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The waters are indeed murky at this point regarding some of the information on the April 19, 1995 Oklahoma City bombing.

Still, there is some solid information that has come out: ** It appears quite doubtful that a truck bomb could have collapsed the support columns of the Murrah Building, especially not in the pattern that occurred. For more info, see a recent article in the New American by explosives expert and ex- Brigadier General Partin;
** The authorities investigating the bombing are doling out their information sparingly -- why? What's the big secret? ** The national news media, playing Tweedledum to the governmental authorities, is also partial in the news it is letting out nationally.

This last point was confirmed by Pat Breilly(sp?), the guest on the August 21, 1995 broadcast of Radio Free America (5.065 MHz, 9 pm cst, mon-fri). Mr. Breilly, an individual citizen who has devoted himself to independently investigating the OKC bombing, charges that there is an ongoing national news blackout on this story. He says that the local NBC affiliate, KFOR channel 4 in Oklahoma City is giving full and honest coverage to the unfolding developments, but that the national news media is ignoring the local affiliate's coverage. Mr. Breilly further states that, as a result of their courageous and honest reporting, KFOR is being viciously attacked by the other local media and that even the Oklahoma governor himself has been attacking KFOR.

As noted in a previous edition of Conspiracy Nation, Edye Smith, mother of two young children who perished in the blast, has also gone on record in praise of KFOR's coverage.

As stated, however, the waters are murky on this story as to what has really been going on. Some facts seem clear, yet others are perhaps wild rumors. It is best to "keep our feet on the ground" and beware of dis-information artists who may be floating around.

This is not to say, however, that any particular person, including Mr. Breilly, necessarily is not to be trusted -- just that much contradictory information has already gone out from several sources and that, ultimately, the best bet is to sift through all information and then use one's own God-given ability to think. In this day of "experts" who are often no more than fancy whores, one must be self-reliant and think for oneself.

With this caveat in mind, here is what else Mr. Breilly and others had to say:

** Two Arabs worked directly with McVeigh (source: Mr. Breilly's witnesses);

** The Mercury Marquis was being driven by an Arab before the blast (source: Mr. Breilly's witnesses);

** FBI has not called any of the witnesses that KFOR has used for its reporting (source: Mr. Breilly);

** "There's something really wrong here with the FBI's investigation," says Mr. Breilly;

** There seem to have been Arabs all over the place just prior to the blast in the vicinity of the Murrah Building (source: Mr. Breilly);

** There was an Oklahoma City bomb squad at the federal courthouse across from the Murrah Building at 7:45 am on April 19th (source: Norma Smith, eyewitness; Norma Smith's co-workers, eyewitnesses; a newspaper in Carthage, Texas, in their April 23rd edition);

** OKC bomb squad denies they were at the courthouse as stated above (source: Mr. Breilly quoting OKC bomb squad);

** The severed leg seems to have belonged to a Mr. McCallum, a convicted prisoner released from a Seattle-area prison. Mr. McCallum is believed to have had outstanding warrants yet had still been released. Mr. McCallum and John Doe #2 may have both had tatoos on their arms -- is McCallum also John Doe #2? (source: Mr. Breilly; article in the Sunday (Aug. 20th?) Daily Oklahoman);

** Evidence implies an "inside job" (source: Mr. Breilly);

** The FBI and other official agencies investigating the blast are going to "get caught at their own game". Their cover-up is not going to work (source: Mr. Breilly);

** ex-FBI SAC Ted Gunderson, apparently an honest and independent investigator looking into the bombing, had been placed under a "gag order" and not allowed to disseminate his findings related to the April 19th explosion(s) (source: Tom Valentine, host);

** Joyce Riley(sp?), a radio talk show host on KFCC Houston claims that the "Gulf War Syndrome" is bacteriologically-based and that records of this had been stored in the Murrah Building (source: caller to RFA claimed that Ms. Riley is saying this);

** Records related to the Waco Massacre may have been kept in the Murrah Building. Many records were removed after the blast (source: Mr. Breilly);

** A security guard in the area, interviewed by a caller, heard two explosions that day (source: caller);

** There were two distinct "events" (source: Mr. Breilly);

** KFOR has two witnesses claiming that BATF agents had told them that, on the morning of the bombing, they did not have to come in for work due to a reported bomb threat (source: either caller or Mr. Breilly)

The big news from my own perspective is that investigative reporter Jon Rappoport has written a book tentatively entitled OKC Bombing: Suppressed Truth. I am familiar with a previous book by Mr. Rappoport, AIDS: Inc. which was quite well written. A book by Rappoport on the subject of the bombing should be extremely enlightening.

On a related note, NBC on Saturday, August 19th, broadcast an item on their evening news that, guess what? Timothy McVeigh, the lone assassin of federal buildings, did not use diesel fuel when he was cooking up his "fertilizer bomb" but used fertilizer + race car fuel; specifically either nitro-methene or hydrazine. This was one of those "NBC has learned" stories. NBC says that the latest version of the bomb was "the product of more serious and dangerous chemistry than first thought." So how did McVeigh, not much of an expert, manage to make this more sophisticated bomb? NBC says that, while true that most manuals on this type of explosive are quite esoteric, they, through their heroic digging, managed to discover some simple how-to manual -- something like "Big Bird Builds A Bomb" -- which I didn't have time to jot down the name of.

The above possible use of race car fuel was confirmed by Mr. Breilly who says that he is "toying with the idea" that McVeigh had to have been well-known to BATF and FBI before the bombing:

** According to Breilly, McVeigh tried to buy Hydrazine and nitro-methene from local retailers. These retailers were suspicious and notified BATF/FBI;
** The Arkansas man whose guns were stolen so that McVeigh could allegedly finance the supposed truck bomb, according to Breilly, knew McVeigh before he was robbed, may have had McVeigh as an overnight house-guest before the robbery, had worked for the FBI and operated a CIA front company; ** In April of 1993, according to a Spotlight reporter (as related by Breilly), Jennifer McVeigh, sister of the accused bomber, was at a Liberty Lobby meeting. There, she raised some kind of a ruckus and claimed that her brother was an informer for BATF.

Bottom line: (1) There's something really wrong here with the FBI's investigation; (2) the full Oklahoma City bomb story is not being told by the national news media.

And what can you do? Notice who the advertisers are for the nightly "news" programs and begin to boycott their products, sell off their stocks, etc.

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