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Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 8 Num. 84

("Quid coniuratio est?")


By Jeffrey Steinberg

(New Federalist, 08/12/96)

Aug. 6 (EIRNS) -- A collection of well-known British propagandists, led by the Hollinger Corporation's Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, are agitating for an American military strike against Iran, on the basis of "leaked information" that the Teheran regime was behind the recent car-bomb attack against a U.S. military housing complex in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, and the downing of TWA Flight 800. The mere fact that all of the reporters and terrorism "experts" pushing for a U.S. retaliatory strike against Iran, are dedicated enemies of President Clinton, ought to suggest that there is something rotten here.

In fact, the drumbeat for American action against Teheran -- rather than London, which is the real command-center of world terrorism today -- is, according to well-placed U.S. intelligence sources, part of a British/Club of the Isles effort to draw President Clinton into a geopolitical trap in the Persian Gulf, on the eve of the American Presidential elections.

Writing in the Aug. 4 Sunday Telegraph, Clinton-basher Pritchard claimed that "the U.S. are making detailed plans for missile and bombing strike [sic] against Iran, because they are convinced that Iran was involved in the bombing of the Saudi Arabia barracks." Pritchard quoted another leading enemy of the Clinton Presidency, neo-conservative operator Kenneth Timmerman, who claimed that Iran was behind the TWA 800 crash, and that "more aircraft are going to fall out of the sky."

For Pritchard and Timmerman to cast blame on Iran for the TWA 800 crash, when investigators have so far failed to turn up definitive forensic evidence that the downing was a terrorist act, is a tip-off to the aggressive propaganda drive to box President Clinton into taking action against Iran.

Several days before the Pritchard column appeared, U.S. Defense Secretary William Perry, in an interview with National Public Radio, had acknowledged that there could be foreign agencies behind the Dharhan bombing, including Iran. The American and British media immediately went hog-wild, practically claiming that Perry had declared war against Iran. The White House on Aug. 3 issued a clear statement repudiating the media hype. White House spokesman David Johnson told the New York Times: "We are cautioning that the investigation has not yet been concluded, the culprit or culprits responsible have not yet been identified, and... speculation about what type of response might be appropriate is premature." The next day, Perry told reporters that any speculation about American action against Iran "is just not warranted at all."

Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich jumped into the middle of the hype on Aug. 3, demanding that President Clinton act against Iran. Citing reports that initially appeared in the Israeli press, about terrorist training camps inside Iran, Gingrich threatened, "Either you close down those camps or we will. If the Iranians refuse to close them down, I think there are a number of military means capable of closing them down."

The story about the Iranian terror camps appeared in USA Today Aug. 2, attributed to "leaked U.S. intelligence documents"; and syndicated columnists Evans and Novak on Aug. 1 surfaced a story, about Iranian supplies of mortar-bombs being confiscated in Antwerp, Belgium earlier this year. The same column cited a report from Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak of a "terror summit" in June in Teheran -- at which, allegedly, some of the recent anti-American terrorist attacks were planned out.

In every instance of these media leaks, the linkage between London and international terrorism has been omitted completely. Yet, the Clinton administration, according to at least one news account, has not lost sight of the London role in safehousing some of the world's leading terrorists. According to the London Observer, the U.S. has pressured the British government to begin an investigation into several London-based Islamic groups and publications that have been agitating for a Holy War against American troops in Saudi Arabia. Leaders of one such group, the Muslim Literary Circle, were recently interrogated by Special Branch (British Intelligence), and, according to the Observer's Nick Cohen, the British government opened the probe under heavy pressure from the Clinton administration.

As you will read elsewhere in this issue (see the American Almanac), in an exclusive campaign memorandum by Lyndon LaRouche, no competent investigation of international terrorism today can ignore the top-down control exerted by the London-centered Anglo-Dutch/French "Entente Cordiale." While it would be a mistake to rule out any involvement by Iranian factions in the present wave of global irregular warfare, to focus upon Iran, or Libya, or Iraq, while leaving out Britain and its leading Mideast satrap, the Syria of Hafez al-Assad, would be folly -- precisely the kind of folly into which London would like to lure President Clinton.

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