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("Quid coniuratio est?")

I spoke by phone with Mr. Skolnick on August 18, 1995. Note that in what follows I neither necessarily agree nor disagree with either all or parts of statements made by Mr. Skolnick. Persons mentioned are invited to send rebuttals, of reasonable length, for probable distribution.

-- Brian Francis Redman, Editor-in-Chief

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All right, let me read to you this purported e-mail message that was forwarded to me. I don't know absolutely that this is by Orlin Grabbe, but it's purported to be, and I believe it is:

About the RTC [Resolution Trust Corporation], I don't know. I have too many good leads to follow to worry about that part of it. It is possible that someone supplied Skolnick with disinformation, for which the basic structure of the story was true but the names were changed to create a diversion and confusion.

What is he talking about?

I think he's talking about that RTC transfer of the contingency fund.

Well that's... His contention that it's mis-information is ridiculous! Why? I think I already told you.

Joseph Andreuccetti [is] a former client of John E. Gierum. And Andreuccetti has a major claim against the $58.4 million RTC contingency fund in Chicago. In the presence of his former client, Andreuccetti (and myself), John E. Gierum, in January '94, confessed that the Clinton White House was trying to frame him on the transfer {6}. And that he had previously also admitted to me that he's a close crony of the Rodham family from Park Ridge [Illinois], where he has his office. He grew up with Hillary's brother. He went to law school with him.

It couldn't be dis-information. We spoke directly to the source that was in charge of the 50-some-odd million dollar contingency fund. Therefore, I don't know what Mr. Grabbe is talking about, that he thinks I changed the names or am a victim of dis-information. I dealt directly with the one that was in charge of it!

Yeah. And as a matter of fact, Sarah McClendon confirms a lot of what you've been sayin'. In a recent issue of Relevance, which is a newsletter, the editor says that he has talked with Sarah McClendon, and she -- I don't have the exact quote at hand -- but she says, roughly, " fraud, to the tune of $46-60 million dollars, in Arkansas." {7}. Which supports what you've been sayin' all along.

Right. And what about the thing, that's in the court record, not disputed, by the top [...tape runs out...]

As you know, September 20th, '94, I got over an hour-and-a-half interview, in the presence of Andreuccetti, with the spokesperson for the acting chief of the Criminal Investigation Division of IRS, Lynette Redmer. And she volunteered about the $50 million and the transfer of the money and the RTC and all that. And she brought up things, from her own knowledge, that involved Whitewater. She's the one that brought it up, okay? (She's a top IRS official.)

And her interview with me (or confession -- whatever you want to call it) is a matter of court record ever since! It's never been disputed by her or by the IRS or by anybody {8}.

And because of that confession of an IRS official, as you know, I filed a petition, in the federal court, that a top Justice Department official flew into Chicago and threatened me outside the door of the courtroom! That's still pending too.

And the magistrate, judge, that was inside [the courtroom], that just heard, relating to this, is a witness. Because her deputy clerk says that "We hear everything that's happening outside. Move away from the door."

I was threatened by a Justice Department official, right outside the door, about the very thing that you're asking me about.

Yeah, okay. And Grabbe purportedly goes on to add that he's "focusing on a single wire transfer, which is going to blow this whole thing wide open. And that is the $286,000 from Vince's sister to her sister-in-law." Which I think he wrote about in part 18.

Yeah, I read it.

We know a related detail. According to Grabbe's story and other routine sources, Sheila Foster Anthony, the sister of the late White House deputy counsel Vincent Foster, Jr., she heads up the legislative affairs department of the Justice Department, that handles the process of putting up nominees for U.S. judges, U.S. attorneys, and U.S. marshalls.

And the magistrate over here in Chicago, outside whose door a Justice Department official threatened me earlier this year, is now a pending appointment to be promoted as a U.S. district judge, which is a lifetime appointment. And her appointment has been held up. And among the reasons is my complaint about that she allowed me to be threatened (outside her door) about the 50 million dollars by a Justice Department official that, by what he said, was threatening to have me jailed! To silence me!

So there's a connection, right between the magistrate, Joan Lefkow, whose appointment to the district court bench has been held up.

We sent copies of all this to the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Orrin Hatch. And he wrote me back that it's being considered.

And so the ratification of her appointment is being held up by the Senate Judiciary Committee. And the direct connection there: the one that is in the nominating/selection process of federal district judges is Foster's sister, the very one that you are mentioning here, Sheila Foster Anthony, who, according to Grabbe, transferred to Foster's widow, Lisa, $286,000. And Grabbe's implying that there was something secret about it, or that it might have been illicit money-laundering funds.

[ be continued...]

---------------------------<< Notes >>--------------------------- {6} The RTC contingency fund, approximately $58.4 million, was allegedly secretly and illegally transferred to Arkansas to be used to cover up the alleged embezzlement of a bank down there.

{7} "Now in her eighties, McClendon, the grand dame of the Washington press corps told your editor in mid-May that there were sixteen sealed indictments sitting in the Arkansas District Court, three of which indict Hillary Rodham Clinton with bank fraud to the tune of $47-60 million, obstruction of justice, and possibly perjury." Relevance newsletter, June/July 1995. Call 1-800-626-8944 to subscribe.

{8} Excerpts from "Second Amended Verified Complaint", case No. 92 C 7048, United States District Court, Northern District of Illinois, Eastern Division:

2. That on September 20, 1994, Sherman H. Skolnick and Andreuccetti went to the 14th floor of the building at 230 South Dearborn Street, Chicago, Illinois, Internal Revenue Service, Criminal Investigation Division. Skolnick said he is a journalist and wishes to speak with the Chief or acting Chief of C.I.D.

2A. A woman came to a door, said she speaks for the Chief, later identifying herself as Lynette Redmer, and ushered Skolnick and Andreuccetti to a conference room.


18. She [Redmer] used words and statements to show she had inside knowledge of Joe's [Andreuccetti's] problem. She referred to a 54 or more million dollar fund parked by Resolution Trust Corporation with Household International, part of the details of Joe's [Andreuccetti's] pieces of litigation. Turning to Joe, she said, "Well your claim against the fund is mostly 32 million dollar punitive damage claim from your DuPage matter," which Joe [Andreuccetti] disputes. She said, "The transfer (secretly) of 50 million to Little Rock, that was Whitewater, right?" Skolnick confirmed that is correct. "They only needed 47 (million) down there, what happened to the 3 million difference?" Confirming that she knew from inside details that the President and First Lady are accused by some in R.T.C. of being implicated in the embezzlement of 47 million dollars missing from Madison Guaranty Savings & Loan of Little Rock. "Do you know exactly where in a secret trust they have the 50 million in Little Rock?" she said to Skolnick, who said "The 3 million difference is for so-called 'transportation' expense, that is, street tax." She was aware that John E. Gierum was implicated in said transfer and was a close crony of First Lady Hillary.


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