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Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 7 Num. 38

("Quid coniuratio est?")


Skolnick and I were talking about shortwave radio and he had suggested, since I speak Spanish, that I tune in Radio Havana and hear their perspective on the downing of the "Brothers to the Rescue" plane. As fate would have it, I was wandering the frequencies and I found Radio Havana -- in English. I don't know when that happened, but Radio Havana now broadcasts in English at 6000 KHz, 9820 KHz, and 9830 KHz. I was receiving them between 7 and 8 p.m. Central Standard Time.

According to Radio Havana, U.S. authorities had been repeatedly notified regarding the intrusions into their air space by "Brothers to the Rescue" (BTR) planes -- yet did nothing. The unfortunate result, the downing of the BTR plane, is connected by the Cubans to what they call Miami's virulent "anti-Cuban Mafia" and efforts to push through the "Helms-Burton Bill". The word "conspiracy" was actually used, which was unusual to hear it being freely bandied about over their air waves without any snickering -- as is the norm here in the U.S.

Also noted was that a group called "Pastors for Peace" has begun a "fast for life", presumably in protest over U.S. promoted isolationist policies against Cuba. You wouldn't know it from our own "news" reports, but demonstrations have been held in numerous cities throughout the U.S., and indeed throughout the world, protesting "our" government's policy toward Cuba. According to Radio Havana, "virtually every country in the world is calling on the Cuban embargo to end."

Radio Havana further opines that the recent brouhaha between us and Cuba is nothing more, at bottom, than "posturing for elections."

Cuban Foreign Affairs Minister Roberto Robeina(?) said as follows in an address delivered, apparently today (March 6, 1996), to the United Nations [excerpts only]:

It has even been said that the Brothers to the Rescue organization had a humanitarian character. The General Assembly should know that that gang, which was established in 1991 and was officially registered as a non-profit organization, free of political interests, is indeed financed with obscure money from the extremist Mafias of Miami.

It would be interesting to investigate the links between the Cuban-American Foundation and that group, or to go deeper, into the intense efforts carried out by Representative Ileana Ros, so that the U.S. Defense Department donated Brothers to the Rescue (or sold them at a low price) three of the planes they used against Cuba. That organization's key figure, Jose Basulto(sp?), is well-known by Cuba. He was recruited by the Central Intelligence Agency, got his training in Panama and Guatemala, and infiltrated into Cuba both before, and after, the Bay of Pigs invasion. In 1963, he was infiltrated into Cuba as the radio operator of a terrorist commando group, and he worked for the CIA in Brazil, in 1966. The Cessna 337 he personally uses in his anti-Cuba errors bears a big "2506" number -- after the Bay of Pigs invasion, of course, known as the "2506 Brigade".

This is the background of an individual who is now being portrayed as a champion of humanitarian causes.

With the signing by Cuba and the United States of immigration agreements that put an end to Cuban illegal immigration into the United States, that organization's [Brothers to the Rescue's] apparent objective of promoting that illegal immigration ceased to exist. This is how orchestrating, planning, and conducting terrorist acts have become their sole and definitive purpose. In their hostile, dangerous actions against Cuba they have used twin-tail Cessna planes of a military design, used by the U.S. Air Force in exploration and combat missions during the Viet Nam War. Anyone with any doubts about it can see the Miami Herald's July 19th, 1992 edition where a Brothers to the Rescue plane is shown with the "USAF" (or "United States Air Force") symbol.

This gang's aggressive plans have left no room for doubt that it is a paramilitary, terrorist organization engaged in an open war against Cuba.

Would the United States have tolerated provocations like the ones Cuba has had to tolerate? Would U.S. authorities allow planes from Cuba or any other country to illegally enter U.S. air space and drop subversive leaflets? What would have happened if civilian airplanes from Cuba had disobeyed instructions of U.S. air controllers regarding air traffic? Could Cuban civilian aircraft have been allowed to enter air zones of U.S. military bases like Andrews, or Fort Meade, near Washington? And how would U.S. public opinion have reacted to such bravado and impunity of provocateurs like these? Well, the answer is not difficult to imagine. The United States would not have allowed this -- as a U.S. Defense Department spokesperson recently acknowledged when asked by journalists.

Suspicious enough, these events have one common point: the passing, in the U.S. Congress, of the infamous Helms-Burton Bill. Its ultimate aim is to make the world implement a blockade against Cuba following more than 35 years of failure of an economic and financial U.S. blockade that this General Assembly has condemned for 4 consecutive years. Evidently, the whole issue has been a conspiracy by the Cuban-American ultra right, in connivance with the most extremist figures in the U.S. Congress; a conspiracy not only against Cuba, but also against the very U.S. administration, so as to drag it into serious contradiction, and problems of even a warlike nature, in the middle of a fierce electoral fight. The first consequence would be, at least, to see the criminal Helms- Burton Bill finally approved. The government of the United States, which is now taking measures against Cuba, should understand that these provocations are also aimed against it. The U.S. government's decision to support that bill is, in fact, an open challenge to the overwhelming condemnation of the blockade against Cuba by this assembly.

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