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Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 7 Num. 37

("Quid coniuratio est?")


By Sherman H. Skolnick

Once in a great while there is a story that is hard to tell. And the writer and his friends and associates risk a great deal just to try to bring it out; to bring to you, the reader, the details.

This may well be just such a time.

It was before 10 a.m. (Eastern Time) in the offices of Media Bypass Magazine, in Evansville, Indiana. At the time, they were a recently started publication with a circulation of about 5,000. At the same time it was before 9 a.m. in Oklahoma City. The Magazine, operated by Tree Top Communications, Inc., the parent firm, had as its largest stockholder an old-timer named Jim Thomas. They were dedicated to publishing stories the mass media were afraid to touch.

The day was April 19, 1995. "A day that will live in infamy", to borrow the words of President Franklin D. Roosevelt in describing the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.

At the time, in the Magazine's offices was Lawrence W. Myers. Did anyone at the Magazine that day note a key point? Others now claim Myers was there before 10 a.m. their time (9 a.m. Oklahoma time, Central Time). He wanted to be hired as a writer, to write about "serial bombers", presumably the "Unabomber". To demonstrate his credentials, he brought along four books authored by him, published by Palladin Press, of Phoenix, Arizona. Did anyone take note they publish items primarily catering to "soldiers of fortune", that is, mercenaries? Myers also said he wrote magazine articles.

His books apparently show how to build bombs from ordinary materials. And explicit instructions how to build remote detonators for explosives.

While in their offices, news came out that at a few minutes after 9 a.m. (Central Time, 10 a.m. Evansville time), there had been a terrible bombing of a federal office building in Oklahoma City. Magazine officials immediately contracted with Myers, on a week to week basis, and dispatched him to Oklahoma City to report and write on the tragedy.

Myers is a "take charge" type. He soon became the Magazine's Chief Investigative Reporter. Myers also became, in effect, the gate-keeper. He decided what stories, if any, were worthy to be published by the Magazine. Most of the others at the Magazine were very young and inexperienced. Old-timer Jim Thomas was likewise apparently inexperienced in running a publication.

One of the investors in the parent firm tried to tell Thomas and others, to no avail, that some suspect Myers is actually a counter-intelligence agent, infiltrating and penetrating the Magazine operation to carry out some U.S. government agenda. Some penetration agents are under orders to infiltrate and destroy the targeted group, entity, or enterprise.

Myers had apparently been with Special Forces in Central America, particularly Honduras and most likely Nicaragua. Did Myers specialize in neutralizing so-called "insurgents"? Some claim big land-owners in Central America use "Death Squads" to silence dissidents. Did Myers at one time aid such bloody events? From various bits and pieces of data, and circumstances, some astute observers answer YES. In the back of his vehicle, some at Media Bypass observed Myers carries with him the full equipment for him to survive in the jungle.

Few at the Magazine -- if anyone there -- were experienced on espionage and putting things together to identify a penetration agent. No one there was listening to items tending to cast suspicion on Myers. For example, also in Phoenix, has been John Alexander, called Colonel by some and "Doctor". He founded the super-secret Delta Force, used to carry out clandestine missions. They are no strangers to assassinations, including "Death Squads", airplane sabotage, strange bombings, and much more.

Wherever there were meetings of the controversial militias, Myers would reportedly show up. Was it for the purposes of a story or really to pick the brains for some intelligence agency? Was Myers using his apparent infiltration and penetration of the Magazine to penetrate dissident groups following the Oklahoma bombing?

Without apparent disclaimers, the Magazine ran provocative advertisements, "NO NEED TO PAY INCOME TAXES" in big bold type. The ads went on to state, "Immediately stop paying income taxes, a tax no one residing in the U.S. is required, by law, to pay (though people residing outside the U.S. might be subject to the tax)." Media Bypass Magazine, February, 1996 issue, page 19.

A "shooting gallery" is a government counter-intelligence operation set up to identify, photograph or video, and neutralize "enemies of the state", such as, tax protestors, militias, Western State anti-federal government activists, and such.

