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Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 8 Num. 46

("Quid coniuratio est?")


In Conspiracy Nation Volume 8 Number 35 was mentioned how the Women's Christian Temperance Movement (WCTU) and its offshoots were not so much a populist women's movement as they were the hired army of families such as the Astors, the Vanderbilts, the Warburgs, and the Rockefellers. Purpose: to agitate and vote in the 18th Amendment and consequent Prohibition during the "roaring twenties". Prohibition, in turn, had as its purpose the strengthening of gang structures and passive acceptance of gangsters into the society.

Of course, the women's movement did not arise out of a vacuum, as, for example, Andrea Pearson has argued. There has been injustice against women -- though not to the hyperbolized extent it is portrayed night after night in television docudramas. (See CN 3.66, 3.69, 3.70, and 3.72 for Pearson's argument: "Feminism: Mask for Marxism".)

An aftermath of the so-called "60s Rebellion" was the modern womyn's movement, so overly familiar to attendees of university literature classes. Yet we are beginning to see more and more how much of what was perceived as "rebellion" during the 1960s was not quite what it seemed. For example the introduction of LSD into the popular culture of the time may well have been CIA inspired. So too, Sherman Skolnick has pointed to so-called "radicals" of the 1960s, such as Rennie Davis, as not being the free agents they were supposed to be. Even "radical" Bill Clinton, "anti-war protester", turns out to have been an agent of the CIA.

Dave Emory, the west coast researcher into "deep politics", has definitely linked portions of the modern (post 1960s) womyn's movement to the CIA. For example, in his lecture series, "Gloria in Excelsis", he explores just who is Gloria Steinem, guru-ess to oppressed ivory tower females and such.

Kind-hearted Sherman Skolnick, however, apparently differs as to a nefarious underground pushing a secret agenda with the help of well-intentioned feminist dupes. When I met with him and Joseph Andreuccetti in April of 1995, I broached the likelihood of a feminist conspiracy operating within the womyn's movement. Skolnick didn't think so. However Andreuccetti said, yes, it seemed likely that the womyn's movement would be an obvious place to look for the machinations of a secret society.

So why is it that the feminist movement is highly favored by the mass media? It is almost a given that anything so supported and propagandized by the establishment press must be in cahoots with the dominant classes. Corporate America's public relations shill, the mass media, makes it obvious who is who by negative distortions of some groups (conspiratologists, for instance) versus positive slants on others. In the case of feminists and the constituent bloc they loudly claim to speak for, the slant is so extreme it is grotesque: the evil male in one corner versus "sugar and spice" in the other. Thank goodness there are plenty of tough cops in television land to save these "damsels in distress"!

According to an item in the July 8, 1996 issue of the New Federalist newspaper, current earnings of U.S. workers buy half of what they used to. Says New Federalist, "...workers now have less than 50 percent of the buying power they had in the mid-1960s." By a strange "coincidence", the two-income household has become increasingly common since that time. As buying power got cut in half, wives began to leave their homemaker jobs for outside employment. This societal phenomena was sold as "liberation of women from household drudgery." But what was really going on was that women, from dire necessity, were forced to seek extra income for their families.

Or, maybe it worked the other way around: women increasingly decided to work outside the home, that in turn doubled the available labor pool, and wages consequently declined. It's supply and demand: if the available supply of workers is doubled, the price of labor goes down -- in this case it has been effectively cut in half.

But what to do with idle labor, now increasingly frustrated in its search for fair wages and worthwhile employment? All those idle workers hanging around could spell trouble for the ruling class. Due to strong anti-war sentiment, the younger male population can't just be thrown away as cannon fodder, for "noble causes", like in the old days.

What can be done? Criminalize them: get "tough on crime"; lock them away. Disarm them. Turn them into dopers. Give them AIDS. Feed them cultural crapola via mass media that keeps them stupid. Demoralize them with "Big Lie" techniques, such as telling them "the economy is good."

Then, when the men are mostly ground down, the all-powerful State can turn its attention to the now less-protected women. You thought your old man was bad news? Find out why Nietzche called the State, "the coldest of all cold monsters."

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