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Message from Carol Moore of the Committee for Waco Justice

As a member of the Committee for Waco Justice, I am encouraging all libertarian, patriot, civil and religious liberties and other groups to do protests on February 28 (3rd anniversary of BATF murderous assault) and April 19 (3rd anniversary of FBI murderous assault) in front of your local BATF, FBI, Federal Building or Post Office, as relevant. Bring plenty of Free the Branch Davidians signs, since the judges are now deciding their appeals status.

The Committee in D.C. will be holding a press conference at noon at BATF HQ in D.C. on February 28. In part, we will be stressing that Congress has covered up the fact BATF agents were shooting from helicopters.

The Committee will be part of an April 19th coalition holding a press conference/demo in front of the FBI building 11:30-1:30. (There may be a smaller demonstration as well as ours, since DC police tell me there is more than enough space there for that sort of thing.)

We have not decided the theme for this press conference/ demo, since the issue of the Oklahoma City bombing will be the focus of much press attention so we have to have a comment/statement on that. Ideas for appropriate themes we and other groups can use would be appreciated.

People are invited to participate. Email me or call at 202/986- 1847.

Carol Moore in D.C. or

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