Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 9 Num. 07

("Quid coniuratio est?")


By Sherman H. Skolnick

What do the press fakers really tell us about Iraq? For example, in October, 1990, at the time of the Persian Gulf conflict, there was an unpublicized case in the Chicago Federal District Court (No. 90 C 6863). The Illinois Bank Commissioner sought an injunction against the Federal Reserve Board to stop them from turning over certain bank records to the House Banking Committee. The records were those of the Chicago branch of Italy's largest [bank], Banca Nazionale del Lavoro, owned in part by the Vatican.

Called BNL, it had records of Iraqi strongman Saddam Hussein and his secret private joint business dealings with his partner, an American. A close crony of the Federal Reserve, Chicago Federal District Judge Brian Barnett Duff, ordered the return of any records from the Banking Committee, then headed by a Democrat, Rep. Henry Gonzalez (D., Texas).

The House Banking Committee was an intervening party-litigant in the controversy. Judge Duff so opposed the House Banking Committee's efforts to get those records, that the Judge would not listen to the Committee's attorney; did not want the attorney in the Judge's courtroom, the Judge calling him an 800 pound gorilla showing no respect for the court.

In May, 1991, right after the War ended in the Persian Gulf, the case ended up in the Federal Appeals Court in Chicago; a court dominated by Judges tied to the major banks and cronies of the Federal Reserve. I was the only journalist at the hearing. Afterwards, in the back of the courtroom, two hearing participants confirmed to me that the records were about George Bush being Saddam Hussein's secret private business partner. Later, only one sizeable newspaper dared publish my report ("Spotlight," August 19, 1991).

The appeals court decision was to be made several months later. In the meantime, President Bush got his crooked Justice Department to circulate blackmail whispers that one of the 3-judge panel of that appeal, Judge Richard Posner (now Chief Judge) took bribes in 8 other cases -- which we already knew to be true! Strange, but later the blackmail apparently succeeded. The federal appeals panel ordered the case entirely removed, so to speak, from the courthouse. We have one of the few copies of the court record.

The hearing participants, in May, 1991, had told me that revealing the records would tend to undermine the bank regulator's supervision of banks and would cause an international incident and possibly a run on banks, and the banking system.

Confirmed to me was what the records were all about. Saddam Hussein was considered the Bully Boy of the Persian Gulf from 1980 to 1990. (Saddam had been created as the dictator of Iraq in the late 1970s, right about or after the time Bush was Director of Central Intelligence -- Bush and the CIA created Saddam.) All the Persian Gulf oil producers secretly gave kick-backs to Saddam of 25 percent of the one trillion dollars of oil shipped to the West in that decade. For the 1980s, that came out to about 25 billion dollars per year, or 250 billion dollars for ten years, Saddam shared with his secret partner George Bush and Bush's cronies.

With that loot, Saddam Hussein became one of the richest men on the planet. He has been one of the largest owners of the French company, Matra, which owns the People Mover system at O'Hare International Airport, Chicago -- moving people and baggage to the airplanes. U.S. officials mouth off about airport security. What a joke! The Iraqi is also the owner of Hachette, owners of several U.S. magazines. (Do they propagandize for Iraq?) Saddam's half-brother in Switzerland said if CIA murders Saddam, the records will be released putting Bush in prison for treason.

With his share of the oil kick-back loot, Bush owns reportedly most of the real estate in or near Silicon Valley, California, home of high tech (reportedly through a company front called Hidalgo -- Bush likes Hispanic names). Bush is also a major owner of Pennzoil that corrupted the Texas Supreme Court to put a competitor, Texaco, into false bankruptcy, largest of its kind, 12 billion dollars. And Bush as Vice President, later President, corrupted the U.S. Supreme Court to favor his firm, Pennzoil, when the Texaco case got there. Texaco, dominated thus by Pennzoil, has been tied to oil shipped from Iraq.

On behalf of the Jackson Stephens bond house, largest outside of Wall Street, Hillary Rodham Clinton and Vincent W. Foster, Jr., arranged for BNL and its companion/twin, Bank of Credit and Commerce International [BCCI], to spread out in the U.S. with several branches. (One sizeable paper, "Spotlight," Oct. 1991, published my report of BCCI bribing both houses of Congress, 108 Representatives and some 28 U.S. Senators.)

Also, Foster and Mrs. Clinton secretly arranged, with George Bush and others {1}, to have weapons shipments from U.S. firms to Iraq. Some were disguised as Agriculture Department loans through BNL-Atlanta (the role of Bush/Foster/Hillary was concealed.) Mrs. Clinton was either a director and/or lawyer arranging strategy of some of the weapons makers. And there is a tie-in reportedly through a shadowy character called Barbouti of Houston and Cardoen {2}, Miami and Chile, with Bush/Foster/Hillary, with secret shipments to Iraq of U.S. chemicals to make poison gas to use against U.S. troops.

Notice these dates: July 17, 1993, there was a plot, believed to be genuine, by CIA and others in the U.S., to assassinate Saddam Hussein. Major papers in the U.S. did not publish the same until on or about 11/1/93. The plot was aborted, apparently by high White House officials {3}, apparently Clinton himself. Result: several Iraqi officials, secretly co-operating with CIA, were murdered by Saaddam. Then on July 19, 1993, FBI Director William Sessions was sacked by President Clinton because Sessions had an elite unit investigating high crimes by Clinton and Bush. The next day, Foster, involved in various espionage projects, was apparently murdered.

No wonder President Clinton and the First Lady have been covering up the strange death of Vincent W. Foster, Jr.

We, as ordinary Americans, are in a season of treachery in high places. WHAT IS THE REASON, NONE DARE CALL IT TREASON?

---------------------------<< Notes >>--------------------------- {1} Regarding the Clinton-Bush connection, see Boy Clinton, by R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr., which documents a meeting between Bill Clinton and George Bush in Portland, Maine and at Bush's Kennebunkport home.

{2} Regarding Cardoen, recall the following from CN 8.75:

Carlos Cardoen? Did you ever run across him?


He was from Chile. But he came up and had meetings in the States, private little meetings. I think one was with [then-CIA Director] Gates in southern Florida.

Chilean arms dealer. [Cardoen]

He sold the cluster bombs to Saddam [Hussein]. Which we gave him the technology for.

That was the "Third World shuffle" you were talking about: you know, get stuff down to a friendly country where we don't have export restrictions.

{3} "The plot was aborted, apparently by high White House officials..." The phrase, "high White House officials," has taken on a whole new meaning of late.

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