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Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 7 Num. 59

("Quid coniuratio est?")


Barry Seal, a skilled pilot, drops duffel bags filled with cash at the Triple S Ranch near Hot Springs, Arkansas. An estimated $9 million per week falls out of the sky. The state of Arkansas gets 10 percent and also temporary use of the entire amount.

Finis Shellnut, son-in-law of Seth Ward, lives at the Triple S Ranch. Seth owns the ranch, but Finis is the go-for who retrieves the weekly cash bundles.

Finis works for Dan Lasater as a bondsman.

Roger Clinton, brother of Bill Clinton, also works for Dan Lasater.

Seth Ward, owner of the Triple S Ranch, has a daughter, Suzy, who is married to Webster Hubbell.

Webster ("Webb") Hubbell is a close friend of Bill Clinton. Webb Hubbell works at the Rose Law Firm.

Hillary Rodham Clinton's office is right next to Webb Hubbell's office at the Rose Law Firm.

Hillary Rodham Clinton is married to William Jefferson Clinton, Governor of Arkansas at the time.

The weekly $9 million falling out of the sky seems to have been put into ADFA, the Arkansas Development Finance Authority. Or else where was its money coming from? The state budget had no funds earmarked for ADFA and the State Constitution barred deficit financing.

ADFA was, in effect, a bank, making preferred loans. Because ADFA is a state agency, it is not legally required to publicly divulge its records.

ADFA paid more than $100,000 in legal fees to the Rose Law Firm.

Was any of the money "loaned" out by ADFA ever re-paid?

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