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Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 8 Num. 89

("Quid coniuratio est?")


[CN: Here is (roughly) what Ross Perot had to say on August 18, 1996, at Valley Forge, Pennsylvania.]

The pioneers. They headed west. They circled the wagons. Then they hunted the food.

Are we little sheep who are lost in the woods, but we would be good, if we had someone to watch over us?

You see? It all fits together like pieces in a puzzle.

Does it make a profit? No.
Does it lose money? Yes.
How much money does it have in the bank? None.

Look at this slide, and you will see it's a trick.

Since 1980, the standard of living has gone down. Two paychecks today are worth a single paycheck 25 years ago.

(You say, "Well Ross, where'd you get those numbers?")

$52 billion cumulative trade deficit, and growing like a weed.

16 people that worked for every person retired. Now, 3.2 people for every person retired. The year 2010, two people for every person retired. (I hope they live forever.)

First define the problem. Look at history: 67 cents a year; a dollar a year; $6.75 a year; $29 per year. And strap on your seatbelt: today it's $5,007 a year.

(We'll use our computers as a wind tunnel. We'll nail it and give it to you.)

You come to me and say, "Ross. I'm hopelessly in debt. I can't pay my bills." I'd say, "Well, let's change the subject."

Again: step one is to define the problem.

Billions of cells before the baby is born. If you blindfold a baby for 6 months, it stays blind. Six-year-old's brain weighs 50 percent of adult weight. Brain grows to 90 percent of adult weight. Then it shuts down the circuits.

Isn't this fascinating?

Light these candles. You are the wind. The Spirit of '76. Think of the Liberty Bell. Think of the Star Spangled Banner.

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