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Allegations of Planned "Hit" on Terry Reed Corroborated

In the current book, Boy Clinton, by R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr., mention is made of how then-Arkansas State Trooper and Clinton protege L.D. Brown was being brought into the CIA. With help from then-Governor Bill Clinton, Brown was gradually introduced into CIA covert operations.

Those familiar with legendary CIA figures will recognize the name Felix Rodriguez, a.k.a. "Max Gomez." According to Tyrrell, Clinton was in contact with Rodriguez and knew him at least fairly well.

Brown began to have misgivings about a CIA career after flying with the infamous Barry Seal to Central America. He discovered that cocaine was being brought back on the return flight. Upset by the discovery, he nonetheless was persuaded to embark on a new operation, urged on in part by Rodriguez.

Brown was sent to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, to carry out an assassination plan. He flew there on June 18, 1986 and there was given an "FN Light Automatic Rifle," commonly referred to as an "F.A.L."

Brown went to the Hotel Playa Conchas Chinas on the morning of June 21st. But when his prospective target was pointed out to him, Brown had a change of heart and did not carry out the assignment.

According to Tyrrell's book, Brown's prospective victim was none other than Terry Reed, co-author, with John Cummings, of the best-selling book, Compromised.

My thanks to Mr. Cummings for pointing out to me corroboration for Tyrrell's and Brown's allegations which can be found in the aforementioned book, Compromised, in the chapter entitled "Escape from Freedom." Therein the reader will find that Reed was indeed in Puerto Vallarta on June 21, 1986 where he had a pre-arranged meeting with a shady character named Mitch Marr. It appears that Marr, either knowingly or not, was there to help set up target Reed for L.D. Brown. Marr helped position Reed at an oceanside bar and, with endless talk, kept him there that morning.

Marr was to have met Reed again that evening, but suspiciously did not keep the engagement. Marr met again with Reed the next morning.

Don't Mess With Bill

Patricia Mendoza, arrested for "disorderly conduct" when she dared to shout at Bill Clinton, "You suck," describes herself and her husband as boring people. "We own a station wagon. We're very boring people," she reportedly says.

But since she dared to "diss" Brother Bill, she has been locked up for 14 hours, subpoenaed by the SS (Secret Service), and has received a letter from the IRS saying basically, according to the Washington Times National Weekly Edition (9/8/96), "We're going to take your house."

She is said to be frightened that her children will be taken away from her. "I didn't let my kids out of my sight for a month and a half," she is quoted as saying. "I thought they were going to take my kids."

What's next? Will Lord Clinton declare her hometown, the Chicago suburb of Westchester, a "no-fly zone?"

United Nations Drug Smugglers

According to The Spotlight (9/9/96), "Bosnian police officials and U.S. officers in the U.N. mission have linked senior U.N. police force officials in Bosnia with corrupt practices including drug smuggling."

Mexico To Explode By December 1st?

Lyndon LaRouche blames International Monetary Fund policies for "mass murder" which "could have the whole hemisphere in flames within the next two months." He warns that "Mexico is going to blow up before December 1st."

According to Gretchen Small, writing in The New Federalist ("Mexico Could Blow Up by Dec. 1," 9/2/96), Mexico faces "imminent physical and economic disintegration." She claims that "Foreign-run narcoterrorist armies, masquerading as 'defenders of the poor and the Indians,' are proliferating."

Justice Department Boosts Prison Labor

Also in the same issue of The New Federalist: "In a new publication titled, 'Work in American Prisons: Joint Ventures with the Private Sector,' the U.S. Department of Justice issued a blanket endorsement and promotion of 'private sector' firms opening up industry in America's booming prisons. The 15-page pamphlet reads like a glossy promotional, encouraging companies to use prison labor because 'inmates represent a readily available and dependable source of entry-level labor that is a cost-effective alternative to work forces found in Mexico, the Caribbean Basin, Southeast Asia, and the Pacific Rim countries.'"

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