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OKLAHOMA CITY BOMBING- The Suppressed Truth by Jon Rappoport
Blue Press
2633 Lincoln Blvd. Ste 256
Santa Monica, CA 90405

Rappoport is the author of AIDS Inc., Kill the Monster, and the editor/author of US Government Mind Control Experiments on Children He ran unsuccessfully against statist Henry Waxman in the Democratic primary in Los Angeles and feels strongly that election fraud occurred against him in that election. I know him to be a highly ethical investigative journalist with 15 years experience, and urge anyone in the LA area to listen to his weekly Free Form radio program on WPFK.

The book Oklahoma City Bombing- The Suppressed Truth covers all of the substantive issues that have been raised in this mailing list regarding the cover-up and more. Rappoport has done his homework: he has interviewed other free lancers, network reporters in an effort to pin them down on inconsistencies, a writer from the Daily Oklahoman who wouldn't provide her last name, Eye witnesses, Oklahoma State Representative Charles Key who stated to him that a Tow missile was found in the Federal Building after the blast, Ray Brown the geophysicist at University of Oklahoma who works for the geological survey there, and many others...

Rappoport analyzes the cover up with the skill of a gifted investigative journalist, who has the ability to tie all loose ends together. He carefully followed all of the media reports and points out numerous inconsistencies that don't add up when viewed against the backdrop of people he has interviewed and facts he has pieced together. This is a MUST read! It's the book that shatters the coverup, and I urge you to get a copy. In Rappoport's words:

"In the case of Oklahoma City, federal police are being forced to invent a fantasy. The truck bomb didn't cause the real damage to the Federal Building. Couldn't. Didn't. Not ever. That's the secret. Right there, at the beginning, the whole government story falls apart in your hands. The truth about death in Oklahoma City has been covered up since 9:02 am on April 19th, 1995. And no politician will keep that truth from coming out."

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