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The waters are indeed murky at this point regarding some of the information on the April 19, 1995 Oklahoma City bombing. So said I two days ago, and so say I now.

David Hall, formerly owner/manager of KPOC television in Ponca City, Oklahoma, and currently investigating the Oklahoma City bombing, was Tom Valentine's guest on the August 23, 1995 broadcast of Radio Free America (5.065 MHz, 9 pm cst, mon-fri).

Hall related that he recently went to Denver to speak with an informant there. The informant, un-named, is supposed to have warned the feds as early as September 14, 1994 that there was going to be a bombing of a federal building. By March 6th of '95, this informant is said to have narrowed down his forecast to a federal building, in the midwest, by mid-April. Said informant claims to have been in Kingman, Arizona when he heard this.

So who is this informant? Mr. Hall is not free to say, but he can say that he is "probably an Iraqi" and resembles the omnipresent yet never found John Doe #2 -- or was John Doe #2 found? See, for example, CN 5.23, "Will The Real John Doe #2 Please Stand Up", wherein back in June we were being told "officially" that John Doe #2 was an army private who rented a Ryder truck but not the Ryder truck.

But wait a minute! Remember how they were saying that a surveillance camera had been trained on the doomed Murrah Building at 9:02 on the morning of the blast and that it showed, not a Ryder truck parked in front of the building, but a UPS truck! What ever happened to that story?

Like I said, the waters are murky.

But still some info is better than none, so here goes with more of the current scuttlebutt.

Mr. Hall states that since April 23rd of this year there has been a prisoner, named Steven Coburn, sitting in the Phoenix jail. He is apparently linked to the brown pickup truck, another element in our tale, which has been found in Bullhead City, Arizona. With nitrate in the bed of the truck! With a tag number seen on a surveillance camera in Oklahoma City! The mainstream media has kept a tight lid on this, thus far. Hall says that either CBS or NBC will be airing a report on the OKC bombing on September 11th. Let's hope no more bombs go off before then, or else the professional "news" people are really going to lose their dentures. (Just stay in your rocking chairs, guys, and keep watching the O.J. Simpson trial.)

I'd still like to know what happened to the UPS truck.

Aren't you glad you live in the United States, where our news is free and open? Not like Russia where their news is controlled? Or maybe you don't feel that the "news" in the U.S. is all that open. Tom Valentine doesn't. "We need a lot more glasnost in America about this thing," he urges.

Hall insists that the story behind the bombing boils down to an FBI/BATF sting operation gone awry. But what does Debra von Trapp say? She has said that the Japanese are somehow involved, so we have at least two different theories floating around. Not to mention the usual government "lone nut" theory.

But Debra von Trapp isn't returning my calls.

Craig, who called a while back, had lent a hand by informing Tom Valentine that an FBI member in his church had stated that the FBI had been given an "administrative holiday" on the day of the bombing. But if I understand things correctly, "Craig" has now developed an aneurysm and is unable to be questioned further.

And was it really an aneurysm?

Defense attorney Stephen Jones has talked to Mr. Hall, but Hall is not at liberty to pass along what was said.

Hall insists that there are more people involved in the bombing than just McVeigh and Nichols. He says there are "ten, twelve" people who played a part in the tragedy, some of them from the federal government. In fact, according to Hall, two or even three different groups played a part in the bombing. What is more, according to Hall, McVeigh and Nichols may be relatively innocent and may have been "sucked into this".

On one thing, however, all are agreed; both from past shows and the current show, all guests, experts, investigators, etc. -- all except the government (which btw is not famous for being honest with the American public) -- see eye-to-eye that no way was this tragedy caused by a "fertilizer bomb". If nothing else, the one consistency in all this is that a "fertilizer bomb" (even one that used race car fuel instead of diesel fuel) could never have taken down the support columns in the Murrah Building.

Also, bear in mind that the pattern of the explosion is suspicious. Why were columns near to the supposed truck bomb left standing while columns further away collapsed?

Hall compliments the government on one thing: they are doing a great job in their cover-up.

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