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Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 8 Num. 87

("Quid coniuratio est?")


I am fortunate where I live to have a public access radio station, WEFT, offering me news and points of view not normally heard via the corporate media monopoly. Broadcast on WEFT this August 17th was an interview of one Stanley Hilton(sp?), author of an apparently current book on Bob Dole entitled Senator For Sale.

Unfortunately, my tape recorder crapped out and though I thought I had a recording of Mr. Hilton's remarks which I could lean on, I now find I must rely on brief notes and on my memory of what was said.

This past week we have been "treated" to massive broadcast coverage of the Republican Convention in San Diego. Even though it was already in the bag that Dole would be the nominee and Jack Kemp his running mate, nonetheless the whole boring affair was dragged out night after night as the "suspense" grew: Gosh, who were the Publicans going to pick?

Who were these people that hogged every channel? One source said that one in eight of the delegates were millionaires. Syndicated columnist Mike Royko is supposed to have stated in his newspaper column that one in four were millionaires. So we had GOP Hogfest, night after night, with the whole boring bunch of them -- Colin Powell, Nancy Reagan, Son-of-Bush.... No wonder people are depressed.

And the Thing was on every channel! It seemed you couldn't escape It! It was as if It was required viewing, as if the citizens were being forced to watch! What's next? Will we be forced to vote?

After the Publican infomercial had been brow-beaten into the minds of Mr. and Mrs. Couch Potato, polls supposedly showed that Dole had narrowed the gap between himself and William J. But wouldn't you think people would be angry at the Publicans for making them miss their sitcoms? (This editor didn't bother to watch. He read a book instead.)

Some of the dirt I gleaned from listening to Mr. Hilton on WEFT is that "Beltway Bob" Dole voted for the World Trade Organization (WTO). That he has consistently voted for tax increases. Hilton, who formerly worked for Beltway Bob in a high-level capacity, described how those seeking legislation gained access to the Kansas senator: First requirement was how much money they could hand over; then, if the bucks were enough, Senator Dole, according to Hilton, would help provide special legislation for them.

Yes, Beltway Bob has been saying how he's going to bust up the State's mind control army, a.k.a. "the teacher's union" -- but do you believe him? William J. made big promises about a $32 billion economic stimulus package, meant to boost jobs, before he suckered people into voting for him. Then, before he had even been inaugurated, he revised it to a $16 billion package. Finally, to my recollection, he made a half-hearted attempt for a $800,000 jobs stimulus package, and I'm not even sure he delivered on even that! Instead, Billy Boy just said (after he'd grabbed the votes he needed), "Hey. 'conomy good."

So look at Bob Dole and ask yourself: Do you trust his promises? Would you buy a used car from him?

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