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[Associated Press, as reported in the Champaign-Urbana News Gazette, 08/16/95, page A-6]

CHICAGO (AP) -- An office of the Justice Department is recommending that a top prosecutor of one of the city's worst gangs be fired for misconduct, an attorney said today.

The report recommends that Assistant U.S. Attorney William R. Hogan, responsible for a spectacular series of gang convictions that later unraveled, should be terminated for several indiscretions, the Chicago Tribune reported today, citing unidentified legal and government sources and Hogan himself.

Hogan's attorney, Shelly Kulwin, said today that the U.S. attorney's executive office in Washington, D.C., recommended the dismissal. If the Justice Department ultimately accepts the recommendation, Kulwin said, Hogan will appeal to the Merit Systems Protection Board, which is independent of the Justice Department. He said he's confident Hogan will win there.

By early 1993, the conviction of 53 El Rukn street gang members and associates was touted as marking the end of an era of terror for the South Side streets they controlled.

But the case began to fall apart in 1993, when allegations surfaced that prosecutors knew some of their witnesses were on drugs; allowed some witnesses to have sex in prosecutors' offices; and that the prosecution kept this knowledge from the defense.

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From Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 3 Num. 06:

Hi! Sherman Skolnick, Citizens' Committee to Clean Up the Courts, 9800 Oglesby.

In Chicago, the federal court and the federal prosecutor's office are in the Dirksen Building. They are facing the biggest scandals probably in local history, if not national and international history.

A summary of details:

  1. The Justice Department dragged their feet in prosecuting Assistant U.S. Attorney William R. Hogan, jr. Three federal district judges, after extensive hearings, have accused Hogan of arranging sex, dope, and perjury, in trying to put in jail members of the dope and murder gang known as the El Rukns.

Previously called the Blackstone Rangers, they have been financed through foundations linked to CIA -- part of an experiment in how to control neighborhoods. The CIA fronts included the Charles E. Merrill Trust of Cambridge, an offshoot of stock peddlers Merrill-Lynch.

Hey, but get this! El Rukns, and their relatives, reportedly are federal employees in the Dirksen Building!

Hogan says that if he goes to prison, at least three federal district judges will have to go to prison with him -- including Judge Aspin(sp?), Judge Holderman(sp?), and Judge Conlin(sp?). Hogan knows about corruption implicating many federal judges, including them! And he says they are trying to discredit him.

Hogan also knows a lot about the Justice Department's secret units doing dirty tricks, including murdering federal grand jury witnesses.

For years, the Justice Department has used perjured witnesses and faked-up video to send people to jail!

(By the way, the Hogan ruckus also includes four Mafia figures inserted into the federal grand jury system here to poison the well.)


From Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 3 Num. 22:


More recently, the mass media would have you believe that the El Rukn dope mess is [unclear] limited to perjury and sex. Actually, it is the tip of a corrupt operation of the chief federal prosecutor's office in Chicago, involving, for example, bribing federal prosecutors [unclear] some who escape being prosecuted in a thing called "The Dope Underground" permeating the federal establishment here.

Assistant federal prosecutor William R. Hogan, jr., has been accused in the El Rukn mess of misconduct. He counter-attacks by saying six federal judges here take bribes.

Stay tuned.


From Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 3 Num. 93:


ITEM: Assistant U.S. attorney William R. Hogan, jr., of Chicago, has been on administrative leave. The Justice Department has been, for months and months, dragging their feet on accusations against this federal prosecutor that he arranged perjury, drugs, and sex in the purported trials of numerous narco-terrorists in Chicago. Hogan counter-attacked, saying that the Justice Department covered up the bribery of six or more federal judges here.

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