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I received the following from Debra von Trapp and I am passing it along. Note particularly that I do not necessarily agree nor disagree with either all or portions of the following. If you are mentioned and you are hopping mad, give me a call at (217) 356- 4418 and I will endeavor to present your side of this.

                                          -- Brian Francis Redman

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January 31, 1996

Kenneth Starr, Esq.
Independent Counsel
By facsimile (202) 514-8802

RE: EOP/Obstruction of Justice

Dear Mr. Starr:

I am contacting your office in regard to work that I performed with certain federal intelligence employees, supervised by federal intelligence employee Robert Goetzman, beginning in 1991.

Robert Goetzman approached me in a private press function in Atlanta in May of 1991. He introduced himself by saying, "I'm Robert Goetzman. I'm from the Executive Office of the President. [EOP]"

I am one of the leading technical analysts and consultants in the computer industry. Prior to 1981, I was a judge's clerk for Orange County Superior Court.

Robert Goetzman has been identified to me, in writing, by the State Department, as an FBI employee. However, other federal contacts have identified him as holding DOJ clearances for both the CIA and FBI. During some of our activity, he carried business cards reading MCA/Universal (Japanese-owned MCA, Inc.) with his name on them, as an employee.

MCA, Inc. began calls and threats to me in July of 1994. It presently has one of its Directors in a rental house across the street from my home of eighteen years.

I specifically wish to inform you of our activity, on behalf of the Embassy of Japan in Washington D.C., which began at the Lincoln Memorial during the pre-Inaugural activities. We delivered $25,000.00 worth of large screen televisions to the site, at Goetzman's direction, from Mitsubishi Electric and Toshiba. At that time Toshiba was prohibited by federal court order from trade with the U.S. Government.

I have been advised by other Washington sources that Robert Goetzman reported to Ollie North at the NSA during the Toshiba prosecution and is listed as FBI personnel in that prosecution.

The delivery was met by Robert Goetzman and his subordinate Peter Stanley. Goetzman placed transmitting surveillance devices behind screens of three of the sets and escorted them into the VIP tent for Mr. Clinton. The sets moved with Mr. Clinton to the Capitol Center and returned to the original site. At the conclusion of this activity, the sets were abandoned on the sidewalk of the Lincoln Memorial.

The Inaugural Committee then trucked the sets to the Washington Naval Shipyard, where they were placed under military guard until the Committee, at its own expense, trucked them on United Van Lines to California and delivered them to my house. I have the documents and phone records from these activities.

We then proceeded to fulfill all of the first Executive Office purchase orders through front companies operated by FBI and CIA personnel. Peter Stanley sold Hillary her first purchase order, a MacIntosh computer. Robert Goetzman and I shopped, publicly in meetings with computer industry executives, with Hiroshi Suzuki from the Embassy of Japan, for twenty motherboards for the Executive Office computers. I fulfilled, along with Goetzman, the first software purchase order from the Executive Office. Robert Goetzman and another subordinate, Jim Cofield, represented that all of the equipment was delivered with surveillance capability. We purchased and caused to be installed WordPerfect 5.2 to ensure that all document files that were surveilled could be easily run through database analysis by the Embassy personnel. At one point the Embassy had problems in converting English to Japanese on its printer, prior to transmitting to Tokyo. At Goetzman's request, I arranged for Ambassador Kuriyama's driver to pick up a box with my name on it, which contained an unreleased Kanji version of MicroSoft Windows. This program solved the printer problem.

Paul Steele, a federal employee who had been with us at the White House during the Bush Administration, became Director of Purchasing for the District of Columbia when Mr. Clinton took office. Robert Goetzman, Paul Steele, Jim Cofield and I purchased, delivered and placed surveillance equipment in DOC [District of Columbia(?)] offices, including the Municipal Police Department. I was paid, by arrangement through Paul Steele, for this activity by their appropriation of the Xerox Copier repair budget. The budget totalled $10,000.00, an amount that would have triggered further scrutiny. They therefore paid me a District of Columbia check for $9,975.00.

Robert Goetzman then removed 100 copies of WordPerfect 5.1 from the Executive Office Building and delivered them, along with a compromised master copy of WordPerfect 5.2., to the Democratic National Committee to complete the surveillance effort. I personally obtained and delivered, with Robert Goetzman and Jim Cofield, close to $500,000.00 worth of computer software to the Committee, in pricing arrangements that otherwise violated GSA rules for the vendors. In fact, the GSA stepped in to complain and then suddenly, inexplicably, backed off.

