Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 5 Num. 97

("Quid coniuratio est?")


Short, devastating jabs at corrupt politicians, judges, banks, and newsfakers by Sherman H. Skolnick of the Citizens Committee to Clean Up the Courts in Chicago. Now available via anonymous ftp at ftp, pub/users/bigred

But, Brian: How do I get there? And what do I do then?

  1. ftp
  2. login: anonymous
  3. password: email@ <-- Not meant literally!! This means the

    first part of your email address

  4. cd pub/users/bigred
  5. get sc010 <-- Or any other file, e.g. sc001, sc023
  6. quit

You now have the file in your home directory!

Here are the files currently available, which will be added to in the future:

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

sc001 The Pope, 3 American Banks, and St. Peter's Banker

sc002 Report From Iron Mountain

sc003 NAFTA, Foster, the Dope Business, and Soviet Helicopters

sc004 Federal Prosecutor Hogan and the El Rukns

sc005 Bribed! 108 Congressmen; 28 Senators

sc006 Key Federal Judges Wear Two Hats

sc007 Chicago Federal Judge Linked to White House Scandals

sc008 Bill and Hillary: Accomplices to Murder?

sc009 The Strange Death of Vincent Foster, Jr.

sc010 More About the Clinton White House Scandals

sc011 Newsfakers Lure Suckers Into The Markets

sc012 The Very Rich Are Not Sentimental

sc013 Phone Company Sabotages Political Activists

sc014 Hopkins & Sutter, the Rose Law Firm, and the Missing $50 Million

sc015 Strange Events With CIA

sc016 FDA, Gore, Monsanto Chemicals, and Milk Bovine Hormone

sc017 Center of Clinton Scandals is Chicago

sc018 Tales From Chicago Politics

sc019      Chicago's Richie Daley, Glenrock Cement, State Contractors,
           and Kickbacks

sc020 Hopkins & Sutter, Hillary Rodham Clinton, and RTC

sc021 Chicago Tribune: Long-Time Newsfaker

sc022 FBI and CIA Play Dirty Games With Each Other

sc023 Big Cover-Up With Dan Rostenkowski

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