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Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 8 Num. 18

("Quid coniuratio est?")


By Sherman H. Skolnick

A Chicago-based financial octopus may be the clue that unravels Crime-Whitewatergate and blows the lid off the volcanic mystery of the death of Clinton White House deputy counsel Vincent W. Foster, Jr. And plenty more than that.

Based in the Chicago suburb of Prospect Heights, world headquarters of Household International, successor to the CIA proprietary Nugan-Hand Bank, is also reportedly the nerve center of a reputed giant joint effort of the American CIA and the Vatican Bank and others. Among the purposes:

-- to sniff out contraband worldwide and fingerprint tainted funds.
-- starting in the 1970s and before, to siphon off billions of dollars from illicit funds and use that to subvert the Moscow government and disintegrate the Soviet Union, in part through financial dirty tricks orchestrated worldwide. -- to skim off billions of dollars from criminal monies and legal and illegal properties, to finance for the West the rise of Poland as a counter-measure against Russia. In all of which the Polish Pope plays a key part.

Because of the black operations' complexity, however, it often is difficult to determine who are the trackers and sniffers and who are the smugglers and the laundry crew; and who are skimming off what.

Some background may be helpful:

During World War II, in the neutral site of Lisbon and elsewhere, in 1943, was worked out a more or less secret pact between the Vatican and the West, some of the provisions being:

(1) That the Italians considered they were playing the principal role in the development of the atomic bomb; that they more or less had made or could make the atomic weapon through their wizard Enrico Fermi, who was supplied to the Manhattan Project. That the Italians, with the supervision of the Vatican, could use this capability against the armies and peoples of the West but that the Pope, in return for certain agreements with the West, ordered Fermi and others to assist the West and that the Italians not use the atomic horror. Fermi, in fact, wanted peaceful energy use of the atomic development, not warfare usage. Did Fermi die an early death because of his beliefs?

(2) That the Vatican ordered the Italian Navy not to assist the German war effort. The strength of the Italian Navy has been falsely heckled in U.S. and British war histories but correctly described in French and other war histories as being potent. The Pope, in fact, ordered sizeable Italian warships scuttled or otherwise self-destroyed, so as not to be available to Hitler.

(3) The Vatican would not interfere with efforts of the West, in finance and geo-politics, in important ways, for fifty years. After which the power of the Vatican in world affairs would be more manifest.

No sooner was this Agreement made and sealed, than the U.S. appeared to have violated the same. An OSS team had under its control and custody the Italian gold treasury, as well as gold belonging to the Italian royal family as well as the Pope. Some of the Vatican gold, in the hands of the OSS, included gold objects traceable to Jewish religious artifacts.

The OSS officer in charge of the team was murdered and the gold disappeared, 1943-44. An OSS officer, an Italian-American from the Chicago area, was suspected of the great robbery and removal. The suspected robber somehow escaped the scrutiny of five civil and military tribunals investigating the disappearance; investigations conducted over a period of twelve years. Team members gave the details, over a period of twenty-five years, to an investigative journalist. The suspected and accused perpetrator became a high official in Illinois.

The gold is now apparently buried in the Chicago area and serves as the best possible collateral for worldwide bank transactions done from Chicago by branches of Italian and Sicilian banks set up in the Windy City. Included are the Banca Nazionale Delavoro, Italy's largest bank, owned in part by the Vatican; the Chicago branch of BNL. Some of the gold has been used by the traditional Mafia to bribe American judges and prosecutors.

The State of Israel, among others, have made their claims against the gold horde, resulting in several related legal and illegal commotions as well as violence and murders. (As stated in a previous report by this writer, the political assassination of Israel Prime Minister Itzhak Rabin was caused by the perception that he and other Israeli leaders would renege, somewhere in the future, on the deal to give land to the Palestinians -- a deal sponsored by 50 Billion Dollars, in front, to Israel by the Vatican jointly with Western Bankers. A month after the Rabin murder, General Ariel Sharon came to Chicago, 12/06/95, to try to pacify the Western Bankers and the Church.)

