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("Quid coniuratio est?")


Tom Valentine's guest on Radio Free America (5.065 MHz, 9 pm cst, mon-fri) was Oklahoma legislator Charles Key. Key had been trying to get the state of Oklahoma to mount its own independent investigation into the bombing of the Murrah Building there, but without success.

Key had been mentioned previously in an article in USA Today ("Okla. City conspiracy buzz grows", August 4, 1995, p. 2A), in which it was pointed out that Key had joined "a small but growing number of people in Oklahoma and across the USA who say there's something about the Oklahoma City bombing the government doesn't want examined." Representative Key was more to-the-point this evening when he stated that there has been "obstruction of justice" in the matter and went on to say that "It's been so blatant that it's been shocking to me."

"There's some reason they're covering this up," charged Key. "After awhile, they must think they can get away with anything."

"But they're not gonna get away with this," he added.

Of course, as usual it needs to be pointed out to newer readers (who may be wondering, "Gee. Why haven't I heard about this from the mainstream media?") that information is now being routinely withheld from the American citizenry by all traditional "news" sources. So, if you are wondering why the shocking, credible story that there is widespread disagreement as to, for example, even so basic a fact as whether or not a "fertilizer bomb" was actually used in the Oklahoma bombing, is not being reported via mass media and federal information channels, it is because these sources have long since been co-opted and are notorious liars.

There are exceptions. For example, according to Representative Key, the local NBC affiliate in Oklahoma City, KFOR, has been offering good coverage on all aspects of the story. But, sad to say, the other stations in the area are heaping scorn on KFOR for courageously telling the truth.

As alluded to in a previous issue of Conspiracy Nation ("Jean Lewis Dares to Speak"), those who ask the "wrong" questions risk the Orwellian accusation of "hate speech" and consequent gasps from pointy-headed liberals. Key also has suffered this, what he calls ("for lack of a better word") "political correctness"; says Keys, "Somehow it's wrong just to ask questions."

Yet Keys is not intimidated, not scared that he will be smoothly sneered at by the suckers and toadies of the dominant intellectual milieu. He goes ahead anyway, and charges that another tragedy took place today, besides the questionable and tardy indictments: "It's a tragedy when our own government... by their own choice refuses to look at certain evidence." Key claims that persons with mid-east connection have been linked to accused suspect Timothy McVeigh. This, according to Keys, has been verified by more than one witness, one of whom swears to have seen a person of mid-eastern appearance getting into McVeigh's car immediately after the April 19th explosion at the Murrah Building.

Host Tom Valentine affirmed that there is indeed evidence that an unknown person, possibly an Iraqi, was involved with McVeigh.

Supposedly, according to Mr. Key, McVeigh's attorney Stephen Jones "has some really good information" that will be coming out during the upcoming trial. Yet Conspiracy Nation cautions: watch out. McVeigh's attorney may not be all he seems to be. This is based not on any direct indication that Jones may be a government plant but on past government trickiness and deception in such matters. It should be pointed out that, for all we know, Stephen Jones is in fact an excellent and honest attorney who will fairly represent Mr. McVeigh -- but we shall see.

A caller to the program, claiming to be knowledgeable, backed up Mr. Jones' above assertion that many inconsistencies will be brought to light during the trial.

What can you do, besides call your congressman and demand a proper investigation? Representative Key advises, "Tell your neighbors." This is good practical advice. Talk to the people around you, tell them what you know. You don't have to overwhelm them, but even dropping some hints can help bring them to the truth. Or, how's this? Tell dad. That's what I finally did, I began to tell my dad about some of this stuff. I didn't clobber him with everything, but I began to bring him articles when I would visit and then ask, "Gee, Dad, I know I'm such a dummy and all -- but what about this? And what about this??" My father is now convinced that there has been a cover up in the circumstances surrounding the death of Vince Foster. He also now has questions about the Oklahoma City bombing. So what can you do? Tell dad.

Or you could even buy Mr. Key's video about the bombing, due to come out in about two weeks, then bring it home to mom and dad and have a nice evening hearing what he has to say. It should be "four star" entertainment. After all, as Tom Valentine says, "The Oklahoma City bombing may rank with the JFK assassination for cover-up and mystique."

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