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Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 7 Num. 89

("Quid coniuratio est?")


Yes, sometimes a suicide really is a suicide. And let me emphasize that at this point we don't have all the facts.

But, sometimes a "suicide" is something else. Sometimes a "boating accident" is something else also. At this point it's hard to say for sure what happened, but here is what I have gathered so far, from early press reports and other sources.

Admiral Boorda is said to have been a short man, about 5 feet 6 inches or less. It has also been reported that he shot himself in the chest with a shotgun. This would be hard for a tall man, with long arms, to accomplish. It would be even more difficult for the presumably shorter-armed Boorda.

Early reports hinted that Boorda had been "caught in the act" of wearing a "v" for valor emblem on his uniform. Boorda supposedly felt disgraced and it is hinted that this led to his "suicide". Yet Boorda himself had already issued a statement indicating the issue was no big deal, words to the effect of "I had thought I was qualified to wear the 'v' emblem but was informed otherwise. I have accordingly stopped wearing it."

Admiral Boorda had risen to the rank of Chief of Naval Operations; he was the highest ranking Navy officer and was on the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Hence this death absolutely demands that a full, open investigation be conducted. The late Admiral Boorda presumably was of higher equivalent rank than the late Vincent W. Foster, Jr. His death deserves that public officials must strive to avoid the appearance of cover-up. Will they do so? Or will they make "mistakes" again?

Sherman Skolnick, in his latest recorded message (312-731-1100), sees a larger significance in the Admiral's death. Reminding us of recent (and not so recent) history, he points to the April 17, 1995 Alabama plane crash which killed high-ranking military personnel, the Bosnian plane crash that killed Commerce Secretary Ron Brown, and the recent death by "boating accident/heart attack" of former CIA Director William Colby, as links in a chain. Is Boorda's death part of a bigger picture? Are all these violent deaths connected somehow, a part of something going on beneath the surface, something we aren't allowed to see?

According to Mr. Skolnick, a long-time investigator into such matters, a homicide investigation team was turned away, at gunpoint, from the Washington Navy Yard where Boorda is said (already) to have been an "apparent suicide". This smacks of a similar dispute of jurisdiction in Dallas in 1963, when JFK's corpse was whisked away to Washington, D.C. and away from Dallas County authorities.

Supposedly two "suicide notes" were found, according to television broadcasts. Not said is that this information most likely comes from federal authorities, the same authorities who are said to have blocked the homicide investigation team from investigating. These would also be the same federal types who "discovered" the "suicide note" of the late Deputy White House Counsel Foster.

Chuck Hayes, whistleblower on insider skullduggery, misses his Value Jet flight, which then explodes in mid-air; Bob Dole startles us all by suddenly abandoning his powerful Senate position; and Bill Clinton is seen wiping a little tear from his eye: Hey. What's going on?

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