Enlisted in the previously mentioned clandestine projects reportedly are also Wells Fargo, Coca Cola Company, Salomon Brothers, and a host of other Big Board international superstars, supposedly greatly owned by Warren Buffet. One of the largest if not the largest stockholder of Wells Fargo has been Warren Buffet. And Wells Fargo, in turn, is one of the largest if not the largest stockholder of Household International.

Various circumstances, however, tend to raise doubts that Warren Buffet's fortunes were made and exist as he publicly trumpets. Covert espionage funds and the skimmings from illicit transfers may actually be closer to the reality and truth. IS WARREN BUFFET ANOTHER ROBERT MAXWELL? An empire built on espionage and money laundering?

Ensnarled in state and federal litigation, Household International has never repaired its broken windows resulting from a twelve-year running court battle with a west suburban caulking contractor, Joseph Andreuccetti, who has repeatedly accused Household of espionage criminality, which Household does not contest nor dispute, and to which Household silently invokes "national security", while dodging numerous court rocks.

Andreuccetti contends that Vatican Bank chief Paul Marcinkus' nephew/godson, Christian Henning, Jr., falsely claimed to be Andreuccetti's business partner, in among other things, a sizeable development, apparently linked to Italian royalty, called Kingspoint Condominiums, in west suburban Addison, Illinois. The buildings are right near what has been the residence of a man of trust for the Vatican, Henry Hyde, a Congressman from that district. At the same time, wearing two hats, Hyde is also head of the CIA's "black budget". Having more actual power than the Director of Central Intelligence, Hyde is violating the U.S. Constitution's mandate of separation of powers.

Some thirty savings and loan associations in the U.S. have reportedly been used by CIA for covert operations. Two dozen are mentioned in the book, "The Mafia, the CIA, and George Bush" by Pete Brewton. The black operations, resulting in the sucking out of millions and millions of dollars, apparently led to the collapse of those S&Ls. One not mentioned in the book was Clyde Savings, in a Chicago west suburb. For a time Henry Hyde was a director of Clyde. The Resolution Trust Corporation [RTC] (now shuttered), the S&L bail-out machine, sued Hyde in the federal court in Chicago, claiming his activities resulted in the downfall of Clyde. At the behest of a CIA attorney, Judge Brian Barnett Duff of Chicago ordered the principal records in the case to be kept secret. Case No. 93 C 2477.

The real-life list of interwoven players and events, relating to the clandestine projects mentioned, reads like a spy movie script. A few high-lights of low-life happenings:

ITEM: At a crucial time in one federal court suit, the CEO and financial wizard of Household International dies mysteriously. Was he murdered? Edwin Hoffman, April, 1993.

ITEM: Becoming identified as the successor and alter ego of the infamous Bank of Credit and Commerce International, reportedly alive again as Pinnacle Banc Group, whose flagship now is First National Bank of Cicero, long-dominated by Bishop Paul Marcinkus, until 1991, head of the Vatican Bank; now reportedly living in Sun City, Arizona. Reports persist that the Republic of Italy wants Marcinkus back to drill him with accusations of aiding the traditional mafia to penetrate the Italian establishment. Left out and unsaid: Marcinkus' services to the American CIA to combat the Reds in Italy while financing the Christian Democrats as a bulwark against the Italian Communist Party. To all this, Marcinkus, however, invokes -- even in the U.S. -- Vatican separate sovereignty.

ITEM: A reportedly fraudulent loan by the First National Bank of Cicero -- of which Andreuccetti never got the proceeds -- is one of the triggers, with the connivance of Marcinkus et al., to start this international odyssey, now going into its second decade in court.

ITEM: A TV production, related to all this, is stopped at gun point by reputed mafia deputy sheriffs. The county sheriff is long-accused of selling deputy badges to the traditional mafia whose U.S. headquarters is now reportedly in DuPage County, just west of Chicago. Is it a coincidence that DuPage County, because of the location of the Fermi nuclear laboratories and such, is on the top of the list of national security locations? Foreign correspondents need special State Department and Pentagon permission to go sniffing around DuPage County.

