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("Quid coniuratio est?")


I tuned in the shortwave 5.065 Mhz, Monday, 7 pm CST (also on Wednesdays and Thursdays), Mark Koernke radio show. Here is a brief summary. (Note that I am not always sure who was doing the speaking, Koernke, his guest, or the co-host.)

First qualifying what was to follow by saying that TWA 800 is "a crash situation" and "that's about all we can say for it so far," Koernke then added, "but we obviously have other information that's been 'going down the pike.'" As always, the mature audience is assumed to be able to think for themselves.

GUEST: I think one of the things that's been most interesting, Mark and John, is I had a nuclear launch commander by the name of "Swamp Fox" on my program about a month ago. And he, when I asked him, "What should people be looking for?" he called this one. He said, "Look for a major plane to be blown up, a major airliner to be blown up. People think that this will be the next, if you will, 'step,' in the unfolding scenario.

The guest went on to add that, in the last two hours, he had received some telephone calls. "One was from a gentleman who has really strong Pentagon ties. He's claiming that the black boxes were found off of TWA 800 at 11-and-a-half hours after the accident."

Replied one of the co-hosts, "That makes sense. Because you keep hearing on the mainline news, 'Where's the ping? Where's the ping?' Because those things have ELTs built into them -- Electronic Locating Transmitters. And the other situation that's interesting is, all of the talk of eyewitnesses of, if you will, 'missiles,' in the vicinity -- I'm not saying 'missiles' plural, but descriptions of a missile being fired."

Suppose, indeed, that the official story solidifies into "the black boxes were 'never found,'" -- how can we know that for sure? Added one of those on the broadcast, "It's like the government making a whole building disappear because they don't want anybody to evaluate the bomb blast. If they can make a whole building disappear [i.e. Murrah Building], bury it, and put guards on it, I don't think it's any big deal to carry away an ELT [i.e. 'black box']."

The co-host went on to add that "Now people don't understand that 'infamous military vehicles' -- meaning helicopters, etc. -- have ECM capabilities, Electronic Counter Measures. And that's what would have been the most likely, if you will, 'source of jamming,' so that there would be no radar signature of that in the area."

Does the co-host mean to suggest that evidence of a possible missile attack was purposefully masked by mysterious "black helicopters," utilizing sophisticated electronic jamming? That wasn't clear to me.

One of the co-hosts again advanced the idea of government spin doctors "rising to the occasion," including Clinton himself, who urged caution and avoidance of a rush to judgement. That is quite out of character for William J., who usually has no qualms about immediately lashing out and muddying the waters. Was the "urge for calm" a tactic to delay hard questions? Or was Clinton actually being quite sensible in this request, with no ulterior motive?

One of those on the show further suggested the possibility of an "internal terrorist," a "rogue element within the government," that could be "trying, if you will, to initiate a major event." Or, he added, it could possibly be international terrorists, but controlled by the rogue element. "The key is that this is going to, if you will, 'follow suit,' and we can look for more and more events now."

This editor perceives that the New World Order gang is becoming increasingly desperate as the public awakens from its sleep. According to one of those on the broadcast of July 22, 1996, "They're in their 'second wave.' This is the final wave of flat out demonization. If they don't move quickly, the 'contamination' [of people waking up from past brainwashing] will continue."

Koernke says that younger people are the special target now, for winning hearts and minds. "We are going to have to concentrate on what the enemy calls 'Generation X.'" The State, through massive "education," exerts never before seen influence over impressionable younger minds. Koernke urged that activists not ignore the influential younger generation.

Koernke echoes this editor's opinion of the mainstream media serving as a sort of "negative barometer," inadvertantly providing clues as to what is really happening. People he has spoken to "have no confidence in the press, do not believe what the press is printing," yet, paradoxically, the press serves as sort of a "litmus" for sophisticated observers. Tune in and see what lies they are peddling and that can provide a clue as to what the elites are up to.

Prognosis? The New World Order crowd is "going to become outrageous, because they've failed. What happens is, as each task fails or does not become complete, they have to go a greater strain in the hopes that they'll succeed. It's kind of like the gambler's sickness."

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