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Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 8 Num. 27

("Quid coniuratio est?")


In the recently released book, Bordering on Chaos: Guerrillas, Stockbrokers, Politicians, and Mexico's Road to Prosperity by Andres Oppenheimer, we learn that former Mexican President Carlos Salinas was so often referred to as "the Harvard trained Salinas" that he eventually became nicknamed "Harvard Trained Salinas".

U.S. President Bill Clinton is a Yale alumnus, so he could be called "Yale Trained Clinton".

"Harvard Trained Salinas" was doing some (I guess) brilliant things when he was president of Mexico. They must have been brilliant, because I, "Northern Illinois University Trained Redman", fail to understand them.

For example, the Mexican state of Chiapas is so impoverished, it is known as "Mexico's basement" -- in other words it is kept hidden how backward it is. The majority of its people are poor, Indian peasants. The women must walk for hours every day, just so their families can have water and firewood. Their shacks are lucky to have a tin roof.

So what does Harvard Trained and his government do? Help them get electricity and running water? No, Harvard Trained and upper-crust chums decide to get them 3700 basketball courts! The Chiapas Indians, thanks to Harvard Trained, then put together 12,000 basketball teams. They still don't have shoes and their average height is about 5 feet 3 inches tall -- but hey: at least after a hard day of toting firewood they can relax and shoot some hoops!

Harvard Trained also caused an $11 million, world class opera house to be built in Chiapas. While it was being built, right next door, two homeless Indian children died of exposure. It seems the nights grow cold in Chiapas.

"Yale Trained Clinton" is somebody we Americans know plenty about already, so I won't go into that here. One thing though: Yale Trained apparently has never, ever, worked at a real job. It seems Yale Trained just went right from Yale to politics, without ever getting his hands dirty.

Craig Livingstone, designated fall guy for Yale Trained and the gang, has actually worked at a real job. We hear that he has, in the past, worked as a (how gross and common) "bouncer". (Uff! Whatever that is. I hope he's washed his hands.) Representative Tom Lantos of California, obviously a "team player" for whom there is no such thing as "stooping too low", went so far as to hint that the honorable thing would be for Livingstone to go blow his brains out. According to Congressman Lantos, Admiral Boorda, after relatively minor infractions, nonetheless saw fit to "fall on his sword" and, by implication because Livingstone's acts were apparently so much worse, the least that Livingstone ought to do would be likewise.

Sickening also to see is the "watchdog press" now going into a "feeding frenzy" around Livingstone. Obviously this bunch of sharks have been sent by their Lords and Masters to "rip him to shreds." Too bad the "watchdog press" in America still hasn't sniffed out the real stories such as (a) strange death of Vincent Foster, (b) U.S. government butchers children near Waco, Texas, and (c) Gun- and drug-running by CIA, especially at Mena, Arkansas during the 1980s.

Most sickening of all is my fellow countrymen, who, by and large, choose not to see.

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