ITEM: Without statutory and other authorization, the Chief Bankruptcy Judge in Chicago put himself in charge of all both the federal and the state litigation related to these events. Chief Judge John D. Schwartz is subject to blackmail by the IRS and the Justice Department. Schwartz reportedly has not filed a proper tax return for more than thirty years. He has been himself entangled with the financial affairs of First National Bank of Cicero, Paul Marcinkus, and others related to these events. Schwartz has been a director of the First National Bank of Cicero. Parked for Schwartz offshore, but not currently available to him, is some 140 million dollars.

ITEM: An official of the Internal Revenue Service in Chicago, in the Criminal Investigation Division, in an undisputed admission and confession has stated --
-- that her bosses in IRS have stolen millions and millions of dollars of properties for their own personal benefit, rightfully belonging to Joseph Andreuccetti; and made land titles disappear to hide the same.
-- that the IRS has tried to cover up the removal of 50 million dollars of federal funds, parked with Household International and Household Bank, and transferred to Little Rock, to cover up the apparent embezzlement of 47 million dollars from an S&L in Arkansas, incriminating Bill and Hillary Clinton.
-- that the IRS is well aware of the corruption of Chief Judge Schwartz.
In the record in the U.S. District Court in Chicago, case No. 92 C 7048.

ITEM: An official of the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Chicago purportedly bought for himself personally and in conjunction with a known mafioso, Robert Belavia, Kingspoint Condominiums. In December, 1991, that official, Wallace Lieberman, is murdered, apparently by an FBI agent, Mike "Chuckie" Peters. Peters has also been accused in the deaths and murders of some 40 federal grand jury witnesses in the INSLAW Affair involving theft of high technology and super-duper software called PROMIS by top officials in the Reagan and the Bush administrations.

Lieberman was murdered just after Paul Marcinkus returned to the U.S. and just as the INSLAW federal grand jury investigation got going under former Chicago Federal District Judge Nicholas J. Bua. Some contend Bua is the head of P-2's Grand Mother Lodge for North America, headquartered in Chicago. Propaganda Due [P-2] is a secret Free Mason group whose members include the top secret police, legislators, judges, and journalists, of Italy, France, England, and the U.S.; dedicated to the politics of tension, to promote the overthrowing of representative governments and the revival of fascism, the iron fist. Used are bombings, terror, and violence, falsely blamed in the press on left-wing activists. Members have included George Bush and Alexander Haig.

Lieberman was to be a federal grand jury witness (if he lived) in the intricate dealings wherein the INSLAW super-duper software PROMIS was secretly given or sold to foreign intelligence services, including Sweden, Iraq, and Israel. The software, as modified, had a "trap door" so the American CIA could spy on various other intelligence agencies, both friends and enemies alike.

After Lieberman's demise, his son Barry is silenced by being framed in an FBI "sting" operation, involving the sale to Israeli intelligence of the highest level military electronics. Wallace Lieberman represented Israeli interests in various claims against the Vatican Bank and Paul Marcinkus and Marcinkus' First National Bank of Cicero. Lieberman's body was found behind an auto repair shop not far from the Cicero bank.

Pinnacle Banc Group, First National Bank of Cicero, Marcinkus, Household International, and their circle, promoted a state legislator, from the Cicero and Berwyn suburbs west of Chicago, Judy Baar Topinka, to become, in 1994, State Treasurer of Illinois. She had at one time assisted in publicity for the Marcinkus' banking interests. (She praised the bank in Cicero and Marcinkus, prior to her election, on a public access cable TV show by this writer.)

Marcinkus' return to the U.S. in 1991 was reportedly to assist the American CIA and Household, in the clandestine projects, through the Vatican's interest in Household, in First National Bank of Cicero, Pinnacle Banc Group, First Midwest Bank, and other entities.

Some of these details from the records in the U.S. District Court in Chicago: Michael J. Riconosciuto, et al., vs. Nicholas J. Bua, et al., Case No. 92 C 6217 (civil); U.S. vs. Barry Lieberman, Case No. 92 CR 449 (criminal); In re. Joseph Andreuccetti, No. 84 B 10338 (Bankruptcy Court). Properties of Andreuccetti, purportedly bought by Wallace Lieberman and gangster Robert Belavia, disappeared into the personal hands of top IRS officials in Chicago and were not shown on Wallace Lieberman's Probate Estate, Circuit Court of Cook County (Chicago), Case No. 92 P 1333, Docket 988, Page 638 (Probate Division).

