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Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 7 Num. 50

("Quid coniuratio est?")


Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan has been awarded "Newsmaker of the Year" by the National Newspaper Publishers Association. He spoke, at a dinner given in his honor by that association, on March 14, 1996. The speech was broadcast on C- Span that same day. The following are excerpts from his talk.

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[Farrakhan had recently returned from a trip to Africa and the Middle East.]


You've got to go and see, brothers and sisters, for yourself! Whether Saddam Hussein is right or wrong, why should the children die!? And you have a slogan, "Save the Children," and 500 thousand of 'em dead in Iraq. And you can see hunger in the faces because there's no food, adequately, for the children to eat!

The mothers are bringing forth their babies prematurely because of malnutrition. And they've got incubators in there that they can't even get parts for! They've got to put 2 in an incubator.

You've got to go, and see!

But of course, there's an embargo. You can't go. You can't go. I can!

And the reason I can go is not because I'm a "defiant negro". I am a human being! And I am not just an American citizen, I am a world citizen! You can't limit me to the continental United States of America! I'm not just you. You didn't take me from "just you". You brought me from Africa, why shouldn't I be concerned with what you're doin' in Africa?

I am a Muslim, and I must be concerned in what happens to Muslims all over the earth. And you cannot limit me by your laws!

And for you to tell me that you can arrest me for interfering in your foreign policy, then you should come on and do that! Because I'm gonna interfere with any policy you have that evilly affects Africa, the Middle East, the Caribbean, Central and South America! [applause]

[Shows enlarged photo] Here's a baby. What's this disease? Hemi- hypurger(?). It's a birth defect. Not from malnutrition, this is from uranium in the bombs! We saw children dying, of Leukemia. That is treatable -- but there's no medicine to treat them. This child, on one side is swollen big, on the other side it's small.

Many of us couldn't leave the hospital with dry eyes. The Minister of Health, Dr. Ali(?), he was so incensed by what he saw because he knew he wasn't in a hospital. He said he was in a death camp, because a hospital is where you cure people because you have the means to cure them! Here's a hospital that doesn't have the means to cure. So the doctors are just presiding over death! This is what sanctions have done.

And a great American statesman said (I can't think of his name now), he said, "Sanctions is a method of mass destruction." And I agree.

And I say this to you in conclusion: I am hurt, to come back home, to be treated like an enemy when I did a friendly thing. And believe me, there's linkage now, in places where there was no linkage before. There's economic opportunity that opened up. That is magnificent.

And so I conclude saying, black brothers and sisters, stop using the language "minority". Never again should you use that, in reference to yourself. You are only a minority if you limit yourself to America. But when you see yourself as an international people, then you outnumber the oppressor 11-to-1. You are the majority people on this earth, and you ought to start acting like the majority party and taking responsibility now for your brothers! And your sisters.

We were blest to be brought into slavery. That was a cursing, but it turned out to be a blessing. Because we grew up in the house of the world leader. And we went to the best schools that there is in the world and we have mastered every art, every science, every discipline. And now we must use that to lift human beings all over the earth.

They didn't tell you that I went to Turkey, a white Muslim country. Now if I'm such a racist, why did I go to Turkey? You should have seen us Muslims, just huggin' and kissin' each other! The white Muslims, kissin' the black Muslim. And the black Muslim kissin' the white Muslim. Because we are Muslims! And we look past color and race when we mature!

Brothers and sisters, this trip was historic.

And they sent me to Syria, through the Iraqi border. And Syria's and Iraq's borders have been closed for years. And the only way we could get to Syria was that President Saddam Hussein had to talk to President Hassad. And they talked.

And I talked to each one of these persons about reconciliation and atonement. Iran and Iraq have slaughtered each other; over a million lives have been lost. Should I not ask them to atone? To reconcile?

Brothers and sisters, don't let the media destroy a wonderful potential for us. I am your brother, and I am your servant. I did the best I could to represent you and to be just and fair in my remarks. I did the best I could to speak for the good of America, but also to condemn those policies in America with which I disagree, and to give those who are oppressed hope that change can come inside America. You are the catalyst for change. You are in the most strategic position of any people on earth because you are inside America. And now, you must rise, inside America.

Politically, we must get every one who is unregistered to register. We must become a political force inside America to affect America's foreign policy. In this regard, we take our hats off to the Jewish community. Because we can learn from them (and we already have). The Jewish community, though small in number... America, every year, gives billions to Israel. No questions asked. No questions asked.

America is the only super-power left, and she's drunk with her own arrogance. She's drunk with her own power. And the only thing that can sober her up is an awakened and enlightened American electorate.

So I leave you with this thought: America is pushing "democracy" all over the world. Is America truly a democracy? Democracy presupposes an enlightened electorate, that has the ability to choose what is in their best interest. When you go to the American people, ask them, "Who is Senator Dole?" According to what I read recently, over 50 percent of the American people don't even know that Dole is the majority leader in the Senate. If you go to the American people and ask them, "Where's Estonia? Where's Latvia? Where's Lithuania? Where's Chechnya?" ---- "Huh? What??" The American education system is being dismantled, right in front of your eyes. And the American people are more and more being manipulated by the television. By the radio. So you don't have enlightened decision making. You are herded like sheep by slick advertising on television. If you really want to make America a democracy, you have to make the American people the most aware and enlightened people on earth. Then nobody can manipulate their vote and take it like you take candy from a baby.

Let's get busy. Let's stop fighting each other.

And if they say things about me, don't believe it. Question it. Question me! And then if I'm wrong you correct me! But don't go along with the enemy, whom you know wants to separate me from you so that they can destroy me. (And then, 30 years from now, they'll say, "You know, that guy Farrakhan, he was an all right guy. Let's name an alley after him." [laughter])

Thank you for listening, and may God bless you.

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