Some fear that at the hands of Myers and others, Media Bypass has become part of a shooting gallery operation. Such a set-up saves money. Instead of government intelligence agents beating the bushes looking for dissidents, the dissidents identify themselves by responding to such noisy ads in so-called "anti-government" magazines.

Notice the time-table related to the bombing:

  1. Monday, April 17, 1995. A Special Federal Grand Jury, under the wing of Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr, reportedly hands up a sealed indictment, charging Hillary Rodham Clinton with (a) bank fraud, that is, participating with husband William Jefferson Clinton in misappropriating or embezzling some 47 million dollars from a federally-insured savings and loan; and (b) offenses bordering on treason, namely, being the beneficiary of secret offshore accounts purportedly payable to Vincent W. Foster, Jr., at one time her law partner, as purported payment for arranging for Jonathan Pollard to convey nuclear missile launch and tracking codes to Israeli intelligence. Foster was the middle man, on behalf of George Bush, while he was vice president, and Reagan administration Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger, to use a low-level naval intelligence analyst, Pollard, to convey these topmost secrets to a foreign power. After all, the Reagan-Bush team owed Israel a favor, for Israel trans-shipping U.S. weapons to Iran -- a pay-off for Iran delaying the release of the U.S. Embassy hostages, to screw Jimmy Carter's bid for re-election as president, 1980. Called "The October Surprise" treason by some, the hostages were released a few moments after Reagan was inaugurated the new president, 1981.

    A federal judge, crony of the Clintons, has kept the sealed indictment sealed to this day.

  2. The evening of Monday, April 17, 1995, a plane-load of top military brass crashes near Alexander City, Alabama. The plane was apparently sabotaged. Two explosions in the air were heard by a witness; one explosion on the ground. One top brass was in a supervisory capacity to the highly secret National Security Agency as well as the Army Security Agency.

    Like the book, "Seven Days in May", the passengers were reportedly part of a military coup, to arrest, under the military code, their Commander-in-Chief, William Jefferson Clinton, for treason including, but not limited to, the cover-up of the murder of his boyhood friend Foster who was implicated with Clinton's wife in the Jonathan Pollard Affair. Foster headed a secret bank spying project for NSA; Foster had the equivalent rank of General in NSA.

    Was the plane crash near the secret Delta Force base in Alabama? Why do some continue to suspect that Myers is reportedly part of a team, working with the Delta Force, to stop the few brave military brass dedicated to arresting Clinton for high crimes?

  3. The bombing, Wednesday, April 19, 1995. The bombing occurred before the expiration of the 48 hours by which sealed indictments are in more ordinary circumstances delayed -- to give the federal authorities time to apprehend the named defendants in the indictment. Mainstream journalists have confirmed, from their own sources, this writer's exclusive stories about the sealed indictment. BUT, those other writers, being cowardly and their editors being newsfakers, are all silent publicly. The bombing changed public psychology, favoring the Clintons.
  4. Saturday, April 22, 1995. For the first time in history, the Independent Counsel, Kenneth Starr, takes the depositions, inside the White House, of President Clinton and of his wife, the First Lady. Was this, coming on this week of April 17, just a coincidence? Note: A senior editor of Forbes (later fired) contends he asked the White House to respond to his inquiry about Hillary being the beneficiary for the secret overseas accounts of Foster. He wanted a response by the day that turned out to be the day before the bombing.
  5. Some contend there was high-level complicity -- in and out of the U.S. government -- in the Oklahoma bombings (experts claim it should be plural -- that pressure detonators set off explosive charges on the building pillars -- the pressure being supplied by the pressure from explosives in the purported truck bomb).

    Were the bombings out to divert attention from the treason charges of Monday, April 17, 1995? Of course, that implies a great deal of pre-meditation in the events of the whole week. Shortly after the bombings, in a rare performance, President Clinton went on the "60 Minutes" CBS program. Appearing highly rattled, Clinton said there is an element in the country -- the militias -- trying to overthrow the federal government.

    Left unsaid: that it is justified for him as President and Commander-in-Chief to murder any group of military officers trying to stage a coup, such as those killed near Alexander City, Alabama, April 17, 1995. Clinton reserved the right, left unsaid, to invoke the emergency fiats put into supposed "law" by him, in June, 1994, giving him authority above the U.S. Constitution. One of the provisions: that no court shall have authority to consider a challenge to such emergency authority.