-+- The Gangster-Espionage-Swindlers Overlap -+-

Starting in the late 1970s, Vincent W. Foster, Jr., purportedly a partner in the Rose Law Firm, Little Rock, played a key espionage role. He came to hold the equivalent rank of general in the super-duper code-cracking intelligence operation known as the National Security Agency [NSA]. He continued that role even after becoming, in 1993, Clinton White House deputy counsel.

Foster functioned, in combination with law partners Hillary Rodham Clinton and Webster Hubbell, as head of a bank spying project, an offshoot of Household International, alter ego and successor to the CIA-linked Nugan-Hand Bank. After the purported collapse of Nugan-Hand Bank, in 1980, Household took over their worldwide operations, California, Australia, Philippines, Pacific Basin, Saudi, London, and Grand Caymans, among other places.

Among their functions, transferring covert operations funds, assassination team funding, skimming of dope, gambling, and gun-running loot; military, civilian, international. U.S. Military, Admirals and Generals, as well as intelligence community officials, supposedly either "retired", or "on leave", operated Nugan-Hand, and aided thereafter Household and its numerous units and subsidiaries. Former CIA Director William Colby was overseer of both Nugan-Hand and Household International.

The "tracking the money" project was conducted over-all by Household International with the assistance reportedly of Systematics, a banking computer services firm, originally a subsidiary of an Arkansas-based operation. Targeted have been the banks of both friends and enemies alike. Foster and his crew -- Hillary and Webster -- used as a cover that they were supposedly "attorneys" for Systematics.

Related operations included some thirty savings and loan associations in the U.S. taken over by the American CIA, including five in the Chicago area. Among those was Clyde Savings & Loan, a director of which has been Henry Hyde, long-time Congressman from the Chicago area as well as head of CIA's "black budget". Hyde has, as mentioned, more power than the Director of Central Intelligence.

Clyde Savings transferred covert funds for CIA through other S&Ls in Arkansas as well as securities firms in Little Rock, some apparently alter egos for the Stephens & Co. worldwide bond brokerage. Assisting was the dope trafficker and bond broker, Dan Lasater, who specialized in selling bonds to Illinois-based S&Ls. Lasater's dope-bond traffic resulted in the downfall of an S&L in Oak Brook, a Chicago suburb -- owned by Illinois former Governor Dan Walker, Sr. The attorneys for the clean-up thereafter? Why, of course, Vincent W. Foster, Jr. and Hillary Rodham Clinton. Clyde Savings interfaced with CIA operations in Arkansas, reportedly including Swink & Co.

Vincent and Hillary's role in this was arranged and supervised by a Chicago-based law firm Hopkins & Sutter, during the early 1990s, major outside counsel for the S&L bail-out group, Resolution Trust Corporation [RTC]. In fact, when RTC functioned (now shuttered), their offices -- amazingly -- were inside the private offices of Hopkins & Sutter, Chicago. Walker, who ended up in prison, has made few, if any, public statements about what really happened.

And that law firm interfaced with the clandestine operations of Household International: for many years a Hopkins & Sutter partner, Jay Steinberg, sought to bottle up the details in the record in the Andreuccetti litigation, by Steinberg purporting to be straw boss and bankruptcy trustee in the same -- all to try to keep under wraps the sort of details mentioned here.

Another S&L-CIA operation reportedly was Silverado S&L, of Denver. Naturally, Hopkins & Sutter saw to it that George Bush's son escaped, unharmed, from the downfall of that espionage operation.

A number of Texas Savings & Loans were CIA operations: See: Pete Brewton's book, "The Mafia, the CIA, and George Bush". How to go about setting up an S&L swindle machine was actually taught and orchestrated in the Chicago area in the north suburb of Skokie. The honchos that ran Skokie Federal Savings & Loan taught the Texans how it is done. As shown in the little-mentioned case of the federal prosecution of a top official of Skokie Federal, U.S. vs. John O'Connell, in the U.S. District Court in Chicago, Case No. 95 CR 356 (criminal). His brother, Bill, was the head of the S&L lobbyist group, preparing for Congress what laws they are to pass.

