Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 5 Num. 96

("Quid coniuratio est?")


Tom Valentine's guest on Radio Free America (shortwave 5.065 MHz, 9 pm cst, mon-fri) on September 1st, 1995, was ex-Mossad agent Victor Ostrovsky. Ostrovsky is the author of several books, including By Way of Deception (apparently taken from a scriptural reference of some type; i.e., "By way of deception thou shall do war") and The Other Side of Deception.

Ostrovsky was originally with the Israeli Navy, was then recruited into Mossad (Israel's CIA), and then finally quit Mossad in hopes of being a successful whistleblower. He feels, however, that his efforts to expose what has been going on in intelligence circles have not had the good results he had hoped for and that, if he could do it all over again, he would never have become a whistleblower and, in fact, would never have joined Mossad in the first place.

The author told, among many things, about how the Mossad has influenced the United States. He claims that the U.S. is now "a huge ATM machine" to Israel and to the world, and that other nations now have become habituated to just taking whatever cash they need from us. This the result of a Congress that is overly influenced by various foreign lobbies, and especially the result of a citizenry that has abdicated its responsibilities in a democracy. (As the late Abbie Hoffman said, "Democracy is not something you believe in; democracy is something that you do.")

Ostrovsky finds the celebrated Aldrich Ames spy case to be "very strange". How could someone like Ames, the turncoat CIA agent, have operated the way he did for so long and not have been detected? "No way," says Ostrovsky. There is more going on (again) than we are being told.

The demise of the Soviet Union is seen as a victory for which U.S. intelligence can take a good deal of credit. However beware that the KGB is by no means gone. In fact, there is more KGB now than ever: now there are thirteen KGBs, that number having sprung up after the dissolution of the Soviet republic.

But the biggest spy group of all was the STASSI(sp?) out of East Germany. What happened after the fall of the Berlin Wall? Where did the infamous STASSI go? Their files have fallen into the hands of the west, and yet there have been no arrests, no prosecutions!

Where have the former STASSI agents gone? Ostrovsky says the case officers moved to red China where they now work for Chinese intelligence. The author notes that "You can't quit; now you work for whoever tells you to work." (Yet one wonders: how did Ostrovsky quit Mossad?) With the influx of ex-STASSI agents into China's intelligence apparatus, China now has a huge spy network. China, the "sleeping giant", "is not sleeping anymore." What we have dreaded has come, but we're not talking about it because it's "bad for business".

A caller disputed the official tally of 6 million Jewish dead in the Nazi Holocaust, to which Ostrovsky vehemently responded that 6 million is the correct figure; "not 5 million, not 4 million, not 3 million, not 2 million." A bit of a heated debate ensued, with Ostrovsky adamant that the correct figure is 6 million Jews killed, 2 million gypsies killed, and 11 million Russians killed.

Ostrovsky feels strongly that we must never forget the Nazi Holocaust, yet he is critical of what he sees as Israeli government hypocrisy in a similar matter. It will be recalled that recent information has come to light regarding the massacre by Israeli soldiers of thousands of Egyptians during the 1960s. Yet the Israeli government has decided not to prosecute the matter because these atrocities occurred over twenty years ago and the trail has gone cold. How can the Israeli government take this stance, asks Ostrovsky, and yet still aggresively pursue Nazi war criminals from over 50 years ago?

Ostrovsky sees peace for Israel coming from flexibility in dealing with its Arab neighbors. He sees the path to peace in the region as being helped by a willingness to yield, to co-exist with ones neighbors, rather than the current rigid policy.

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