    That is, using the bombings to engage in repression against dissidents and other outspoken types, as well as the American people in general.

  6. A Special Federal Grand Jury, in Alabama, has been blocked from investigating the sabotaged air crash near Alexander City, the apparent related Delta Force secret base of operations, and the murders, by air sabotage, to abort the coup attempt.
  7. While all these events have been happening, certain persons, purporting to be intermediaries for Independent Counsel Starr, have been travelling around the country, supposedly interviewing witnesses on related matters. What they have been actually doing apparently is the following:

    (a) gathering data to be used for their own personal advantage, financially and otherwise, as a power base, through blackmail and extortion; in Arkansas and elsewhere, in and out of public office.

    (b) identifying and listing what witnesses, sources of evidence and testimony, have to be snuffed out -- or what witnesses, whose testimony is "for sale" can be paid to shut up or alter their testimony with perjury. For example: in the Chicago area was a long-time member of the London Gold Pool, previously active with NSA official Vincent W. Foster, Jr., in clandestine gold transactions for espionage work. The Gold Pool member was part of a circle active with Propaganda-Due [DOO-ay]; known as P-2, Judges, Secret Police, Legislators, Cabinet Members, and Journalists, Italy, France, England, and the United States, devoted to overthrowing representative government through the "politics of tension", bombings, assassination, and terror. In short, violence and major disruptions blamed falsely onto dissidents.

    The Gold Pool member's team not only included Foster, but reportedly the Archbishop of Milan, Italy. The Gold Pool member, John Tarullo, was murdered in August, 1995. He had failed in his assignment, which was to completely control those involved in the 50 million dollar secret transfer of federal funds from Chicago to Little Rock. The funds, held in custody for the federal S&L bail-out agency, Resolution Trust Corporation, were misappropriated to make good the purported embezzlement of 47 million dollars from a federally-insured S&L, namely Madison Guaranty Savings & Loan, done reportedly by Hillary Rodham Clinton, with the aid of her husband -- that is, the subject of one part of the sealed indictment of April 17, 1995. (The 3 million dollar difference -- between 47 and 50 million -- was for "street tax", bribery of public officials to smooth the way.)

    Tarullo had failed to protect Household International and Household Bank, which had custody of the funds, part of a profound series of scandals known as the Joseph Andreuccetti Affair {1}. Household was the successor to the CIA-money laundry, the Nugan-Hand Bank of Australia. (See: "The Crimes of Patriots", by Jonathan Kwitny.)

Apparently implicated in the events of the 50 million dollar transfer reportedly was Lawrence W. Myers. He was reportedly part of a project of a clandestine nature with the Little Rock office of RTC. Did operatives of Delta Force, with the aid of Myers, snuff out Tarullo? It is a fair presumption. Myers has sought to block publication of stories related to Foster, Pollard, Weinberger, Bush, Hillary, Household International and CIA, as well as the Gold Pool member, [and] the Andreuccetti Affair.

The counter-intelligence operation of which Myers is reportedly an integral part interfaces with highly secret units of MIG, Military Intelligence Group (they were known for violence and dirty tricks going back to 1970 and before, as documented in Sherman H. Skolnick vs. 113th Military Intelligence Group, also known [as a cover] as Midwest Audio-Visual News, U.S. District Court, Chicago, 1970.)

A London newspaper uncovered Congressional documents tending to show MIG were involved in stripping Foster's office or nearby offices after his murder as well as part of a vast cover up of his manner of death. ("Riddle of Spooks in the White House" by Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, London Daily Telegraph 1/27/96; Electronic version 1/29/96).

The apparent penetration and infiltration of Media Bypass Magazine seems to be just one of several happenings of a secret team of which Lawrence W. Myers appears to be a part. Their efforts started prior to the Oklahoma bombings. This, by itself, tends to prove or support charges that there is a high-level U.S. government complicity in the bloodshed of the federal office building calculated to be blamed onto dissidents.