-+- Foster and the CIA's Gold Machine -+-

For NSA, Foster ran a bank in the Grand Caymans, a transfer point for gold bullion transactions, an American CIA specialty. His supervisor was John Tarullo, once a member of the elite London Gold Pool. Tarullo had financial links to the Archbishop of Milan, Italy (apparently a cousin of his), the First National Bank of Cicero, Skokie Federal S&L, Household International; Tarullo, in years past, worked projects for the American CIA in with Swiss and other bankers, and Tarullo was an informant for FBI counter-intelligence (another apparent relative having a key role there). Tarullo arranged secret gold bullion transfers for Nugan-Hand Bank and their alter ego and successor, Household International. After being exposed by a public access cable TV show by this writer, in August, 1995, Tarullo was murdered. His residence, naturally, was a short distance away from First National Bank of Cicero.

A follow-up to the murder of Tarullo was the scandal starting late in the fall of 1995, the Roger D'Onofrio affair. He has been a top CIA officer, with dual residence in both the U.S. and Italy, living near Naples. Italian authorities put him under house arrest, charging him with arranging, for the CIA and the traditional mafia, to launder and transfer funds through the Vatican Bank; including clandestine gold, dope and gun-running, and selling nuclear bomb triggers to sworn enemies of the U.S. Also accused was the Archbishop of Barcelona, who denies involvement. (Stories by Reuters, Naples, Italy, 12/02/95; Naples, Italy, Associated Press, 12/02/95.) D'Onofrio [is] reportedly implicated with Marcinkus, and Vatican involvement in the murder of Israel Prime Minister Itzhak Rabin, and "October Surprise".

-+- Revelations of a Portion of Clandestine Projects -+-

A reputed government counter-intelligence agent has apparently come to play a key role in a so-called new "radical" magazine, called Media Bypass Magazine, headquartered in Evansville, Indiana. Supposedly the idea for the publication, as an alternative to the mainstream press, was by Jim Thomas. Earlier in his career he had extremely high security clearance in his position in the military, involving super-secret military electronics, satellite control, and hush-hush communications. On the day of the Oklahoma bombings, April 19, 1995, Thomas hired a person using the name Lawrence W. Myers (is that person really linked to that name? Is his background what he says it is?)

Myers apparently has been a counter-terrorism expert previously with Wackenhut. To avoid a torrent of Freedom of Information requests and suits, the American CIA has transferred a portion of their covert activities to Wackenhut. (For example, see Spy Magazine, 9/92.) Wackenhut guards secret nuclear production facilities, the highly secret base in Nevada called Area 51, and does research and development on secret weapons and covert projects.

Since Wackenhut purports to be a private firm, they are immune from Freedom of Information requests and suits. Myers, in the view of some, has penetrated Media Bypass to see to it that stories about the Oklahoma bombings are not too revealing as to U.S. government complicity. Some believe from all the circumstances that Myers continues as a reported U.S. government counter-intelligence operative at the same time he became chief investigative reporter for Media Bypass. Myers' activities, to apparently compile intelligence and counter-intelligence on dissident groups -- militias, state sovereignty movement, tax protesters - is reportedly a small portion of the overall projects.

Myers seems quite acceptable to the mainstream press, describing him as an intelligence and security expert. (PBS Network's "Jim Lehrer News Hour", 06/04/96, had him on a panel in a segment.)

-+- Whitewashing and Cover-Up -+-

The so-called Whitewater Independent Counsel, Kenneth Starr, is well aware of the mysterious 50 million dollar transfer, to cover up embezzlement of an Arkansas S&L implicating Bill and Hillary Clinton. Congressman Dan Burton (R., Ind.) says he has documents of a 50 million dollar transfer. Reportedly involved is a reputed mafia-CIA proprietary, Coral Re-Insurance, a Caribbean firm. The mysterious 50 million dollars crops up in respect to dope traffic through the airport at Mena, Arkansas.

Household International, instrumental in the transfer, has been in a position to cover up. A top official of theirs became the chief investigator of S&Ls in Illinois for Resolution Trust Corporation, Don Stoll. (Household's units, called Household Bank, are actually savings & loans.) Other units of Household are in the insurance business, apparently having some link to Coral Re-Insurance. (Cong. Burton, Cong. Record, 5/29/96, H5627-28)

Although knowing all this, Starr so far is not proceeding, because of the G.O.P.-Democrat overlap in the criminal enterprises involved.

