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Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 8 Num. 02

("Quid coniuratio est?")

Subject: New Book on the Rabin Assassination

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The following is an excerpt (translated) from the forthcoming book A State Crime: The Assassination of Rabin (published by Belfond, Paris, May 15, 1996) by Uri Dan and Dennis Eisenberg (Authors of The Mossad: Secrets of the Israeli Secret Service; Carlos, Terror International: Meyer Lansky, Moguls of the Mob, etc...)

The tragedy of Yizhak Rabin, the great military-hero, the Israeli general who masterminded the victorious 1967 war against all odds, lay not so much in the fact that he was assassinated, but in the verdict of high ranking intelligence officers who told the authors of this book: "If he was with us today, and if we had known of the facts that have emerged since he was shot on the 4th of November 1995, he would be clapped into irons and brought to trial."

It was a verdict echoed with cautious restraint by a writer in the highly respected Jerusalem Post: "If Yizhak Rabin were alive .... he would probably have been asked to resign. He was ultimately in charge of the General Security Service which failed to protect him from the assassins bullet. He would probably have been asked to resign."

The heart of this book relates for the first time the full details of the astonishing conspiracy masterminded by the Shin Beth, the chief of whom had been personally hand-picked by Rabin. It was part of a deliberate policy of Rabin's to politicize the country's intelligence service in order to fulfill his personal political agenda.

Rabin's brief to the Shin Beth after his election as premier in 1992 was to shift focus from its primary task: to prevent Arab terrorist attacks against the Jewish population. That was to be left to Yasser Arafat's own secret police. Instead the Shin Beth was ordered to infiltrate and expose right wing settlers and militant youth groups. Why did Rabin do this?

Contrary to his pre-election promises Rabin chose PLO terrorist chief Yasser Arafat as partner in a bid to make peace with the Palestinians. At the outset a majority of Israelis supported the ideas propounded by the Oslo Accords. But when it became clear that the Jewish state would have to pay a heavy price, Israelis became more bitterly divided than ever before in their history.

To traditional and religious Jews this meant surrendering their most revered holy sites like Heron and the entire Judea and Samaria provinces, settled by the original biblical patriarchs led by Abraham 4,000 years ago. It meant surrendering the vital strategic Golan Heights area to president Hafez Assad who has sworn to wipe out Israel and drive its inhabitants into the sea.

The "hundred of years of peace," promised by Rabin and his successor Shimon Peres as well as Arafat failed to materialize. Instead a record number of over 200 Israelis were killed by Arab suicide bombers and other acts of terror over a two year period. Rabin's popularity waned. Opinion polls showed that Rabin would be wiped out by Bibi Netanyahu's right wing in the election slated for 1996. Rabin received death threats. Fearing for his safety his bodyguards kept him away from the public.

To reverse the electoral tide as his personal ratings dropped to a mere 32%, Rabin decided on a campaign of smearing the country's right wing traditional half of the population. As supreme chief of the Shin Beth, he gave its commanders the go-ahead to operate "agents provocateur" in the style of Stalin in the Soviet Union and Hitler in Nazi Germany. This is illegal and immoral in any democratic society.

Avishai Raviv was but one of such men employed to set up their own phony "right wing militant" groups. Enrolled in such a unit was young law student Yigal Amir. Raviv arranged videoed "dirty tricks" militant ceremonies by paying young students armed with toy weapons to act out scenes in which "Rabin the traitor" was the dummy target. He presented this as well as a photo montage picture of Rabin dressed as an SS chief made by young teenage boys who worshipped their macho hero Raviv to Israel's gullible national TV network.

Raviv, on the Shin Beth payroll, led his followers to demonstrate outside Rabin's house on Fridays chanting: "Rabin and his wife will be hung like Mussolini and his mistress." Rabin seized on these widely publicized acts to launch personal attacks on Netanyahu saying that the legitimate parliamentary opposition was like Hamas terrorists out to torpedo his Oslo peace deal. He named the right wing public, "idiots, maniacs, cry babies, Khomeinists, pariahs, poodles, cancers, etc..." A critic in parliament was called a "shit." In the month before Rabin's assassination he used Raviv's organized incidents to launch attack after attack on his political opponents accusing them of planning public disorder.

Then came the ultimate conspiracy: A scam whereby an Amir-like figure would get close to Rabin. At the last moment with pistol in hand he would be foiled. Hundreds of militant youths befriended by Raviv, their names on Shin Beth lists, would be arrested. The plan was to use the assassination attempt scam as Rabin's method of a triumphant re-election by a frightened electorate.

The plot went wrong. Amir, realizing that Raviv was a GSS plant, fed his "friend" with full details of his eighth previous planned attempts to kill Rabin. The assumption by Raviv and his case-officers was that Amir would tell them about future such operations. Evidence was given at the Shamgar Commission inquiring into the assassination that Raviv goaded Amir: "Go on! Prove that you are a man! Kill Rabin."

Amir played along. He told nobody about his plan that fateful black November Saturday. He acted out the part of his hero in his room. Instead of meeting Raviv as pre-arranged at the peace rally square where Rabin was to speak, he approached the podium from another direction.

The Shin Beth was off guard. Raviv was certain that there would be no attack on Rabin. Amir, he was certain, would have warned him in advance. Seconds after Amir fired at Rabin, confident that it was part of the "pretend" scam, a bodyguard told Rabin's wife Leah: "It's only a toy pistol."

The irony of it all was that Rabin paid the ultimate penalty - - his death -- as a result of the sting which was dreamt up to enable him to win the next election. It literally blew up in his face. The entire anti-democratic, illegal "sting" concept which required the concept of security top brass would never had been executed without receiving a benign nod from Rabin, their ultimate boss.

The way in which the sordid details of the conspiracy have since been covered up since last November to protect the ruling Labor party makes Nixon's Watergate scandal look like a kindergarten romp.

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