Some months ago, upon the suspicions and complaints of some connected to Media Bypass Magazine, Myers was fired, but then rehired reportedly on the same day, upon his representations that he could boost circulation with an exclusive interview with the accused, so-called "lone bomber", Timothy McVeigh (published in the February, 1996 issue of the magazine). Left unpublished and unmentioned is the reported method Myers used to get into the prison with the blessings of the Warden and the U.S. Prison system: Myers reportedly used his espionage agency "muscle" to have the prison door swing open so he could enter and get an exclusive interview with McVeigh.

The exclusive interview enabled Myers to keep his job and continue his reported penetration and infiltration of Media Bypass Magazine for the apparent purpose of eventually destroying them and damaging and discrediting various categories of dissidents nationwide.

As of the time of this article [ca. 03/03/96], various persons are planning to attend an urgent meeting for the purpose of seeking to remove Myers from the Magazine. For example, the top official of Jeremiah Films (1-800-828-2290) reportedly has accused Lawrence W. Myers of being a counter-intelligence operative. This official has to be considered since his firm regularly runs a full-color advertisement on the back cover of the Magazine bringing in approximately $3,000.00 per month. With current estimated circulation of 45,000, the Magazine might be justified in charging a lot more soon for the same type of back cover ad.

Why it may be difficult to remove Myers and/or expose him:

(a) he is reportedly part of the most secret, super-powerful secret espionage operation in the U.S. They have apparently penetrated and infiltrated various dissident groups, entities, publications, and movements. The espionage community has invested tremendous dollars and manpower in this undertaking.

(b) to reportedly expose the Delta Force, MIG, and Lawrence W. Myers would unravel the cover up -- done supposedly for reasons of "national security" -- of the clandestine gold transactions, billions of dollars, involving the London Gold Pool, various money center banks in the U.S., Europe, and Japan, and the Caymans, and Hong Kong;

(c) and would reportedly expose the interface between Delta Force, MIG, and Myers, and the extremely secret units of DISC, Defense Industrial Security Command, guarding plutonium and other nuclear facilities nationwide; they have the apparent authority to murder "trouble-makers" and, if necessary, throw their dead body near one of the security fences and claim they had to shoot said person who was trying to climb over the fence. Units of DISC, together with security units of NASA, combined with Delta Force and MIG, are reportedly implicated in the murder of Foster, the handling of his body by a mortuary linked to CIA, and creation of entities and news items as disinformation to cover up the murder.

(d) And could topple the central government in a high-level scandal involving the murder of the highest level U.S. government official to be assassinated since President Kennedy, namely Foster; and cover up of the same.

(e) And would reportedly disrupt banking connections worldwide, since Foster headed the secret bank spying project, using a "trap door" in the stolen Inslaw software, called PROMIS, to spy on banks, including the central banks of supposed allies and friendly trading partners of the United States;

(f) And could reportedly expose the 200 million [dollar] swindle in high-level Reagan and Bush administration officials stealing PROMIS and selling it to various espionage agencies, using the "trap door" to spy on our allies;

(g) And George Bush and Caspar Weinberger would have to be prosecuted for treason in the Jonathan Pollard Affair as well as the "October Surprise";

(h) And reportedly would cause the collapse of Household International and Household Bank, one of the largest credit card and loan operations in the world. The major owner of Household is Wells Fargo of which Warren Buffet is a major stockholder. Buffet is one of the largest stockholders in Disney, now owners of ABC News, of Coca Cola, and GEICO. Buffet is also one of the largest stockholders of Washington Post Co. as well as the bond house, Salomon Brothers.

(i) And would tend to prove high-level complicity in the Oklahoma bombings.

(j) And would publicly expose the efforts to arrest Commander-in-Chief Clinton by a military coup, like "Seven Days in May"; a coup aborted by murdering high level military officers in Alabama, April 17, 1995.

More than one book would have to be written to set this all forth with all the details. Are Myers' reported team members known? The answer is YES. By the way, this writer has over 30 years of experience in identifying spies, counter-spies, and agents- provocateurs.

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

I neither necessarily agree nor disagree with either all or portions of the preceding. Persons mentioned are invited to send their rebuttals, of reasonable length, to for probable distribution.

-- Brian Francis Redman, Editor-in-Chief

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