In January, 1994, Joseph Andreuccetti's former attorney, John E. Gierum, of Park Ridge, Illinois, a Chicago suburb, confessed to this writer, in the presence of his former client:

  1. That he is closely associated with Hillary's family, originally from Park Ridge, the Rodhams.
  2. That the Clinton White House is trying to frame him on the mysterious 50 million dollar transfer in which he played a key role by supervising the federal funds parked with Household Bank.
  3. That the matter is so stacked against him that he does not believe he can successfully defend himself, despite the fact that he is a skilled attorney. (In Park Ridge, he has had an office inside the law offices of Di Monte, Schostok, & Lizak, reportedly into matters of international banking and espionage and acting as a buffer, fixer, and go-between for other law firms and reputed covert intelligence operations.)

Gierum has been Senior Litigation Attorney for the U.S. Small Business Administration. SBA corruption is instrumentally involved in the Whitewater Affair.

When the Gierum confession came up as a matter in the federal court, Gierum did not dispute the same. He later tried to evade the matter outside of court by stating it was merely a joke he told Skolnick. (Gierum was almost in tears when he confessed to this writer and his former client Andreuccetti.)

Very well informed on these matters of the 50 million dollars and related events was Jon Parnell Walker, a senior investigator specialist for RTC. He was silenced by being thrown off a building in Virginia. Friends and family deny he committed "suicide", the official government story.

+ Those Who Would Be Fingered By Widespread Publicity of These Details +

WARREN BUFFET, and his reputed empire, WELLS FARGO, COCA-COLA, SALOMON BROTHERS, using their facilities reportedly, in part for espionage and money laundering. Warren Buffet and ABC News and Wells Fargo and the CIA-REWALD scandal (which was a CIA operation out of Hawaii.)


Motives behind the apparent political assassination of former CIA Director William Colby.

PINNACLE BANC GROUP, FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF CICERO, and the VATICAN BANK, reportedly tied to the ROGER D'ONOFRIO Affair, laundering of illicit funds for CIA and the traditional mafia and selling radioactive material for nuclear devices, including OSMIUM, to sworn enemies of the U.S. (Rome, Italy, 12/2/95, United Press International) (Osmium used in nuclear detonators)

The political assassination of White House Deputy Counsel VINCENT W. FOSTER, JR., tied to the bank spying scandal, reportedly implicating the National Security Agency and its reputed proprietary, SYSTEMATICS.

The apparent ties between the Mena Airport dope smuggling and GARFIELD RIDGE TRUST & SAVINGS BANK (CHICAGO) owned by defrocked former Chicago Congressman Dan Rostenkowski and Hillary Rodham Clinton's brother.

Washing the Mena dope loot from Garfield Ridge Trust & Savings Bank through the CHICAGO MERCANTILE EXCHANGE.

Newer version of the CIA and FBI's dirty tricks against the current dissidents: COUNTER-INTELLIGENCE Operations, more violent and bloody than those used against the Peaceniks of the 1960s and 1970s.

Congressman Henry Hyde, head of CIA "black budget", implicated in OPERATION PEGASUS, teams used to assassinate foreign leaders and plots to murder domestic celebrities, including Ross Perot. (Statement of former team member "Chip" Tatum, 6/96.)

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

Mr. Skolnick is founder/chairman, since 1963, of the public interest reform group, Citizens' Committee to Clean Up the Courts, investigating and researching judicial bribery and political murders. Since 1971, he has been editor of a 5-minute recorded phone commentary, HOTLINE NEWS, (312) 731-1100, a regular phone call, on 24 hours per day, changed several times per week. Since 1991, he has been a regular panelist, now the moderator, of a weekly public access one-hour Cable TV Show, "Broadsides", available to some 400,000 households. His comments appear on several news groups on Internet and on the World Wide Web. Office, 8 a.m. to midnight, 7 days/week: (312) 375-5741. Call before sending fax. 9800 S. Oglesby Ave., Chicago, IL 60617-4870.

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-- Brian Francis Redman, Editor-in-Chief

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