Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 8 Num. 99

("Quid coniuratio est?")


King Clinton, choo-chooing to Chicago sans Hillary, enjoys the view. His SS (Secret Service) makes sure the King not be disturbed by any who might shout at him that "He sucks." So, the SS rounds up 100 farmers in Ashland, Kentucky, and marches them away. Dumbfounded, the farmers say they were only carrying signs, so what's the big deal? Ah, but SS is not fooled: those signs are mounted on sticks -- potential weapons against the King.

All along his train ride, King Clinton need not fear stick attacks nor even angry protesters; his SS and "Democratic operatives" have silenced protests all along the route, writes Andy Thibault in the August 29, 1996 Washington Times ("Secret Service accused of preventing protests.")

In Chicago, His Highness can avoid being aware that some folks don't like him, thanks to protesters not being allowed too near the United Center. Sure they can protest, but not where they can be easily seen by Dems and press and the King. What's next? Do protesters get sent away even further, to "Siberia?"

Then comes shocking news of Dick Morris, Clinton insider, found to be a steady patron of a $200/hour Washington call girl. Says a reporter for Nation magazine, interviewed by Pacifica Radio, "bottom slapping, toe sucking, and use of handcuffs" was involved. But, did Morris pull down his pants and say, "Kiss it?"

There is said to be a videotape of Morris in flagraante delicto, which raises the question: Was Morris set up? Was the "call girl" being used as part of a "dirty tricks" operation? Where was the cameraman? Behind a one-way mirror while Morris was allegedly providing advance copies of the Gore and Hillary speeches to Sweet Toes? Who is the witness to Morris calling King Bill, "monster," and Queen Hill, "twister?" How was he able to witness Morris letting Sweet Toes surreptitiously listen in on his phone conversation with Clinton?

Says Morris, responding to the allegations, "I won't dignify that with a response." This is like what Mike McCurry said regarding proof that the "Foster suicide note" is a forgery; said the White House Press Secretary, "I won't discuss conspiracy theories."

The ancient Roman writer, Cicero, in De Divinatione, tells how many of his time believed in signs and omens. Many then believed that "in the case of birds... those known as alites... give omens by their flight, to fly hither and thither and disappear now here and now there..." (By "alites" are meant birds like the eagle, hawk, and osprey.) What is the omen when Clinton, around last 4th of July, set free an eagle that flew off but was then attacked by an osprey and plummetted to the ground?

What is the omen when a speaker's platform, two hours before it is apparently about to bear the weight of King Clinton Himself, collapses in Michigan City, Indiana, and injures several spectators?

What is the omen when, on Clinton's crowning night in Chicago, a lurid scandal breaks involving a top Clinton lieutenant?

Good-bye, William J. A recent correspondence with enfant terrible J. Orlin Grabbe indicates that Professor Grabbe is not backing down from his prediction that, by this November, William J. Clinton will not be the Dems' candidate for U.S. President. His prediction is supported by Wesley Pruden, Editor-in-Chief of the Washington Times, who wrote today (Aug. 29, 1996, "How to give America a really good cry") about Hillary Clinton's "prospective troubles with the law in the person of Kenneth Starr" being "a subject of growing speculation here." Add to that William Safire's prediction that an indictment of Hillary for perjury and obstruction of justice seems to be "in the pipeline" (ca. Aug. 20, 1996, "Election shouldn't slow law"), and King Clinton may decide, after he gets re-crowned in Chicago, to just say "The heck with it" and hop on a bus headed south.

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