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Troy Underhill on KSFO Radio
July 19, 1995

Troy Underhill, of Media Bypass magazine, was the guest on a radio show out of the San Francisco area recently. He discussed the explosive James R. Norman article, "Fostergate" (in the current issue of Media Bypass; phone 1-800-4BYPASS to order).

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Well, Troy, it's a bipartisan thing. There's no question about that. But, Troy... I'll hunker down, if you want to take some phone calls in a moment, right after we do a little bit of business.

We're speaking with Troy Underhill, from Media Bypass magazine. Their August issue, an article by James Norman, which said that Vince Foster was under investigation by the CIA for having sold secrets to the Israelis! And that, a couple of weeks before he died, he realized that he had 2.73 million bucks that he had squirreled away in a Swiss bank account, [and] somehow the feds got a hold of it. It had been transferred, by wire transfer, to the U.S. Treasury.

These are the facts. Those, and more, will be discussed in a moment, right after this, on Hot Talk 5600. We invite your phone calls to, the Savage Nation, which is this place right here. I'm Jeff Metcalf. This is Troy Underhill. We're talking about the controversial article that is appearing in the August issue (which is just going out now), in Media Bypass magazine, that says Vince Foster found out, a couple of weeks before he died -- I didn't say "killed himself" -- before he died, that he was under investigation by the CIA.

Now one of the obvious questions, Troy, is, Foster... Yeah. He's dead. But the fear is that other people who may have been among those two [billion] dollars that was swept out of off-shore banks, that they may actually conspire to keep this thing secret.

That is, indeed, correct. One thing that we have on our side is we have the opportunity of informing enough of the public where they will demand pressure. Take Waco, for instance. And now that we've started...

Take a look at Oklahoma City.

Take a look at Oklahoma City, another good case in point.

The fact of the matter is, there are people in this country, right now, that (and I'm gonna keep goin' back to this), if the public outcry is intense enough, these people will disclose irrefutable evidence! By documented evidence, audio tapes of wiretapping that had taken place. When we talk about Mr. Foster and his meeting up in Maine, shortly... the weekend before he died, where they had said that he and Webb Hubbell were up there on a weekend of relaxation...

That was damage control, wasn't it?

That was damage control. They were trying to find out who would have known about this money.

The fact of the matter is, Mr. Foster, being in the position that he was, also had access (and that being, his position with Systematics, working with the National Security Agency), would have access to some very secretive, very critical coding and encrypting information for some of our nuclear warheads -- by virtue of what he was doing -- all under the cloak of the National Security Act!

Jeff, this is a very scarey thing that we're in, in this country right now. When we talk about Mena, Arkansas and cocaine and money laundering, and when we talk about ADFA [Arkansas Development Finance Authority], or we talk about Whitewater -- those things are just, they're such a small portion of what's been going on in this country! And in the world financial markets, for the last 12 to 15 years, by virtue of the fact that some very... let's say some very sophisticated bank tracking software [that] would allow someone, or a group of individuals, to access banks' transactions per day, or per week.

And one thing that we in the United States, a lot of us don't grasp, is that the paper we carry around in our pocket, the federal reserve notes, they are not wealth. They are instruments of debt. And what is real wealth is nothing more than numerical digits in a bank account: which gives you power, which gives you credit potential. That is what we're talking about. It's something that...

You need to get Jacques [Unclear] to write an article for your magazine, explaining that whole debt thing.

Yeah. It's very intriguing. It's actually mind-boggling. It's hard to understand! But if you can somehow access banks, throughout the world, and take numbers out of one account and transfer, just numbers, to another account, you're instantly, you have made, you are wealthy. Or whoever has wealth. Where you and I carrying around some paper in our pocket go and buy a burger at McDonalds and we think we got a bargain -- or maybe we didn't. It's very interesting.

It kind of personifies the old Meyer Rothschild coda: "I don't care who runs the country. Just let me control the money."

That is correct.

Here's the absolute control, where, with that PROMIS software -- that a federal judge said the government stole "by trickery, fraud and deceit"...

And what a lot of people don't realize, that that federal judge was not reconfirmed, the following year, to his post. He was only one of three federal judges that was not reconfirmed.

And then in the appeal, it was overturned. And the government, so far, won. {3}.

One thing, when people read this story, they'll read how this all started, in 1981, under the Reagan administration. It actually probably started as a good thing! They were trying to track, through banking transactions, some of the terrorists, international terrorists, through the money flows. And they were working in co-operation with Israel, because Israel is a number one terrorist location. That's where a lot of things...

And actually, the one thing I want to crystalize for the listeners: this was not a plot on the part of the CIA to go after a "Clintonista" and nail Vince Foster. They just happened to be monitoring transactions from the Mossad and they realized that Vince Foster's name jumped up! {4}. So in the normal reconnaisance that they were doing, this electronic reconnaisance...

They were puttin' this software out all over the world, basically to get everyone on the same type of data transmission, the same key commands and... so the information would be easy to analyze. One thing that allowed these banks -- they even came to know that their software was, let's say "tricked out": it had a "back door". They weren't gonna say anything because they were havin' pressure put on them by the International Monetary Fund and our government. They were gonna audit these banks. And these banks, most of the major banks throughout the world...

Well, again: I'm trying to keep it as simple as I can, without confusing our listeners too much. But I found it interesting, and I'm waiting to hear if the Whitewater hearings are gonna address the fact, that documents relating to Systematics were among those reportedly taken from Foster's office right after his death. And Webb Hubbell's "in the box" today, and I haven't heard them get to that yet.

Well I guarantee you one thing, Jeff. If your audience and all the other people out there that we are disclosing this information to would make that proverbial phone call to, not necessarily their congressman or -woman, but to those that are on those committees, and let them know that they know, the pressure's gonna be on them.

I don't know, as you and I speak today, what's been going on with our legal counsel and the legal counsel for the House and Senate. But I can tell you this: we, and with the help of some other very prominent individuals, are gonna put some major pressure on those that are conducting these hearings. And we'll just see if they are statesmen, or we'll just see if they are nothing more than...

Well I was glad to see your plane made it back from Colorado without having a "mysterious accident".


I tell you what. We've got some people who have some comments, on the phone, and I want to get to them at 808-5600.

[ be continued...]

--------------------------<< Notes >>---------------------------- {3} Translation: the lower court judge ruled against the government in the case, but his ruling was overturned on appeal. The lower court judge, as punishment for daring to rule as he did, was not reconfirmed; i.e., he is no longer a federal judge.

{4} "...and Vince Foster's name jumped up..." Yes, but was it just a coincidence that Foster's name "jumped up" while CIA was monitoring transactions, or did Mossad or someone else purposefully make Foster's name come up at the critical time?

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