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("Quid coniuratio est?")


The Rumor Mill News Service is edited by "RU". The following, from what I can tell, appears to be RUMOR ONLY. What is more, I have NO IDEA who the author is; I received the following anonymously, with the promise of "more to come".

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                        HIT THE ROAD JACK!
                    Clinton Told to Step Aside
                   Before Democratic Convention
                     The President Retaliates:
                       EXECUTIVE ORDER 13010
                     Creates Terrorist Gestapo
                Police State Reactivated In Chicago
                     Is The Nation Far Behind?
         Will Clinton Use EO# 13010 To Declare Martial Law?

Later this month, the Democratic Convention returns to Chicago. When it was there in 1968, the country was ablaze in anti-Viet Nam War fever. Anti-war demonstrators all but brought the convention and Chicago to their knees.

In today's world, demonstrators are labeled terrorists. Armed with today's stronger "label," the Chicago police are gearing up for a repeat performance of the Chicago 7 and "Brutalmania."

Terrorists have officially replaced demonstrators, according to the terrorist bill recently passed by Congress. As an accompaniment to the terrorist bill, "Terrorist Bill" signed Presidential Executive Order 13010, the Critical Infrastructure Protection Order. This Presidential Order creates a special Task Force called the Infrastructure Protection Task Force, IPTF. The sweeping array of power and information that will be provided to the IPTF makes FEMA [Federal Emergency Management Association] look like the Mouseketeers.

-+- Effective Date August 17 -+-

The Presidential Order goes into effect August 17, just shortly after the Republican Convention. Speculation exists that the Terrorist Gestapo will be trotted out just in time to prevent riots and terrorism in Chicago at the Democratic Convention.

As a result of the expected terrorist threat, the Chicago police superintendent has seen fit to restore all the old police powers, powers that some citizens of Chicago say bordered on a police state.

-+- The Red Squad Joins The Terrorist Gestapo -+-

The infamous Chicago Police intelligence unit, the Red Squad, has been reactivated and given an all-encompassing directive of keeping the city free from terrorist activity. The Red Squad bears a striking resemblance, on a local level, to the Terrorist Gestapo created by Presidential Executive Order #13010, which goes into effect on August 17. The Democratic Convention begins August 26.

Thanks to the new terrorist bill and the Presidential Executive Order on protecting the critical infrastructure, the new handy-dandy terrorist label can easily fit almost anyone in any situation. Back in 1968, the police were slightly encumbered by the Constitution and "probable cause." Under today's terrorist bill, which was passed in the nick of time to ensure terrorist cooperation at the convention, the Chicago police no longer have to be hamstrung by the "outdated," "antiquated" Constitution.

"The IPTF's function is to identify and coordinate existing expertise, inside and outside of the Federal Government." In Chicago, the "existing expertise" is the Red Squad. Under Executive Order 13010 the IPTF, otherwise known as the Terrorist Gestapo, is ordered to "provide, or facilitate and coordinate the provision of, expert guidance to critical infrastructures to detect, prevent, halt, or confine an attack..."

Chicago is getting ready to declare martial law to protect the President and other members of the Democratic party while they are at the convention. They will coordinate all activities with the Terrorist Gestapo. The IPTF has been given the go-ahead to detect, prevent, halt or confine an attack. All executive departments and agencies have been ordered to cooperate with the IPTF and provide requested assistance. Furthermore, all executive departments and agencies have been ordered to share information when "requested" by IPTF.

In other words, the Terrorist Gestapo has been given an all-encompassing power by Executive Order 13010. Anyone or any agency or department that refuses a "request" made by the IPTF can be labeled a traitor or a terrorist and prosecuted accordingly.

This Terrorist Gestapo force will parlay its power into a national police force. The tap dance they plan on doing in Chicago with the old Chicago Red Squad will be a trial run to see how much they can get away with in order to call up the next round of Presidential Executive Orders and Directives.

-+- Even the Sewer Covers Are Welded Shut -+-

To prevent terrorist moles from infiltrating any part of the convention, the police have even welded shut all the storm sewers around the United Center in Chicago, the forum for the Democratic Convention.

-+- Step Down or Step Aside -+-

Does all the rapid activity in the Office of Presidential Executive Orders have anything to do with the secret White House meeting which took place Saturday, August 3, 1996?

The meeting took place barely a day and a half after President Clinton raged at a Rose Garden news conference. He had been asked if he had gone back on his word to pay the legal bills for fired and then prosecuted White House Travel Office employee, Billy Dale. He bristled in anger and rage and began berating the CBS correspondent who asked the question. As his temper and voice rose, Chief of Staff Leon Panetta was seen frantically waving to press aides to end the news conference. As the President's staff tried to herd him back into the safety of the Oval Office, the President was heard screaming at the media.

