Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 7 Num. 27

("Quid coniuratio est?")


By Sherman H. Skolnick

What is it really all about? "Operation Silver Shovel", FBI targeting of payoffs to local politicians in Chicago. Some background:

The so-called citizens' watchdog groups, with headquarters and offices here, are busy raising their own rent and salaries by soliciting big bucks from the same corporations that like to send their toxic waste here. The money is funneled through foundations and other entities fronting for the poison purveyors.

The supposed watchdogs are busy pointing to some dump way out in the hinterlands, away from big city politics like Chicago. They like to spend all their time targeting Waste Management -- now called WMX to confuse people -- and Waste Management has been tied, reportedly, or got started reportedly, through hoodlum- linked waste removers. Waste Management denies this. But nowadays, a lot of Waste Management's dumping sites are supposedly quite legal. The supposed watchdog groups focus on them and forget major corporate dumpers.

Example: barrels of dangerous chemicals were dumped near a schoolyard in Chicago. The local media all knew about it, but remained silent. Our non-commercial, public access cable TV program was the only one who dared put video details on the air. Why was the press silent? Well, those barrels came, as we showed, from Stepan Chemical Co., a unit of theirs makes the secret base for Coca Cola (a by-product being cocaine, supposedly for the pharmaceutical trade), and Coca Cola is a major advertiser in the media. Also, the Stepan family is close with Chicago's Mayor Richie Daley, perceived by some as highly corrupt and influential.

Among those who dump poisons reportedly in the inner city in places like Chicago are General Electric and GTE. General Electric owns NBC and their unit in Chicago, WMAQ-TV Channel 5, here.

Carol Marin of Channel 5 is married into the Utley family, having a major interest in Channel 5's broadcast license with General Electric. An FBI stool-pigeon, a former city official, who knows her, leaked the story about payoffs to allow illegal dumping. She was interested in prematurely going with the scandal publicity so as to obstruct the federal grand jury investigation of her boss, General Electric, and their polluting of mostly black neighborhoods in Chicago.

The whole media narrow focus is on bribes so construction junk could be dumped at various illegal sites, mostly black neighborhoods. But construction debris can often be recycled, making it supposedly legal to dump. Also, construction material can seldom be traced back to any sizeable company. So it is safe for the press whores, like Carol Marin, to talk about it.

In exclusive stories on our recorded phone commentary [(312) 731- 1100], and on Internet, and our cable TV show, "Broadsides", we told how Mayor Richie Daley is a secret owner of Glenrock Company, Northlake, Illinois, Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, and Indianapolis, Indiana. They are purveyors of construction supplies and distributor of General Electric Sealants for construction. If you are a road contractor, you'd better, reportedly, get your paving cement compounds from Glenrock. They are reportedly part of the whole bribery and payoff apparatus to get local and state paving contracts. A fellow owner of Glenrock has been defrocked former congressman Dan Rostenkowski who corruptly arranged federal funding for paving deals in Glenrock's three-state territory. With Richie Daley's circle along with Hillary Rodham Clinton's brother, Rostenkowski owns Garfield Ridge Trust & Savings Bank in Chicago, reportedly tied to money laundering of dope loot from the CIA-linked airport in Arkansas at Mena.

The media has identified a fellow named John Christopher as the FBI "mole" who went around setting up city officials with bribes to be allowed to dump construction junk illegally. Has Christopher been also linked to Glenrock?

Christopher reportedly arranged to launder millions of dollars of mobster money through First National Bank of Cicero, now the flagship of Pinnacle Banc Group. The Cicero bank has long been dominated by Bishop Paul Marcinkus, originally from the mob- enclave of Cicero, and until 1991, head of the mob-CIA-linked Vatican Bank. One of his reported pals is now Illinois State Treasurer. (She praised Marcinkus on one of our cable TV shows.) Pinnacle is the alter ego and successor to the infamous Bank of Credit and Commerce International [BCCI] which handled covert funds for CIA and bribed public officials worldwide including in the U.S. (So you really thought BCCI had gone under in 1991 as stated by the newsfakers.)

Reportedly tied to the illegal and corrupt dumping in Chicago's inner city black communities has been Gail Ginsberg who has been general counsel of the federal Environmental Protection Agency. Her husband is Chicago Federal Bankruptcy Judge Robert E. Ginsberg, fingered by us as a crooked judge. Together, they are a highly corrupt team. The judge for many years was closely linked to CIA director Bill Casey.

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I neither necessarily agree nor disagree with either all or portions of the preceding. Persons mentioned are invited to send their rebuttals, of reasonable length, to for probable distribution.

-- Brian Francis Redman, Editor-in-Chief

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