When I went public in March of 1994, George Stephanopoulos and the DNC counsel then proceeded to engage in a coverup. Janet Reno first opened an investigation in July of 1994, then her office informed me by telephone that Paul Coffey, Chief of the Organized Crime and Racketeering Section, had ordered some 62 pages of my documents to be sent to his office and destroyed. I then had two conversations with Paul Coffey. He advised me that he had destroyed the records, that they were not copied or forwarded from the Secretariat's office to the FBI, and that he had instructed his staff to hang up on me if I called. He told me that this information "would never see the light of day" and that I should go back to Robert Goetzman and try to get in his good graces.

The DNC then sent me two checks, in an apparent effort to silence me. In total, the DNC paid me over $50,000.00.

Without his knowledge, I recorded a telephone conversation with Jim Cofield, represented to me as being a DIA employee reporting to Goetzman, in which he stated that I would be killed if I talked about the Embassy of Japan.

When I advised both Cofield and Goetzman that I had audiotaped them, Mr. Panetta's office (and presumably Mr. and Mrs. Clinton, since I had been given a fax number into Mr. Clinton's office to communicate with him) arranged for the SBA [Small Business Administration(?)] to give me $151,000.00 after I had been turned down twice on my application for a $16,000.00 loan.

Then another Goetzman associate, John McCracken (a former Navy Seal), brought me in on his team to open another front company. He paid me close to $50,000.00 and demanded the audiotapes. I didn't deliver them in Las Vegas on November 11, 1995 and then left under his direct threat that they are going to kill both myself and my son.

I never knew the official description of this team. However, an article authored by Ambrose Evans-Pritchard of the London Daily Telegraph and appearing Saturday, January 27, 1996 [CN -- accompanying article by AEP is dated Jan. 29, 1996], closely describes our team. A copy follows this letter.

It is my belief that a member of this team, or someone cooperating with them, would not only have had access, but motive, to remove and then replace documents on the third floor of the White House.

Robert Goetzman called me on the night Vince Foster was killed. He said: "We did him." "We did him somewhere else but we dumped him in a queer park to send a message to Clinton and his queer wife." "He (Foster) went entreprenurial on us." "He was selling NSA codes to the Israelis."

I am specifically requesting that you review not only the names of the people that I worked with from the EOP, but others that they have had contact with at the White House since 1991, to determine whether or not their name appears on the admittance log to the third floor.

I am specifically requesting that you cause to be investigated the Clinton Administration coverup of their knowledge of the surveillance and the theft and transfer of federal property (100 copies of WordPerfect 5.1) from the Executive Office building to K.C. Schoor-Hollings, MIS Director of the Democratic National Committee. Ms. Hollings left the DNC as soon as I went public.

I am specifically requesting federal government protection and that I not be subject to contact by any member of the FBI from California. Special Agent Janelle Salveson has directly threatened me, on behalf of Robert Goetzman, if I continue to talk.

I have interviewed on approximately 15 radio shows and two television broadcasts. I have distributed the audiotapes and copies of all of my documents publicly.

I have reported these facts not only to the Justice Department, but separately, both orally and in writing, to the Washington FBI office and the Secret Service. Remarkably, all of that activity has only resulted in further threats to my life and more payoffs.

Robert Goetzman has conducted a continued effort to frame me as an unstable person because I have discussed this activity. I invite you to review the videotape of Mr. Nixon's funeral. I was placed, by the U.S. Government (and presumably in a stable state of mind), unsearched, on the tarmack at the landing of Mr. Nixon's body and again, stationed at the front door of the Nixon Library, with each of the Presidents, past and present, unsearched, standing next to a Secret Service agent.

Mr. Starr, I am contacting you in the hope that one person (yourself) in the federal government is not personally compromised in his capacity and is unwilling to obstruct justice.

I was called by Victor Huston, FBI, of your office today. He seemed quite nonchalant about my accusations and evidence and especially distant after I implicated the FBI. He, in fact, only suggested that I "write" you by mail, then attempted to leave the conversation without giving me an address. When I told him that I had your fax number, he discouraged me from faxing you. He stated that he didn't want me "to tie up the fax machine."

Please put me, my documents and audiotapes in front of the Washington Grand Jury. I believe the activity of Mrs. Clinton, Vince Foster, the "Goetzman Team", the Secret Service and the coverup of the discovered surveillance of the administration and the DNC has direct bearing on your investigation of the disappearance, reappearance and non-delivery of subpoenaed documents.


Debra von Trapp

cc: A. Evans-Pritchard, AP, Washington Times, Washington Post, LA Times, NY Times, Michigan Militia, Montana Militia, Patriot Fax Network

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