Could the reason for this uncharacteristic outburst of temper and rage have been that the President knew that 10 of the top leaders of the Democratic party were planning on ordering him to step down or step aside, and do it two days before the Democratic Convention begins in Chicago?

RMNews sources from the Chicago and Washington stations have reported that the secret meeting was chaired by former DNC Chairman and Ambassador to Russia, Robert Strauss. Mr. Strauss, who vehemently denies being at the meeting, is considered the ranking elder statesman of the Democratic party.

Strauss and his gang of 10 high-ranking Democratic leaders allegedly told Clinton that the gathering storm of indictments and revelations against Hillary would destroy the Democratic Party.

The President was shown a photograph of the upcoming federal criminal indictment which accuses her of perjury and obstruction of justice.

The President shouted in rage that they were all "traitors." Knowing that Executive Order 13010 had just created the Terrorist Gestapo, the President's angry use of the word traitor carried sinister and potentially deadly overtones to the 10 brave men who are risking their careers and lives to save the Democratic Party.

Countering Clinton's raging outburst with one of his own, Ambassador Strauss reportedly smashed an ashtray on a desk near the President and shouted, "You use cocaine and liquor. You are unfit to deal with worldwide emergencies." The President screamed back at Strauss with a string of obscenities and curses. Strauss fired back that the President is acting deranged and as such could be removed by the 25th Amendment to the Constitution.

Strauss allegedly ordered the President to resign his office or to declare before the Democratic Convention that he does not wish to be nominated for a second term. The President has never officially declared that he is a candidate for the Presidency.

Of course, since, as already noted, Strauss denies having been present in person at the August 3rd meeting, he presumably would also deny having smashed down an ashtray, having engaged in a shouting match with President Clinton, etc.

Prior to the secret meeting, the "Gang of 10," with the aid of others, have secretly arranged for damaging stories on the president and his wife to leak out.

One story was already leaked by the Director of Central Intelligence, John Deutch. The CIA Director ordered the Inspector General to investigate claims that U.S. Intelligence Agencies were involved in illegal arms shipments and drug smuggling at an isolated airstrip in Mena, Arkansas during the years that Bill Clinton was Governor. Susan Schmidt of the Washington Post broke the story on August 7, four days after the secret White House ultimatum. [CN: Late breaking: Deutch now says he wants to resign as DCIA and return to the Pentagon. Did trying to lift the lid on Mena expose him to too much hostility within CIA? Or perhaps, as suggested by Linda Thompson, it is "cross pollination" between CIA and the military.]

Clinton later sent word to the Gang of 10 that he did not accede to their demands. He was then told that a floor fight would take place at the Democratic Convention by prominent delegates. These delegates would charge him and the first lady with participating in a string of crimes and accuse them of damaging or destroying the Democratic Party.

-+- The Secret Trials Begin -+-

With the all-encompassing powers given to the Terrorist Gestapo by Presidential Order 13010, "Terrorist Bill" has the power to "confine an attack." The attack upon the Office of the President is coming from loyal Democrats. Using the power of the Executive Order that he just signed, the President now has the power to label any loyal Democrat a traitor and a terrorist and "confine" him in order to "halt" his upcoming activities against the President. The words within the quotation marks are the exact words taken from Executive Order 13010.

RMNews has reported that Chicago is run by the Rothschild family. In that issue, Bill Clinton's illegitimate Rockefeller roots were detailed. The deadly feud between the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds was also described. Bill Clinton, the politician, was created by his maternal grandfather, Winthrop Rockefeller, a former governor of Arkansas. He was promoted and supported by the Rockefellers. But even the Rockefellers have seen the writing on the wall. Bill Clinton is a disaster for America. Four more years of Clinton and his wife could destroy the Rockefeller base in America.

It could bring down the illegal Federal Reserve, abolish the IRS and create full-scale warfare in the streets of America. While limited riots and wars are always good for business, the type of war that a continued Clinton presidency could bring will totally devastate and destroy the Rockefeller family, as well as all other wealthy Americans. In other words, America would be leveled and possibly conquered by an outside power. If this outside power is backed by the blood enemy of the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds, there is little doubt that any of the vast Rockefeller fortune would be spared. More than likely it would all be nationalized for the benefit of the state.

Sensing the danger to themselves by their illegitimate creation, the Rockefellers have seen fit to demand that Bill Clinton remove himself from the office. If he chooses to fight them, he will have the support of their enemies, the Rothschilds. Could that be the real reason that the Democratic convention is being held in Chicago this year? Is the Chicago Red Squad owned outright by the Rothschilds? Will the Gang of 10 find themselves "confined," i.e., detained for questioning for the duration of the Democratic Convention?

RMNews Agency. Serving Liberty and Freedom Worldwide.

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