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Troy Underhill on KSFO Radio
July 19, 1995

Troy Underhill, of Media Bypass magazine, was the guest on a radio show out of the San Francisco area recently. He discussed the explosive James R. Norman article, "Fostergate" (in the current issue of Media Bypass; phone 1-800-4BYPASS to order).

I neither necessarily agree nor disagree with either all or parts of the following. Persons mentioned are invited to send their rebuttals, of reasonable length, to for probable distribution.

-- Brian Francis Redman, Editor-in-Chief

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GEOFF METCALF [continues]:
You have sent these magazines to the various members. When do you expect to hear from them?

I expect to talk to our legal counsel tomorrow and see precisely what the legal counsel for the House and the Senate are trying to get from us. And if we can work out some kind of arrangement where a live, nationally-televised camera is on...

Now you realize, we've had complaints from people all over the country, thus far, complaining that the Whitewater hearings are not being covered, live and in person {6}.

Sure. That's... We're gonna see how badly they really want it. Or is it... Some people that we have contact with, that can supply bank numbers, believe the only reason these bank numbers -- which are not readily available! -- that the Senate and the House want them, is to be able to change them or cover them up.

Once a number, always a number when it comes to dealing in international financing -- when you talk about very secretive, coded bank accounts. And they can't go in and change it, unless they have the access codes. Very few people in this country, believe it or not, Geoff, have those access codes.

You see, I think the greatest impediment to this thing being revealed in its entirety is that, last couple of years, that two billion dollars that's been swept out of accounts: those guys know that somebody's on to them.

Yeah, but there's a paper trail. See? There's a paper trail that cannot be denied. Computer records stay forever. You know, you can go in and delete a computer...

Yeah, but what I'm saying is, some of the people who potentially may be linked to this thing can claim, for reasons of "national security" or whatever, that they cannot reveal the information.

Sure they can. Sure they can. But there's a power... We have a first amendment to our Constitution in the United States of America which gives myself, and my publication (or should I say, the publication I work for) the right to print what we want to print, if we feel that it is without malice. Supreme Court rulings have upheld this right. And now the ball's in their corner. Let... If they think that they can discredit this story, based on facts, and they want to do this in an open, public forum, we can bring the people out who could probably change the course of this country for the betterment of all of the American people.

Troy, let's talk to Steve, who's been waiting for awhile, in Oakland. You're on KSFO with Troy Underhill and Geoff Metcalf. Howdy.

Thank you very much. Yes, I have a couple kinds of comments/questions.

I was just on the phone with Barbara Boxer's office [D- California, senator] in San Francisco, just not 30 minutes ago. And I wanted to alert them to the fact that this newscast was going on the air. And I got a very distasteful reaction from the staff member that I spoke with.


He didn't... First of all, he didn't know anything about Fostergate. He didn't know anything about Jim Norman or the details of the CIA connection, or anything to do with [Vince] Foster and the Swiss bank accounts.

And it seems to me that that information's been all over the Internet!

Sure it has.

For weeks! And I just wonder where these... And I believe Barbara Boxer's on the Senate Banking Committee, along with D'Amato. And I just wondered where these people... You know. It's, the reaction I got was very disheartening. And I would implore that everybody who's listening to this broadcast contact Boxer's office and let them know just how badly off the mark she is!

One significant thing that you need to do (and a lot of people don't realize this): I have three friends who are representatives, U.S. House of Representatives members right now: you're not going to get a response via a local office. You need to call Washington, D.C. And they may not do anything. But the message is gonna get to them.

What they do, when you call a local office, is, they take a brief comment from everyone, throughout the day. At the end of the week there'll be, like, eight comments about "so-and-so". They'll fax it to D.C., and that's all there is.

Here's a classic story [unclear] a couple days ago. It happened during the GATT [Global Agreement on Tariffs and Trade] debate. Some people contacted Senator Feinstein's office, and were complaining about the GATT vote. And she said (the staffer said), "Well public opinion is strongly in favor of this!" And the caller said, "Well, wait a minute. How many calls have you had, complaining?" And she said, "Well that's what I don't understand! All the calls we're getting are opposite of what public opinion is!"

<shouts> HELLO?!

Right before the vote, the American people, 72 percent, didn't want it!

Troy, I'm gonna have to roll. I thank you kindly for joining us. I thank you for the opportunity to have broken this, here on KSFO.

Again. People who want to subscribe to Media Bypass, can't find it in the store somewhere, you can just call 1-800-4BYPASS.

Troy, thank you very kindly.

Thanks, Geoff.

I look forward to talking to you again soon. Take care.

---------------------------<< Notes >>--------------------------- {6} "...complaining that the Whitewater hearings are not being covered, live and in person." Recall the summer of 1973, when afternoon soap operas were pre-empted for live coverage of the Watergate hearings. Now, your best bet seems to be PBS's McNeil- Lehrer, or wait until the weekend and watch non-stop coverage of the past week's hearings -- if you have C-Span.

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