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Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 8 Num. 53

("Quid coniuratio est?")


The Rumor Mill News Service is edited by "RU". The following, from what I can tell, appears to be RUMOR ONLY. What is more, I have NO IDEA who the author is; I received the following anonymously, with the promise of "more to come".

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                         Missile Update
                 4 More Stingers Targeting U.S.

RMNews sources have discovered that there are 4 more Stinger missiles in the possession of the Islamic terrorists that downed TWA 800. The terrorists have threatened to use them on more U.S. targets.

The secret briefing on Capitol Hill yesterday (7/19/96) informed the leaders of the United States of the bloody threat. These leaders have chosen to remain silent. Inner circle informants have stated that their silence is to keep the American people from panicking.

If this is true, our leaders are willing to sacrifice hundreds, if not thousands of innocent people to avert a panic. But what is the rest of the story?

  1. A panic would cause an already unstable stock market to collapse.
  2. International bankers and corporate giants would lose billions of dollars.
  3. No one would watch the Olympics because they would be too busy trying to brace against a terrorist invasion.
  4. Corporate giants who have bought up all the advertising for the Olympic games would see their money wasted.
  5. NBC, the network giant who snagged the Olympic broadcasting contract this year is owned by General Electric (GE). If Americans were scrambling to protect themselves against terrorists, NBC's coverage of the games would be the least watched programs on television.

    Don't forget that GE also brought us the Patriot missiles and trotted out Tom Brokaw singing their praises. During the Gulf War, Americans cheered every time a Patriot missile shot down an Iraqi Scud missile. It was only after the war was over and the devastating effects of Gulf War Syndrome were seen that the Patriot missiles were unmasked for the dismal failures they were. Not only did they cost over 1 million dollars apiece, they failed to destroy the warheads of the Scuds. The only thing the Patriot was capable of doing was prematurely ending the flight of the Scud. But since the Scuds had no targets anyway, it didn't matter where their warheads fell, because anywhere would have been acceptable to the Iraqis.

    The Patriot missiles did not prevent the Scuds from scattering their payload of biological and chemical warfare. In fact, the missiles more than likely caused the biological and chemical agents to be scattered over a much wider area. How many Gulf War veterans brought home an illness that was caused by Scuds which were intercepted by Patriots?

    NBC and its parent company, General Electric, has never told the American people the truth of the Iraqi war and their part in it. It is highly unlikely that they will risk hundreds of millions, if not billions of dollars in advertising money, just because a few thousand Americans might die from terrorist attacks.

  6. President Clinton is using the Atlanta Olympics like President Reagan used the Los Angeles Olympics to make himself look presidential in this election year. If they are cancelled, his photo ops with world leaders and star athletes would vaporize... just like the bodies of the Americans he is sacrificing to terrorist missiles.

Don't Fly For at Least 30 Days

Cancel all vacations that require air travel. Postpone all business trips. Tell your clients that you are going into the hospital, getting married, checking into a rehab... anything is better than boarding a plane right now.

Explore the new teleconferencing gadgets that can be hooked into your computer or telephone. Enlist your business contacts in your experiment... help keep them alive also.

If worse comes to worse and you find you have to fly outside the country, take British Airways, Lufthansa or one of the Asian airlines... or fly out of Canada or Mexico.

Within the continental United States, fly Southwest Airlines (SW), the "Company Airline." It was started as a CIA proprietary. (For those in the know at the top of SW, it was Bob Walker and his other more infamous alias who arranged the funding for you.) SW Airlines has up to the minute intelligence reports that are unavailable to the other airlines. Since this is the airline used by many high ranking government spooks, they have to ensure their own safety. I would imagine that SW Airlines aircraft are being refitted right now to carry "Willie Peter" flares which can be shot out in a scatter pattern to attract heat seeking missiles and protect the airplanes. But since the CIA and its [garbled] have known about the Stinger missiles ever since they sold them to the Afghanis who [garbled], it is likely that SW Airlines was equipped with "Willie Peter" (white phospherous) quite some time ago.

Americans must remember that the Mujahedeen of Afghanistan offered to sell over 100 Stinger missiles back to the United States and the U.S. declined their offer. RMNews sources predicted tragedy at that time.

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