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My apologies for not getting the following out sooner. There is so much information now being withheld from the American public that it is hard for me, in this framework, to cover it all. There are many stories begging to be told that languish, unseen, behind the cartoon facade of our "Magic Kingdom" -- Corporate HappyLand, USA!

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January 27, 1996


"Censorship Bypass" Web Site
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The United States government hopes you will never read the book Why We Will Never Win the War on AIDS, by Bryan Ellison and Peter Duesberg. And, if the government has its way, you will never even know the book existed.

On December 29, 1995 - just two days before the new year - a New York Federal court issued an order that all copies of the book be destroyed. This latest order followed on the heels of an earlier order, by the same judge, banning the book from distribution anywhere in the United States or Canada - even for free.

Although he legally cannot distribute the book anymore (pending appeal of the decision), author Bryan Ellison is determined to alert the public to this blatant cover-up. "Until this lawsuit, most readers didn't know what to think about the startling AIDS controversy presented in the book," he said. "But now people are beginning to say, 'there must be something to this.'"

Nor is Ellison alone in his activism. Nationwide, hundreds of angry citizens are quickly banding together to form a grassroots movement to expose the war of censorship by the AIDS establishment. This growing voters' rebellion was sparked by the lawsuit to suppress the Ellison/Duesberg AIDS book, and is a reaction to the heavy-handed tactics used to silence dissent.

Already, this movement has spawned the "Save The AIDS Book" Legal Defense Fund, which is sponsoring a new home page on the Internet. Computer users can now access the "Fabricated Epidemic" page at the "Censorship Bypass" world-wide web site, where they are finding information on the AIDS cover-up, late- breaking news on the legal status of the book, and special previews of newly-released government documents and other eye- opening materials.

What makes the Ellison/Duesberg AIDS book so hotly controversial? Ellison and Duesberg belong to the ranks of hundreds of top scientists, including Nobel Prize winners and members of the National Academy of Sciences at major institutions worldwide, who now believe that the Federal government has blamed the AIDS epidemic on the wrong cause. The HIV virus, blamed in 1984 as the official cause of AIDS, is actually a harmless germ against which the government has wasted over forty billion dollars in research and prevention, say these scientists. In their book, Ellison and Duesberg present evidence identifying the real cause of AIDS, and warn that the government is placing millions of Americans - including babies - in dire risk by refusing to warn the public about the truth. Worse yet, the book documents a systematic, nine-year campaign by the AIDS establishment to silence these prestigious dissenting scientists.

"If the public would find out about this disastrous mishandling of the War on AIDS, tens of thousands of government-funded scientists and gay rights organizations would lose their funding overnight," says Ellison. "That's why they have to stop our book, and that's why we can't let them silence us."

The "Censorship Bypass" web site has just come on line, and will soon feature internal government memos and other documents never before seen by the public. It will also provide important advice on the real prevention of AIDS - which is radically different from the government "party line."

Supporters and organizers of the "Save The AIDS Book" Legal Defense Fund expect this web site to help build public momentum for an official Congressional investigation of this AIDS scandal.

The "Censorship Bypass" web site address is:
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I also recommend the following books which offer dissenting opinions to current HIV/AIDS dogmas, true-isms, myths, etc.:

AIDS Inc. by Jon Rappoport. Foster City, CA: Human Energy

Press, 1988. ISBN: 0-941523-03-9

AIDS And The Doctors Of Death by Alan Cantwell Jr., M.D. Los

Angeles: Aries Rising Press, 1988. ISBN: 0-917211-25-1

Poison By Prescription by John Lauritsen. New York: Asklepios,

1990. ISBN: 0-943742-06-4

Queer Blood by Alan Cantwell Jr., M.D. Los Angeles: Aries

Rising Press, 1993. ISBN: 0-917211-26-X

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