of cash.

Perhaps the most frightening part of this government cover-up is the response of top politicians at both the state and federal level. Governor Lawton Chiles, after reviewing an evidence package from the Tatums, both Florida residents, stated, "These are not matters under my jurisdiction or influence." (However, in 1986 then-Senator Lawton Chiles was given this same information and, at that time, he stated it was a military matter and beyond his scope.)

[Tatum lists top government officials and others who he says basically did nothing after receiving the evidence package. Among those named by Tatum are:

Janet Reno
Harry Browne
Ross Perot
Jack Kemp
Rep. Wm. F. Clinger, Jr.
Senator Sam Nunn
Senator Connie Mack
Senator Charles S. Robb
Senator John Glenn
Senator Thomas Daschle
Senator Barbara Boxer
Kenneth Starr]

To federal judges and top government officials, the trafficking of cocaine to our children... is a matter of irrelevance. Can America stand for this? If so, then I've been beaten, tortured and shot in defense of this country for absolutely nothing. Please take up arms in the form of your telephone and demand action against these heinous crimes and cover-ups.

(The Tatums can be reached by phone at (352) 787-9846; snail mail at PO Box 895082, Leesburg, Florida 34789; by e-mail at <>)

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