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Representative Key's video "Oklahoma City: What Really Happened," is an important service to the lay public, in that it is a conscientious and provocative summary of the various challenges to the official government version of what is known about the bombing of the Murrah building.

However, it is now over a year old. It needs updating.

The Partin report, a detailed statement from General Partin on the positions he takes at the very brief excerpt from his Oklahoma City press conference, is the only document available, official or non-official, which attempts to provide a scientific explanation of the ballistical evidence found in the building itself. It is also now over a year old.

It needs updating.

It is surprising to me that there have been no rebuttals to the evidence in the Partin report by experts with the competence and the inclination to disagree with it.

Does this prove that the assertions in the Partin report must therefore be correct?

Probably not. There are many other reasons why the physical evidence surviving the bombing, as observable in photographs, has not been analyzed and discussed to anywhere near the same extent that would be routine for the crash of any airliner.

The biggest reason is probably that people just don't want to talk about it. I don't know why, but they don't. This includes lots and lots of otherwise reasonable people who seemingly have no agenda or obvious reason to cling to the official line. Tell them you know of a report that suggests that internal charges planted on the building's structural supports contributed significantly to the explosive damage caused to the structure, and they hotly deny that such a thing could be possible. The very idea is so ridiculous to them that offered the opportunity, they refuse to read the report, claiming lack of time, lack of knowledge of the source, or lack of competence to judge. I could go on and on. The mainstream press doesn't want to cover it, obviously. Is this because they are in bed with the government? Well, they ARE in bed with the government, but they would be equally justified in ignoring the subject because there is no readership for it.

This refusal to consider is not a conspiracy, it is a social mind-set, and a very unfortunate one.

In any case, as long as you're giving out information about how to access ancient information, might as well mention that a copy of the Partin report for can be obtained from the general himself for $10 (or at least this was possible a few months ago, I haven't checked with him lately). This report needs more discussion, further amplification, and a few solid critiques from disinterested experts with the public interest at heart.

General Partin's address:

Benton K. Partin
8908 Captains Row
Alexandria Virginia 22308

I do not have any connection with the general, but I do own a copy of his report, which has this information on the cover.

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