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Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 7 Num. 46

("Quid coniuratio est?")


I am at times brought up short by the knowledge possessed by some of CN's readers; here I am, thinking I'm telling you what you don't know, and you come back at me with "Yes, but there's also this and this and this." Such was the case with stories I did on the Gulf War Syndrome: readers responded with what Skolnick calls "savvy".

What follows is a response from a CN reader to recent stories on the April 19, 1995 Oklahoma City bombings.

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Subject: Recent OKC bombing speculation....

There's been a huff of information on the net recently about the Oklahoma City Bombing as a result of Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 7 Num. 44, U.S. GOVERNMENT COMPLICITY IN THE OKLAHOMA BOMBINGS. Here basically is my take on that report based on information I've received.

A couple of weeks ago, I video taped a lecture by Jim Rothstein who is a former NYPD detective who seems to have the inside scoop on every imaginable conspiracy, and what have you. He names names and seems a credible character. He says that there was not a nuclear explosion (but did not mention if he knew about nuclear material being part of the bomb for a "dirty scene"). It seems a fact that the bomb sniffing dogs are dying. I've heard it from several reliable sources now. Rothstein believes the dogs are dying from cyanide poisoning which was an artifact left over from some explosive material if memory serves me correctly (I haven't completed editing the video, so I'm just recalling from memory what he said about the bombing). Karl Granse believes they are dying from acute radiation posioning from a small nuclear explosion in a missle payload 4 feet long and 5 inches in diameter shot thru the Ryder truck and exploding in the reinforced concrete, similar to a scene from the movie, Clear And Present Danger.

Jim also mentioned that there were at least 3 satchel charges placed on pillars that he can document (he did not mention anything about Xerox boxes). He also mentioned that there was one agent in particular that "they" wanted killed (he mentioned the name in the video - I don't recall it now), and so they placed one of the satchel charges directly on a pillar that his desk was above. Rothstein was still looking into the possibility that this agent was told to be expecting an important call at 9:00 on that day, so that he was sure to be at his desk.

As screwy as that Conspiracy Nation report sounds, much of it rings true with what Rothstein said. He mentioned the guys with hoops all around downtown OKC looking for the transponder signal on the truck which was following its actions that was turned off by someone traveling in the Ryder truck. He also said that there were few agents in the Murrah building at the time of the bombing only because of the fact that they were all told to find this truck, and were out looking for it.

There is a lot of information out there. Eric Lighter was another guest I videotaped, who processed the paperwork and worked behind the scenes at Ruby Ridge and Waco, and has made the only credible confession to the OKC bombing in order to prove the Grand Jury was tampered with (since Eric wasn't arrested for the crime, it shows the Grand Jury hadn't received all of the evidence). Lighter said that Tim McVeigh's sister has a letter from Tim that says he was a BATF agent. Eric then went on to say, that there were multiple agencies infiltrating militia organizations that didn't know of each others activities working for the government. They then set each other up, and something - a third unknown - entered into the equation (maybe the double agent Skolnick mentioned) and then the building was blown up.

According to Granse, who was part of the forensic team that went to OKC, they were not allowed to make scrapings off of the pillars or take anything with them. The level of radiation at the building was 50% higher than the background levels of surrounding areas. After the implosion of the building all of the building debris was then summarily buried, fenced, and guarded. However, Rothstein has said that the fence was recently removed, and the debris is no longer guarded.

Something definitely happened there that we are not getting the full story on. I still like the quote of McVeigh's attorney that I have in my sig. I just wish the info he has comes out before he is intimidated, paid off, or killed.

I'm open to all possibilities, and discounting none at the moment until there is more evidence to prove something one way or the other.

In freedom,

Tony Sgarlatti

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